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Tue 23rd Jul 2013

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OneOfSwords commented on Retailer Listings and Comic-Con Reveal New Fig...:

The packaging couldn't say that LightCore characters were compatbile because they are not FULLY compatible. As you know, in Giants, a LightCore character will enter with a big explosion — a bonus attack that you will not get in SSA. So if you say "comes with bonus attack" and that attack does not work in all games, then you have a problem of misleading customers.

This chart and explanation should clear it up, but yes, LC versions of returning characters work as "vanilla" characters in SSA, and will level up just fine. You just can't use their blast attack in SSA.

All existing toys will work with SWAP Force; the new portal will not change that functionality. The new portal is needed for the new SWAP Force characters, but that same new portal still supports every character you already own.

Unrandomsam, I'm not sure why these games are "a scam," as you put it, because you didn't explain your position — but with millions of very happy customers out there, and the games delivering everything they promise to deliver, it's clearly not "a scam" where people are not getting what they want. Perhaps it's just not a game for you, which is fine, but there's no need for namecalling, you know? Play one and you'll see that they are not only really games, but really GOOD games — action/RPGs in the style of Diablo, just with a bit of Pokemon collectibility thrown in and a heck of a great sense of humor.