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Re: Review: Skylanders Giants (Wii)


I have been a fan of the game since it came out last year. My daughter and I play it all the time. We even got my wife into playing with us. One thing that irritates me though are the comments made by people without a clue on the game. If you plan to buy everything under the sun for the game it can get costly but if you use some restraint on your choices you'll be fine. For example, the first game was 60 bucks and came with 3 figures...that's 3 elements covered. Then, if you must complete the game just get 5 more different characters. At that time, it would only cost you 40 of $100. We all know people who spent more on farmville-like games monthly. Then for Giants you only need the giant with the game and you're done. So please...can we call it quits with the complaints on the cost to play Skylanders? Oh yeah, so what bout the in-game ads? Do you buy everything you see advertised on TV?