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Thu 11th April, 2013

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Ootfan98 commented on Japanese 3DS Owners Can Enter Sega's Fantasy Z...:

I hope the Sega classics continue, I would buy them twice if it would help bring more releases. Hopefully next will be MD Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2, Gunstar Heroes, followed with Arcade Power Drift, Turbo Outrun, Virtua series, Daytona, Sega Rally



Ootfan98 commented on Talking Point: What We Expect In Nintendo Dire...:

Dreamcast, Saturn, Mega CD, Sega's Arcade back catalogue, Amiga, Gamecube VC, and downloadable Wii games that can be played from Wii U menu.
Also, please can we have unified eshop accounts between 3DS and Wii U (VC Games)



Ootfan98 commented on Nintendo Download: 6th February (Europe):

Is this a joke?

Who at Nintendo is in charge of selecting VC games for release?
I know there are Issues with publishing rights and emulator issues but for fek sake Nintendo

Surely you can do better than this ? (no Airplane pun intended)



Ootfan98 commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for January:

@ikki5 ok fair point, the Cradle is a good gift, ok, maybe I am being harch, but I would prefer VC games to buy with points, I am constantly having point expire because there is nothing to choose. Yes, occasionally there are some good gifts, but not enough in my opinion



Ootfan98 commented on First Impressions: 3D After Burner II:

@Mommar These games were released on Saturn as part of Sega Ages collection, sold separately in Japan, and only 3 available as a compilation in the west (Afterburner 2, Outrun, Space Harrier). I think the Saturn version of Outrun is the only Home Console version that is arcade perfect



Ootfan98 commented on First Impressions: 3D After Burner II:

I really hope this makes it West.

The conversion looks fantastic, even the Super Hang On bike and Outrun car on the runways made it

I also hope this is swiftly followed with Power Drift and Outrun



Ootfan98 commented on Nintendo Reiterates Confidence That the Wii U ...:

I am not an expert, but I personally think this is a Marketing / Commercial Issue. There is nothing wrong with the product. Both 3DS and Wii U are fantastic games consoles.
The Marketing / Commercial departments should have learned from 3DS that they need to differentiate from their existing successful product. But no, they decided to employ the same strategy with Wii U. I know the 3DS is doing well now, but will the Wii U see the same turn around in fortune? Only time will tell.

With regards to 3rd Party, I have always thought that 3rd Party will never compete with the standard of 1st party quality (I know I will get loads of comments saying I'm talkin b****cks, just remember opinions are like ar***oles, everyone has one).
I am fed up with lazy, sub standard quality ports. Companies like EA should be prosecuted for selling FIFA at £50 that is a 2 year old game