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Wed 2nd Sep 2009

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Opa-Opa commented on Wii System Update 4.2 Hits US:

Mmmm... Just upgraded my Wii (in EU hits too), and my SD seems loading faster the channel pages (more channels in memory after page change: I canĀ“t explain well with my english).

Anyway, an update is allways welcome. When new Nintendo Channel?



Opa-Opa commented on Review: Solomon's Key (Virtual Console / Virtu...:

Arcade version is vastly superior than NES port: the first level is different and more bored in NES, you can't do special jump in perfection (jump and hit magic button repeatedly to stay on air), you can't configure difficulty level nor screen setup... best playability, graphics and music in arcade... Can't understand same score. Nlifers, get this one without a doubt!



Opa-Opa commented on Review: Texas Hold'em Poker (WiiWare):

Just registered after read this highly questionable analysis. I can only say that I think the person you have commissioned the review was not the most suited for this. Incomprehensible critical issues about online, and the most important: a person not familiar with poker.

I have long read Nintendo Life, and I must say that this was your first major blunder. I'm not saying the game is 10, but the justifications for granting a measly 4 leaves much to be desired. But after a stumble, you have to put up again. I am still reading you!