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Wed 13th Aug 2008

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opeter commented on Mario Memories: Playing Super Mario Bros. 3 In...:

@WaveBoy: that's why I like the Paper Mario Wii game. It has such nice cartoon graphics.

I don't like the 3D CGI Mario games look. I do play them, but I would also like to see a 2D Mario game with the look or graphics like we can see on the above illustrations.

I would buy it instantly.



opeter commented on Disney Infinity Sales Struggling To Maintain M...:

I have a feeling, that these type of "games" won't have a long future.

Maybe, they will have the same fate as these musical type of games (DJ Hero, Rock Band, etc., whatever series there were ...)

Young people (and children) get's bored pretty fast and tend to forget these stuff sooner or later, if it's not interesting for them in the long run. And when it's not trendy anymore, it's dead (from todays marketing view).



opeter commented on Weirdness: Sega's Repackaged Transformers Arca...:

Wow, impressive. However, I've got a bad stomach, so ... would try it.

@Artwark: SEGA has some really good games, published and made in the last years, why would they quit the home videogame market?

I would like to see sequels to Vanquish, Universe at War: Earth Assault, Binary Domain and many others.

Yesterday (21 July 2015) arrived Tembo, the Badass Elephant on Steam (PC/Mac), XB1 and PS4 ...

Soon we get Total War: WARHAMMER on PC. What do you want more?



opeter commented on Parent Trap: Skylanders SuperChargers Dials Ni...:

The problem is not really in money, but rather in not having so much free time to play any single game I want (hundreds of them). So for games, that need extra time (and things/money) to invest, I rather don't play.

I don't play any multiplayer game at all, just single player. I like, when things have and start and an end.

And these series with Amiibo, Skylanders etc. are made so, that people buy new plastic stuff all the time and they really don't have an end.

When you realize (or not), how much money and time have you invested in this kind of things ... but anyway, everybody knows (or at least should know) what's good for him/her and what he want's do to with his/her money and free time.



opeter commented on Parent Trap: Skylanders SuperChargers Dials Ni...:

@Shiryu: to be honest, I am not interested in any of these things like Skylanders, Amiibo, Diseny Infinity or whatever it is called.

When I play computer or videogames, I play these. If I want to play with physical toys, than I play with real toys (aka Lego etc.) and not the virtual ones.



opeter commented on Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The Con...:

This is the first sign, that the console market is changing radically or eventually slowly dying. They just don't know yet.

Or maybe Nintendo does know something, that others don't and that's why they made an agreement with DeNA?

Anyway ... the future will be quite interesting