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JoJo's the only decent anime around. If you think otherwise you're either a trashy weeaboo or an immature little s***.

Fri 11th Apr 2014

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Okumei commented on Street Fighter Legend Ryu And Fire Emblem's Ro...:

F****** amazing. Dreamland 64 is one of my favorite smash stages of all time AND we're getting Ryu plus Roy. They better not screw Roy over like they did Marth. Roy's aerials NEED to be a bit less laggy then they were in Melee. Back then you had to L-Cancel to follow up into his D-Tilt or else it wouldn't work. But as everyone knows there is no L-canceling in Smash 4 so Roy has to be adjusted slightly. Give him a short hop into double F-Air and us Melee bois will be ******* in our pants.



Okumei commented on Cool It, Conspiracy Theorists - Sakurai Didn't...:

This is stupid, they aren't even that good. I'd say Pit and Dark Pit are mid tier. Dark Pit's Side Special kills relatively early (Around 90%) on the very edge of the stage, and Pit's kills anywhere at around 150%. So I might place Emo Pit higher up. Kirby and Palutena have some great custom moves but there isn't anything amazing there, for example, if set up right lightweight lets her carry her opponent up into the air which allows for early kills. Without customs it's a joke. Kirby and Palutena rely too heavily on pokes into follow up throws.



Okumei commented on LBX: Little Battlers eXperience Will Be Fighti...:

LBX: Little Battlers eXperience is the most exciting thing that has ever been revealed in a very long time. It’s basically a new Custom Robo, so why the hell aren't there many people talking about it? Time to go watch the anime series so I know the characters, hopefully the show is as good as this game looks.

Edit: Wait a minute there...there's no online options? Why?! Dammit, I take back everything I said. What's the point in playing this if it doesn't even have online multiplayer?



Okumei commented on Developer Profile: Masahiro Sakurai:

I'd like to see Sakurai create a new fighting game in the style of Smash Bros (or maybe something a little different) but with his own original characters.



Okumei commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

I'd say it's my favorite system, it's the only thing I played as a kid. Yet...I never got all the stars in Mario Sunshine, guess I'll go do that.



Okumei commented on Review: Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS):

"Nintendo's playing it too safe again." We got new power ups, a few new gameplay mechanics, and a handful of decent bonus modes. This is Kirby what were you expecting? It's like if somone got pissed cause the next 2d Mario didn't bring anything new to the table.