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OnionOverlord commented on Video: New Nintendo 3DS In-Depth Review: Episo...:

The increased speed is something I would like to know about as well, since Pokemon, Smash Bros, and a few other games experience a bit of slowdown when things get hectic, and is something the video doesn't really clear up. I assume the other parts will answer how much better the performance is.

I had heard reports of people claiming the screen is "yellowed" but I'm pretty certain that is because they were playing on battery saving mode.



OnionOverlord commented on Video: New Nintendo 3DS In-Depth Review: Episo...:


I don't really dislike them, I just prefer written articles. Videos come off as pandering to the "too lazy to read" crowd. That said, I suppose it IS easier to review a console via video than text, but that logic is a slippery slope since it could easily apply to almost anything, including games themselves rather than handhelds or consoles.



OnionOverlord commented on Video: This Guy Loves Nintendo Way More Than Y...:

Yeah I have to agree with some of the above statements that this seems less about love and more about having a disposable income and an obsessive compulsive disorder (I'm being sarcastic so don't go tumblr on me.). It seems a bit shameful to assume that this person loves his hobby more than someone else just because he has xxx amounts of the exact same system, versus someone who has a strict income but still waits in line to buy a New 3DS. I would argue that someone who has far, far less than this guy would love their collection -no matter how small- more than this person does simply because it's that much more difficult for them to obtain them.

I can certainly see why some people got bent out of shape over the title, but it's important to bear in mind it is just that: a title. Clickbait or not, it's a title and not worth fussing over.

That said, I would definitely have a lot of fun browsing over the collection, even if it's a bit on the repetitive side what with so many of the systems, just in different colors.



OnionOverlord commented on Best Buy Is Cancelling Majora's Mask New 3DS X...:


If you're talking about Mariotehplumber, his screenshots are likely photoshopped as he has never (to my knowledge at least) aired a video of him holding any of the amiibos he claims to own. No proof beyond conveniently low res pictures on his twitter point to him actually owning anywhere close to 40 Marth's or whatever other numbers he's claimed.

On topic, I think people need to calm down a little with the preorder frenzy. A week before launch (or the week of launch) this system will likely get restocked and will be open again. This is not going to be a "one time" thing, there will be more of these. The unit has not even shipped yet, so those who haven't preordered do not need to buy from scalpers. Just hold onto your money, keep an eye on the store websites, and you will get your chance.



OnionOverlord commented on Nintendo of America Issues a Fresh Batch of Mo...:


I will "demean" whom I choose, and in this case I am "demeaning" the very type of people who are leeching bottom feeders who take advantage of someone else's generosity. The only reason you even bothered to call me out is because you yourself fit the bill (having just joined 4 hours ago. HMMM!) and are offended because you feel I have made a personal attack against you. Well, rest assured, I have. People like you only join a site or community when they need something, only to vanish once they obtained what they needed. It's called "leeching" and you would be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn't condemn you in some way or another for it.

With that said, I had no intention of sparking any sort of "argument" on the issue and was merely giving my two cents. As someone who has went through this sort of thing before myself, I can see where Mortalkombat2007 is coming from. Just look at the way this article was bombed with vultures begging for codes and you should have no problem understanding what I'm referring to.

I am far from an "elitist" mind you, I just don't feel that bottom feeders should be rewarded. I have plenty of codes sitting in my email right now, but for reasons seen above, am certainly not going to post any for the sharks to feed on. In fact, I don't even consider myself to be deserving of a code (if I needed one) because I rarely post on the community much these days and as a result, would have no right to ask for something where I have not adequately participated in the community enough to deserve it. The fact the comments section can't go an hour without blowing up from shark swarming it is a testament to what i was saying (and wouldn't have said anything to begin with had I not felt the need to after MK2007 said his peace.)



OnionOverlord commented on Review: Fantasy Life (3DS):

I was under the belief that the region lock only applies to the Japanese version. People from the EU, US, and AU should be able to play just fine, unless there is something I'm not aware of.



OnionOverlord commented on Super Smash Bros. Pro Players Tackle the Probl...:

It's an interesting point raised by ASonic3582... I guess Melee is that magical game that everyone is apparently fine with (or is scared to say anything against for fear of backlash), despite the fact it's riddled with exploits, glitches, etc..

Then again, Melee (or Smash Bros in general) is odd in the sense it's one of those games where it's apparently fine and often encouraged to use a physics exploit in matches.

I'm sure I'll get flamed by Melee Pro's, but I don't care cause onions are actually quite delicious when grilled to perfection anyway.



OnionOverlord commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:


Good lord.. Said better than I could ever attempted to say it. Well done.

Nintendo hasn't released a decent Metroid game in about 7 years. To blunt, there isn't much else about Samus to focus on beyond her status as an incredibly attractive woman in armor. Nintendo beats this nail into the ground because they HAVE to. Had Samus been male, gamers would not have cared anymore about her than they do Master Chief. Once (or if) a new Metroid game comes out, I have a feeling all of this talk of "sexism" will go away. Samus is more or less irrelevant until then, and Nintendo is actually quite brilliant for finding a way to get her into the spotlight via the rocket boots.

And before any of you complain about the Bailey Suit in Smash... It was available on the GBA long ago via Zero Mission, so direct all complaints to that game. Smash is just representing the games.



OnionOverlord commented on Nintendo Announces The GameCube Controller Ada...:


To be honest, I'm not really sure I understand what you're complaining about exactly. I can't claim to have played every Wii U game ever made but the ones I have played do not force any control scheme beyond the Gamepad on you. Rather than responding to your "challenge", I would rather you make your argument a bit more clear. It doesn't really make any sense, unless you're able to point out some games that force you to use a Wiimote or something of that nature.

In fact it just seems to me like Nintendo is responding to fan demands, so I don't see the problem. From what I can tell you're complaining that Nintendo offers more than one option for controlling games, which is somehow a bad thing? That defies logic. Why is it bad to have an option, especially considering Nintendo has been doing this sort of thing since the NES? Remember the NES Advantage? The Zapper? The SNES Mouse and Keyboard? The Super Scope? The Rumble Pak? Most of these were just accessories/alternate controllers and very few games forced you to use them. The ones that did force you to use them had no choice. The NES Advantage is basically the same as the Wii U Gamepad Pro in the sense that no game really forced either on you but they were both designed to enhance old-school gaming experiences. In the case of the Advantage, it was meant for arcade style games. You really have no argument and your response to absuplendous proves that.



OnionOverlord commented on Mario Kart Month: Keeping the Mario Kart 8 Rac...:

I'm fine with DLC as long as it isn't something as silly as the "time savers" from Assassin's Creed IV, or unlocking things already on the disc. If they can give us a few more tracks or characters, then why not? It's up to the individual to determine whether or not it's worth it. DLC is more popular now than ever, and one thing Nintendo has been hassled for in the past is it's lack of "Keeping up with the times." Now Nintendo is keeping up with modern standards and that's not enough for you people? If you don't like the DLC, then don't buy it. It's not like you're getting a less "complete" game if you don't buy a certain course pack. The only thing that may cause an issue would be online play, but i imagine in that case they would just turn course packs off.



OnionOverlord commented on Review: Double Dragon II: The Revenge (3DS eSh...:

Yeah I never really agree with Nintendolife when it comes to their reviews of oldschool games, because they reek of bias, especially with beat-em-ups. I'm convinced this site hates old school beat-em-ups. Double Dragon II is perhaps the best beat-em-up on the NES. It surpass the previous game in almost every possible way and in my opinion is superior to the arcade version.



OnionOverlord commented on 3DS Tops Japanese Hardware Chart as Wii U Secu...:


Yes, I agree. I don't see the point in that sort of thing. As someone who owns a wide variety of consoles, I don't see the point in being biased toward one or the other. Lately, I've noticed an increase in trolls who come onto this site purely for the purpose of trying to run the Wii U or 3DS down. If someone dares to defend the "failing" systems, they are labeled as a fanboy and so on.

The Xbox 360, original model, and the One in particular seem to get a crapload of hate directed toward them, with people saying things like "Xbox should die" and such. I've never understood why a person who likes X company has to hate Y company. It's been going on since the Genesis and SNES days and it's just as stupid now as it was then. I appreciate each system for what it does, and the only one I would even come close to "hating" is the Vita. Even then, I don't hate the Vita, I just found myself a little confused about some of the things Sony did with it. When it comes right down to it, I actually want a Vita, I'm just waiting to see if some of the kinks are ironed out first.



OnionOverlord commented on 3DS Tops Japanese Hardware Chart as Wii U Secu...:


Yes, exactly. If you like your Wii U, what anyone else says or thinks isn't relevant.


The fanboy thing bugs me because anyone who dares to say anything positive or in defense of NIntendo is disregarded as a fanboy, while it's apparently fine to blatantly and blindly hate on Nintendo for reasons already outlined by Kyuubuki. Sometimes I just ignore it because it's not worth wasting energy over. As for the comments becoming a fanboy war, it's actually more tame than I expected, so I see no "war" here.

Still, I'm surprised PS4 hasn't outsold the Wii U yet, even given the short amount of time it's been on the market. Sony consoles are an absolute beast in the gaming world so I have a feeling it will surpass the Wii U in terms of sales. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it. One thing I think we can all agree on is that the Xbox One won't be outselling either anytime soon...



OnionOverlord commented on Hyperkin Finally Shipping Its Retron 5 Console...:

I'm interested in the Retron5 despite owning all of the consoles, mainly because it isn't region-locked and supports HD, which is a big plus. People saying the original games are meant to be played on original hardware are correct, but the original hardware is not always ideal and there are currently a lot of people who are put off by the fact retro games look and play badly on modern HD tv's. The Retron will fix that issue.

For me, it's just another way to enjoy my extensive collection and a good means of playing imports without resorting to modding my consoles. Although my NES and SNES have already went through simple mods, the lack of region locking is a huge plus.



OnionOverlord commented on Gargoyle's Quest II Swoops Onto the Wii U Virt...:


It shouldn't be that expensive though. It values at about 40$ used I believe. Still, a 5$ VC version is more ideal than the original. I hope we get this but I wouldn't hold my breath.


Yes! Even though I own Demon's Crest, I'd buy that again too. Demon's Crest was not only one of the best games in the Gargoyles Quest series, is one of the best games on the SNES in my opinion, and one of the reasons the SNES is my all time favorite system.



OnionOverlord commented on Review: Child of Light (Wii U eShop):

This game was better than I expected. I went in expecting to be another game that was praised for the presentation but had lacking gameplay, but I was surprised to see the gameplay was quite strong, with enough strategy to keep battles interesting.



OnionOverlord commented on Sleek Metal NES Analogue Nt Now Available for ...:

An old CRT set from years ago is what I use (aside from Virtual Console) for my classic gaming needs, so that's always a good investment. They're a little hard to find these days though, especially a decent one. Luckily mine still holds up and is fairly nice. I have my gaming collection split into a retro and modern gaming room, with a CRT for retro and an HD for modern. It works well but I understand not a lot of people have the space, time, or money for that sort of thing.

I still somewhat want one of these things but it's a bit too expensive for me.



OnionOverlord commented on Book Review: Console Wars - Sega, Nintendo, an...:


I read your post just fine, unlike you, who just blatantly admitted to not reading mine. Instead of paying attention to your own post, you seem to pick one element and zoom in on it. You used that "anyone who says otherwise blah blah" remark more than once. How about you actually acknowledge ALL of the instances you used it rather than single out ONE instance and pretend to be innocent? For example (and this is just one example) you said "Nintendo consoles have had huge problems" and then followed it with "anyone saying otherwise". That is the kind of thing i am referring to, and whether or not Nintendo consoles have had "huge problems" is subjective. From the moment you said that, you made it obvious you are not open to any sort of differing views. The point about GB wasn't made until AFTER. Do you even read your own posts? There is also the "Anyone who can't see that Nintendo doesn't know a damn thing about good hardware is living in the 90's " remark, which does the same thing and was followed by "or make something good", implying that the Wii U isn't good as it is. Interesting, I wasn't aware that the Wii U isn't good, considering it's currently outselling the Xbox One by a large margin. It's funny that a "bad" console is outperforming one so much stronger, isn't it? That must be another one of those "facts" you love so much but I digress. It assumes that anyone disagreeing with your narrow point of view is wrong and that obviously they are living in the 90's... The idea that they like the console obviously does not enter into the equation. Do you really think the average Wii U consumer cares about how much RAM the Wii U does or doesn't have? It's not relevant. The games run just fine on it, so I'm confused as to what exactly is wrong with the Wii U other than being weaker. Oops that's right, I'm disagreeing with you so I'm living in the 90's. Let me get the DeLorean and time travel back to the modern world! You've made quite a few of these types of comments so I have no problem going and digging up more if you'd like.

If you feel you are "putting up" with Nintendo consoles then it begs the question... Why are you buying them (assuming that you are in fact buying them, which I doubt that you are)? You make no sense whatsoever. If you are buying consoles you don't like, that is your OWN fault, not Nintendo's. Unless Nintendo came into your home, put a gun against your head, and said "Go buy one of our systems", you have zero argument and no leg to stand on. Now if you want to argue that Nintendo should design better hardware , that's fine. There's not much anyone can say to that (staunch fanboy or not) but to declare an entire company "dumb" and then insist on them abandoning their hardware in favor of software is a different matter entirely. Designing stronger hardware would cost more, but would ultimately benefit everyone a lot more than abandoning one of their most profitable practices. I already addressed the 3rd party support issue so I have no idea why you're even bringing that up if you're not going to acknowledge what I said regarding that. 3rd party support, while nice, is not something Nintendo really needs. People buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games, they don't really care about whether or not they can run GTA V. The only major 3rd party games I feel the Wii U desperately need are Monster Hunter. The rest (besides maybe Watch Dogs) are not really a big loss for Nintendo and the 3rd party games released for Nintendo consoles usually undersell anyway (Look at Mass Effect 3). Besides that, Xbox 360 and PS3 ports count as 3rd party support whether you're willing to acknowledge that or not, though it doesn't have much of those either.

Claiming that Nintendo should abandon their hardware is just foolish and shows how out of touch you are. Sega made that choice as I said (and was ignored) before. Are they really better off? Sega has become irrelevant in the eyes of gamers since then with the vast majority of their IP's having gone to waste and died off. As ZeroZX stated, this would be the fate of Nintendo. Beloved IP's would fade into obscurity and eventually die off. Atari made the same decision and we all know how they ended up. SNK and a few other companies have all made this decision and guess where they ended up? Not so well. SNK in particular had a console that was stronger than the rest. By your own logic, that meant the Neo Geo was better, and yet... It undersold and was never really a mainstream console. How strange that a "better" console with all these amazing specs under the hood could possibly sell less than the weaker consoles... Interestingly, the same can be said for the Game Gear. An overwhelmingly more powerful piece of hardware in comparison to the Game Boy, but ultimately failed to capture much of audience and joined the Saturn and the Dreamcast as an underrated system. Obviously this is a handheld, not a console, but it serves as yet another prime example of how better hardware does not equal a better system.

Going software-only robs them of what makes them a good company to begin with.They dominate the handheld market and their hardware is a vital part of their fanbase. The Nintendo hardware is a massive part of their identity and if they go the software only route, they become just another software developer out of hundreds. This is all in addition the myriad of points I already made, such as the fact they would lose more money that way.. Also nice work on the "seeking help", "corporate apologist" "going off the deep end" and "staunch Nintendo fan" comments, it just adds fuel to my point that you are quick to resort to belittling other points of view. I guess it makes you feel as if your arguments (which carry little weight of their own despite being made up of "facts") are more valid when you do that. Here's a hint: It doesn't.

For one who throws around the word "facts" so often you do little in presenting them and present mostly biased opinions. All you've really done is prattle on about hardware and declare your word as God. For example, the remark about the Wiimote not being "reliable" until the adapter came out is completely false. There were no issues with motion sensing in any games beyond programming errors on the designers part. The only reason they made the Wii Motion Plus was to make the motion sensing more accurate, it wasn't because with it being unreliable. The "sketchy" or "not working" online is also a bit subjective since many people have had no problems playing online games on the Wii, including myself. The fact so many are mourning the closure of the Wifi service in games like Mario Kart Wii is more than enough proof that the online worked just fine, with Nintendolife itself doing a well-written article on the fond memories the writers had playing on the Wifi service. The lack of HD Support being a problem is also subjective, considering the amount of people who were upset about systems being optimized for HD and having difficult to read text. At the time, it made sense not to use HD because it was not as commonplace in households as it is now. These days HD is standard, back then it was not. The difference in GB being a "huge problem" is also curious. How exactly was that a "huge problem"? Other than being weaker than the competition, how did it hurt it? I'm confused because I'm pretty sure the games released for the system ran just fine on it. In fact, most 3rd party games ran incredibly well, with Resident Evil 4 often being regarded as a system seller (it was exclusive to the GC at the time) and the only thing it had to do was run on 2 discs. Oh no, not that! Anything but an extra disc! What a huge problem! Many argue in fact that RE4 on the GC is superior to the PS2 port, despite that "huge problem" you stated. So yes, I am arguing these "facts". Or rather I'm arguing more with the logic behind these "facts". It takes quite a conceited mind to belittle other viewpoints while at the same time declaring his own as "fact". The more you post, the worse you make yourself look so I encourage you to keep at it, though judging by your last post that won't be happening, most likely because you've realized that you aren't capable of backing your own bold statements up with a constructive argument (unless disregarding the dozen's of points I made as "silly" and then cutting out on an argument YOU started counts as "constructive" these days). I suppose that saves us both some trouble then.

I find it amusing that you really don't seem to read your own posts. You started the entire thing by quoting something someone said about Sega and went off on a rant about Nintendo being "dumb for making hardware". I feel silly having to point out your own words to you. While it's true that making software instead of hardware isn't a bad thing, every company that has went from hardware to software has more or less backed themselves into a corner. As I mention several times throughout this post, other companies did what you are suggesting and have not ended up better at all. So why is it exactly they should be going the same route that has sunk so many others and reduced them to a shadow of their former glory? If it's because Nintendo is "selling hardware at a loss" then I simply must laugh at this statement, as Nintendo is one of the few companies who actually sells their systems with a profit, Unless people buy a Wii U and then never buy any games, they make pure profit from the Wii U. Most other companies actually sell their consoles at a loss because of the costs involved in making them hardware in the first place, this includes the PS3 which didn't start to earn a significant profit for Sony until a few years down the line. Nintendo on the other hand has sold most of their consoles with a profit because they keep the costs down. The Wii U was a more expensive hardware to build (probably because of the Gamepad) so obviously they don't stand to make the same profit from it they did from something like the Gamecube. Hell, the Wii U was popular enough to sell out at most retailers on the day of the launch. Unless you can provide a more solid argument to support your claim, I will chalk this up to more of your made up "facts".

Yes, I can tell you only skimmed my post because you ignored the vast majority of it and instead focused on going on your usual routine of belittling and assuming. For example you call me a staunch Nintendo fan, ignoring the fact I have an Xbox Live Account (which is plainly posted on my profile) as well as a PSn (which admittedly is not posted on my profile). If I'm such a Nintendo fan, why would I own anything other than Nintendo hardware? Perhaps if you focused less on being condescending you would notice small details like that.

No one is arguing that the Wii U is weaker. Had you read my post (which you admitted you didn't) you would have seen that nowhere do I argue it is weaker. I acknowledge it plainly. One of the points I made was that console strength does not equal a better console, it just means it has better specs, proven by the terrible sales of the Xbox One which in terms of specs, is a "better" console but ironically selling much less. Another being that all consoles are weaker in comparison to PC, so by your logic all games should be for the PC. As I stated before, the Wii U doesn't need PS4 or Xbox One graphics, it's not running PS4 or Xbox One games, but like all my other points that went ignored. Next time, read a post before assuming things and responding. You will make much less of an ass of yourself. Of course you will most likely ignore this post just like you did the first, so everything I've said will probably fall on deaf ears. It's a shame because I really would like to see you make some sort of argument to back up your logic, but thus far you have failed to do so and have proven yourself incapable of an intelligent discussion that doesn't contain borderline insults.

It's simple really. If you can argue your point about Nintendo abandoning hardware and why it would be better, then please do so instead of making pompous comments. Your posts are sorely lacking in facts and logic, despite your claims otherwise though, so my expectations on that are quite slim. Bear in mind that repeating over and over that the Wii U is weaker isn't exactly making a strong argument, since I've already addressed that and being weaker has nothing to do with the quality of the console or whether or not Nintendo should abandon it in favor of software. How about you actually argue your case constructively, explain how Nintendo would be better off? As I explained above, literally every single company that has ever made the decision to go from hardware to software has become irrelevant and dead, so a good argument as to why Nintendo should succeed if they did the same thing would be ideal instead of this holier-than-thou attitude of yours and made up facts. Going 3rd party and making only software would be the first step to becoming a failure just like others who followed the same path. It would do nothing to better their image among the dudebro gamers who already have no interest in Nintendo. If PS4, Xbox One, etc. owners wanted to play Nintendo games, they would have bought Nintendo consoles. This idea that going multiplatform and abandoning their hardware suddenly will make Xbox One and PS4 owners go "Awmg I gotta buy Mario Kart now!!" is just sad. The fact is, you don't care about Nintendo's financial issues nor their success. You want to play Nintendo games without actually investing in a Nintendo console. You admitted that yourself. That's pretty much the bottom line and it does a fine job of showing just how child-ish and narrow your way of thinking really is.

Your argument doesn't even leave room for the possibility that Nintendo can turn things around without the need of going software-only. The 3DS turned around nicely and I'm confident the Wii U will do so as well, especially considering it already has improved. Giving up now would only make them another Sega and doom them, not to mention pissing off the fanbase (as I said in my last post) the same way Sega did so many times. How do you think Sega fans felt when the Saturn was dropped as quickly as it was, only to see the same happen to the Dreamcast? Who is to say Sega couldn't have turned the Dreamcast around? They probably couldn't have, but it's a burning question none-the-less that we will never know the answer to because Sega cut the cord and abandoned their own hardware, leaving Dreamcast buyers up the creek.

I also like the fact you made no attempt to defend yourself in regards to the DC dying because of piracy... I will take that as a sign of you admitting that you didn't have a clue what you were talking about. More of those "facts" you're so fond of touting I suppose. Ignoring valid points seems to be a talent of yours, since you didn't really respond or acknowledge ZeroZX's point about the fate of Nintendo franchises dying off and instead continued on your little anti-nintendo hardware warpath.



OnionOverlord commented on Book Review: Console Wars - Sega, Nintendo, an...:


I agree. Even though I never play the said mentioned CoD games, I don't see what difference it makes. CoD is a modern game that modern gamers play. There's simply no logic behind hating on something to such an extent. If you don't like it, don't play it. Simple as that. Let those who do like it enjoy it. Don't trash on them for daring to have tastes that differ from yours.

With that said, the book comes off more as an opinion piece rather than focusing on the facts.


It's hard to take anything you say seriously when you seem to go out of your way to belittle differing views by saying "anyone who says otherwise". Basically anyone who disagrees with you is wrong? I'm surprised I'm even bothering to respond to such a blatantly narrow-minded point of view. You've already made up your mind and will simply cover your eyes going "No-no-no-no-no!" to anything anyone else says to you. Yes, Nintendo is obviously dumb for making hardware...Never mind the fact that without that hardware there would be no games. Hardware is needed to run games and this idea that Nintendo would go the way of Sega and start making their games for other consoles is both disgusting and hilarious. You suggest Nintendo rob itself of it's own identity? Because that strategy worked out so well for Sega, right? Sega abandoned their own hardware but they haven't become any better as a company. Sonic still struggles with his own fanbase, with each Sonic game being inconsistent. Rather than opting to pick a formula and stick with it, Sega keeps changing each Sonic game in a desperate attempt to find something that works. Has becoming a 3rd party developer helped Sonic at all? Not really. Aside from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on the Gamecube, going 3rd party has done little to help Sonic, so it stands to reason that it would do little to help Nintendo. The only thing it would accomplish is pissing off their dedicated fanbase and making them a mockery. The very post you were quoting was mocking Sega. The same thing would happen to Nintendo if they followed the same route. They would be mocked and laughed at and would lose a lot more than they would ever gain. As a gamer who grew up in the time period, I can confirm that I don't feel the same about Sega today as I did back when they developed consoles. They are a fallen empire to me, and if Nintendo went the same path it would sadden me even more than it did when Sega fell. The argument that Nintendo should go 3rd party is even more absurd than the idea they should move their games to a mobile platform. I seriously don't understand why people think these ideas will just magically "fix" Nintendo. Yes, clearly abandoning their dedicated fanbase to go third party or mobile is going to fix their financial problem more than simply releasing games that customers want. The Wii U has done nothing but go up since the launch because more and more games are coming out. Once Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros 4 launch on the Wii U, sales will spike dramatically just like it did with the Wii and 3DS.

While I'm at it, I want to point out to all of you who want to use Nintendo's financial problem as an excuse to hate and bash that ALL of the consoles are suffering right now. Not one single company is selling more consoles now than they were in their hayday. Sony and Microsoft as well are suffering, a fact Nintendo haters seem quick to overlook.

Your remark that the DC failed because of piracy is simply hilarious and proves just how uninformed you really are. It obviously had NOTHING to do with the fact Sega had demonstrated atrocious business practices, or the fact it abandoned the Saturn faster than a Cheetah nomming on a fat kid. The fact is, Sega had lost a great deal of consumer trust after the Sega Saturn. Not to mention the fact it had issues the moment the console launched and suffered from a shortage of Dreamcasts. THAT was the reason for the system ultimately failing, it had nothing to do with piracy, just plain and simple bad business. The rest of your arguments are just as laughable, and barely worth the time to address.

If you are so upset with Nintendo, stop buying their consoles/games and stop preaching on a Nintendo news feed. Lastly, your post has nothing to do with the book or the topic of discussion, so all you've accomplished is derailing the discussion so you can vent your hatred. Nice work. Give yourself a pat on the back, you managed to completely miss the point of this article and rattle off about something no one asked about.

One thing I haven't addressed yet is the fact you seemed to have made your profile solely for the purpose of bashing the Wii U. Funny thing that. Doesn't help matters when you appear to go out of your way to be condescending and insulting and seem intent on rehashing the exact same tired argument about the Wii U (a system you have not owned yet according to your own posts). I just don't understand why you people who seem to hate Nintendo so much feel the need to visit a Nintendo website and comment on it. You contribute nothing to the overall discussion besides spewing venom and misinformation. Still, going by your own posts, it seems that you yourself want to buy a Wii U for the purpose of playing one game. If that's the case... Then it sounds to me like Nintendo's strategy has paid off two fold, don't you think? Like it or not, Nintendo's "90's" approach works. If they sell their games on other platforms, all they accomplish is splitting their own sales rather than doubling them. By selling their games on something like say a PS4, all they do is lose money. By selling their games on their own consoles, they make money from the game AND drum up sells for the console. If Nintendo follows your stupid advice, they will end up splitting their sales down the middle and will lose money because they aren't selling it on their own console anymore, they're selling it on someone else's.

Since you seem to know so much, you should already be aware of the fact that ALL of the consoles are weaker in comparison to the PC. You're trying to single out the Wii U for this "problem" but don't seem to address the fact the PS4 and One are also outclassed. While I like the PS3 and Xbox 360, it's difficult to deny that those systems are loaded with bloated junk that isn't needed. The Wii U and the 3DS on the other hand focus on what gaming consoles should be focusing on to begin with: Games. This has always been the selling point behind Nintendo hardware and probably always will be. The games sell the hardware, not the other way around. That's part of the reason the Wii U has bad 3rd party support to begin with. People don't buy Nintendo systems for the purpose of playing Xbox 360 games, so the argument that it is weaker is completely irrelevant because it only needs enough hardware power to run NINTENDO games. There's no reason it needs to be as strong as a PS4 because it's NOT RUNNING PS4 GAMES! Use a little common sense. A lot of PS4 and Xbox One owners are not interested in Nintendo games AT ALL, and the same is true of many Wii U and 3DS owners. There is simply no point in going multi-platform or 3rd party. It would only benefit people like you who are too stubborn to simply buy the console and instead prefer to cry and moan about how unfair it is, like a teenager denied access to an adult club and being left in the rain, pressing his face up to the glass in jealousy of the people inside having fun. Actual Nintendo fans (not you apparently) would benefit nothing from it whether they own other consoles or not.

A stronger hardware doesn't equal a better console, so your logic and argument on those grounds is completely flawed. Nintendo has always been an innovator, they go in new directions with their systems all the time. Just look at how Sony and Microsoft have resorted to aping some of Nintendo's ideas with things like the Kinect. The Xbox 360 was far more powerful than the Wii and yet the mighty 360 had to resort to trying to steal Nintendo's idea of motion-sensing gaming.

I didn't intend for this post to become so convoluted, so I'll close this post by giving you a glimpse of what Mario would be like on a PS4....



OnionOverlord commented on Review: Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS):


I don't usually respond to blatant insults, but that made me chuckle. xD

@Giygas_95 and @DestinyMan

Thanks. I don't disagree with the review itself, just the amount of people responding to it. I believe the best way is to form your own opinion rather than mimic something someone else says. That along with the fact pointed out by Gartcat. Not every game is perfect. 7 sounds quite reasonable to me.



OnionOverlord commented on Sleek Metal NES Analogue Nt Now Available for ...:


Although I usually advocate original hardware over things like the Retron5, in this case I admit the Retron5 is a far better investment than this. Don't get me wrong, this thing looks amazing and I would love to have one, but once you see that it nickles and dimes you (charging extra for an HDMI cable? If I'm paying upwards to 500$ on the thing, you can't include an HDMI cable on your own?) and overcharges you for something that doesn't do anything more than a regular NES does, it becomes tough to justify. If someone really wants to spend that kind of money, they're better off investing in something like a Top Loader NES or an actual Famicom+Disk System. At least those have collectors value and the appeal of being original hardware. This just strikes me as the same thing as people who trick out their cars. They pump thousands into tricking it out, only to realize later it did nothing for the value of the car itself.



OnionOverlord commented on Review: Mega Man Xtreme (3DS eShop / Game Boy ...:

Even though I love Mega Man Xtreme, I agree with the review and felt the score was about right. Xtreme is the weaker of the two GBC X games, with Xtreme 2 doing more to stand out a bit (featuring a playable Zero and adding a neat parts system).



OnionOverlord commented on Talking Point: What We Want To See From Ninten...:


I'm not interested in making myself troll bait tonight nor am I interested in listening to the exact same argument being repeated. This troll tactic stopped being funny about 8 years ago. Spamming the same smiley and logic over and over does not impress me. You continue to ignore any points made and prattle off over and over on the same track like a broken record.

Waste of time as I said.



OnionOverlord commented on Talking Point: What We Want To See From Ninten...:


Why am I not surprised? A troll giving a troll response. You ignored the primary point I was making and used it as an excuse to play the same old "fanboy" card that has become so common that it's lost whatever small amount of effectiveness it's ever had.

The VITA is selling horribly for a good reason. Sony made terrible choices with the design (a point you ignored entirely and instead chose to go off on something completely irrelevant to the discussion) and your suggestion is to follow the same choices that are sinking the VITA? Brilliant thinking.

You're a waste of my time if this is the best you are going to offer. Typical troll. I am disappoint.



OnionOverlord commented on Talking Point: What We Want To See From Ninten...:


Yes, because that approach has clearly worked so well for the VITA... Right? Removing the "useless" slot would alienate the Nintendo fanbase and as myself and others have pointed out, not everyone wants a system that REQUIRES online functionality to work... As we've learned from Xbox One.



OnionOverlord commented on Review: Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhea...:


Too bad you will have to re-buy those said PSP games digitally in order to play them, since the VITA lacks UMD suport and doesn't even support ALL PSP games. Only PSP games offered on the PSN will actually work, the rest (such as Portable Ops Plus) won't run and that the VITA has a horrible and greedy memory management system that requires you to spend upwards to 80$ on memory if you intend to download more than 5 games.



OnionOverlord commented on Talking Point: What We Want To See From Ninten...:

Like most others, I found myself a little disgusted by the digital-only idea. As a collector, I loathe the idea of a digital only system...

However... It's true that digital is the future. It is inevitable that at some point, this will happen. But it's far too soon to make that call. Japan would likely be the first to embrace a digital-only future and that hasn't happened yet to my knowledge. Digital-only is not viable until all major countries have access to high-speed internet, which just isn't possible right now. Internet technology needs to advance and become more accessible before we can even begin to talk about digital only. For now, it should be an option.

That isn't to say that I do not support digital downloads. In fact, I support them very much. They're a fun, accessible, and (usually) cheaper alternative. But now is simply not the time to start making such predictions or requests.



OnionOverlord commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:


The problem with the term "hardcore" is that there doesn't exist any clear definition of the term and it's mostly only used by gaming hipsters who try to make themselves sound cool. So unless you can provide an explanation as to what "hardcore" means, your argument falls apart and carries no weight.


The VC prices are not too high... Do you even know what the price range for the games they sell digitally are? The average cost of a loose NES cart is about 10$, same with SNES and N64. Most of the VC prices are actually quite reasonable in comparison especially when you consider that some games (such as Ogre Battle 64 and Mega Man V, which is being released shortly) are well beyond that. As the years go on, the prices of loose physical cartridges goes up while the digital variants remain largely the same price, unless there is a sale going on. 5$ for an NES game is more than reasonable considering physical copies sell for more.

Now if you want to argue a price drop for the digital games like Wind Waker, then I am all for that as most of the time those games can be bought cheaper online.



OnionOverlord commented on Six Portable Mega Man Games, Including Mega Ma...:


I own pretty much every Mega Man game ever made (including many of the Japanese ones) except for Battle and Chase, yet I still want to buy these for my 3DS. Why? Because playing old classics on new systems is fun. You should try to be a bit more open minded. Besides that, these are good for those who don't have 70 bucks burning in their pockets for Mega Man V, which is the main one I recommend. A new Mega Man would be nice but isn't likely given Capcom's current attitude toward Mega Man. We're better off looking to Mighty No.9 for the future, unless Mega Man's appearance in the new Smash can generate enough interest in him to justify a new game.

I also second the motion set by Sleepinglion for Mega World, as it was a digital game to begin with. Mega Man X3 would be great as well. That game is quite expensive online. Rockman & Forte would be nice too, even if we get the inferior GBA version.

(EDIT: removed the majority of my post as I realize it was unwarranted for this discussion.)



OnionOverlord commented on Review: Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS):

Nintendolife has gotten really negative lately. Every time I make the mistake of checking the comments section for a game, I see an almost overwhelming amount of negativity and complaining.

Guess what folks? This Kirby game... IS A KIRBY GAME! I know, shocking right? Anyone who didn't see this coming is shortsighted as they come. I'm just amazed that all it takes for a game (or entire system in this case) to get a flood of negative comments is a 7/10 score, which isn't even a bad score to begin with. Had this game got one point more the comments section would be full of people talking about how great the game is going to be. The ultimate irony is that the majority of the people here are just parroting the reviewer and have most likely never even touched the game. Sad.



OnionOverlord commented on Fresh Super Smash Bros. Screens Show Zero Suit...:

Oh for.... I can't believe this is even an issue. So you all (before Yorumi or whoever starts, I know it's not everyone on the site, don't be dense) will stop complaining about the heels, the Zero Suit has had high heels since the very beginning. Look up concept art and official images, it has ALWAYS had high heels. The only difference now is that the heels have a function in the form of the rocket boosts and the fact the heels are higher up, which has been the trend with the Zero Suit anyway. In fact, during development the Zero Suit originally had heels that were as high as her current ones, but they shortened them a bit and made them look a bit more practical. So while you may think they're impractical, they're more practical now than ever since now they serve an actual purpose beyond looks. The "unnecessary" jet heels are actually intended to make her stronger, as they augment her kicks enough to make her a more viable fighter as well as added utility. Why anyone would complain about such a positive augmentation is beyond me. I really question whether or not the ones offended or annoyed by her appearance in this game are Metroid fans or just people looking for something to complain about. As for her being sexualized or objectified, all I can say is... Why can't a woman be both strong and attractive? Is there a rule against this? I won't deny the fact Nintendo is making use of her attractive design, but they have always did that and it's a little thing called fan service. Considering the fact most of the Metroid games keep her in the power armor 90% of the time, I think it's nice to see Samus as a character being shown in a more feminine light. Every Metroid game has her blasting things to bits like a Space Marine. She even shoots doors for God's sake! I could see the point if Nintendo release a Metroid: Xtreame Beach Volleyball or something but all they're doing is showing her in rocket heels and laying on a beach. She's still the same character who goes around bodyslamming aliens and making entire species go extinct. Nothing has changed just because she wears rocket heels.

I would say more, but I would just be rehashing valid points (that mostly went ignored and unaddressed) made by others, so I will end it with that. Oh, and just to avoid being accused of "exploding".... I am doing no such thing. I am also aware that the heels could have easily been "boots", but I fail to see what difference it makes, especially considering all Nintendo did was use the Other M design (which had heels...Like all the other versions of the Zero Suit....) and add the rocket heels to it. The "stripper heels" actually fit her design more than boots would, and I would be impressed if anyone here could design rocket boots and put them on Zero Suit Samus without them sticking out like a sore thumb and looking ridiculous on her. I'm sure there would still be complaints if they WERE boots however... Considering strippers wear boots too, not just heels. They would probably be called Stripper Boots. Honestly, I find it far more sexist when someone takes something as simple as a pair of heels and automatically relates them to strippers. That's pretty sad, and it makes me glad I'm not a woman because I would rather not be compared to a stripper everytime I put on a pair of heels.

You have my condolences Samus. It seems all the good deeds You've done for the galaxy mean nothing the moment you put on some heels... :c



OnionOverlord commented on GameStop Plans to Close Around 120 Stores in t...:

I hope the one near me doesn't close. While they do have some questionable business practices, they're one of the few stores I can still swipe Wii games from without buying them online, and you can sometimes find nice used items in there.



OnionOverlord commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

I feel like a lot of these comments are caused by the fact the title says "fixing"... Poor choice of words that creates a sense of irritation to Brawl fans the moment they read it, and sets the tone for the rest of the article and comments.



OnionOverlord commented on Review: DuckTales: Remastered (Wii U eShop):

Good review but I gotta call 'em on the whole bit about each level taking 30 minutes. There's no reason you can't clear a level in 10 minutes, even on your first time ever playing the game unless you're really bumbling around for treasure. The only lengthy level is the Moon, everything else can be cleared very quickly. Also, I have no idea how it can be classified as a "Metroidvania" clone as it has almost nothing in common with the genre.



OnionOverlord commented on Review: Samurai Sword Destiny (3DSWare):

The game isn't too bad but the review score is fair. The game has some dubious design choices such as making the player fail over and over until they have enough skills bought to pass a certain point. It's a Kung Fu clone basically. The price should probably be lower for the kind of game it is but otherwise it's decent.



OnionOverlord commented on Weirdness: You Can Fix Your NES 72-Pin Cartrid...:

Buying a new Pin Connector is obviously the better option, but since I have spare parts laying around, I may try this just to see how it works. My current pin connector needs replacing anyway so if I mess it up, it's no loss. They go straight in the trash anyway.



OnionOverlord commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

You know what's ironic? The comments here are actually providing evidence in favor of removing Swapnote rather than keeping it. Just look at all the moderated posts due to things like profanity! If it's this bad on a site like NIntendolife, imagine what people are doing with Swapnote on the 3DS. I'm not saying I agree with Nintendo for removing it, I'm just laughing at how this discussion works in Nintendos favor and proves why they had to remove it. Within 2 minutes of skimming through comments I saw at least 3 moderated posts. Nice work guys.

Also just to give fair warning, judging by things I've heard from friends on Miiverse, the Wii U Chat is pretty heavily abused too, so don't freak out if they remove that at some point as well.



OnionOverlord commented on Review: Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ran...:


I agree completely. The review hammers the game for the things it doesn't improve on, while barely even mentioning the things it does differently or improves heavily on. The first game got a 7 while this one gets a 6. I don't understand that at all, considering this game is even better than the first! Just being able to see a map that shows a trail of where the grocks have been moving is an incredible improvement because it gives you a great idea of where to build your gun towers. In the first game, you just had to build and pray and if you were wrong, you had to reset and build the towers elsewhere. Now we finally have a means of predicting their movements. We can now check so much information by talking to Russ a the Saloon, it really improves the players ability to plan their strategies out.

It's annoying how this review just casually brushes aside the improvements (such as the Rangers and the Train) while being so hard on it for the things it didn't change. It almost comes off as biased, as if the writer WANTED to review it negatively.

To be fair, 6 isn't a bad score, I just don't feel the reviewer gave the game any credit at all for the improvements and I wonder if he even played the first game to begin with. It's like with the Kens Rage 2 review where the writer bashed the game harshly for the things that were too similar yet refusing to acknowledge the changes and improvements.



OnionOverlord commented on Nintendo Confirms Limited Edition Wii U Bundle...:

To the people who won't shut up about being "screwed"...

You're obviously either new to the gaming industry/community or are simply complaining for the sake of complaining. Anytime you purchase a console at launch you should already be aware that the system you're buying will eventually drop in price, regardless of anything anyone else says. When a console is released you basically have 2 choices when it comes to purchasing it. Either wait for the system to lower its price, release more games, bundles, etc. or buy it for top price and avoid having to wait. You made the choice to buy it at launch (or near it) and no longer have the right to complain. You got what you paid for. Those who waited now have a chance to buy a nice limited edition version or buy a reduced price version. This has happened with nearly every console ever released. By this point, no one should be surprised when a console drops it's price 6 monthes to a year after release. Stop complaining. Nintendo should not (and probably will not) have to "compensate" you for anything. As someone else (can't be bothered to scroll up for the username) said, if you're not happy, at least be thankful you're only out 50$ and consider it a lesson learned. Enough with the childish feet-stomping tantrums. Think about it. If you buy a pair of shoes at a store and the same pair go on sale 2 weeks later, do you get angry at the store? If so then some of you have a lot of growing up to do. Even if the clerk in the store told you the same pair of shoes WOULD NOT go on sale, as an adult you chose to believe that and then buy the shoes.

As for the bundle itself, I'm definitely interested in it. For those who aren't already aware however, the Wind Waker and Historia are DIGITAL copies so bear that in mind. It does kind of blow that Nintendo couldn't package in the physical copy, but I suppose if they had done that they may have had to up the price by another 50$, so perhaps it's best they kept it digital.