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Sun 21st February, 2010

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ogo79 commented on Nintendo Download: 17th July (Europe):

lol at earthbound for cheaper. as if it really could have. this is where its going to get entertaining around the net for a good the analyzers are going to say stuff like "the discount for earthbound is to get the people that were too cheap to buy the cart, and too cheap to buy it for regular price on vc, to get it now to help promote mother 1 and 3 coming to virtual console" :D



ogo79 commented on Buck Rogers SNES Prototype Materializes:

there was an nes bucky o hare and an arcade one. maybe yer getting it hazy with biker mice from mars on snes?
anyways, im sure buck rogers will get a cart dump. speaking of protoypes, the nolan bros have acquired the famous monster party (parody world monster party) for famicom. only one other monster party famicom prototype at that time had been discovered, and the owner didnt want to share it. well now theres 2 out there. monster party never came out on the famicom but now that yet another prototype has fallen into the right hands, a cart is being made for that now...



ogo79 commented on Mother 25th Anniversary Fanfest Teleports in t...:

here we go...
anyways, ill be there probably. me and my two copies of mother 1.
may have to get that remix album and definitely score some more fangamer shirts, especially if they are mother themed. so instead of stating the predicted above, ill stick to the topic and say yes to the question. ill probably be one of the only ones there...



ogo79 commented on Save The Universe From Evil Vegetables In Upco...:

yeah, people like you, @Ryno, @the_shpydar and myself have a hard time adjusting to certain games for various reasons. as far as "new retro games" go, im looking forward to project y, odallus (hopefully it comes to wii u), oniken, and insanitys blade .those are top games to watch out for. oniken is out on other systems but id like it on wii u...