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I am toop.

Male, 15, United States

I have been playing Nintendo games as young as I could walk and talk, with Donkey Kong Land 2 my first game. I was given a Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance SP, and DS at young ages. Ever since I got my Nintendo Wii one Christmas, I began collecting titles from many Nintendo franchises!

Tue 23rd July, 2013

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Obito_Tennyson commented on Tomodachi Life Sneaks Past Watch Dogs in Singl...:

It's ironic how PS4 and XBOne Minecraft have so many sales... you can buy the PC Version for $25, and you can have as many skins as you want, play on any PC, Mac, or Linux platform for no extra cost, keyboard and mouse control, thousands of good maps, and uncountable mods that just adds so much content to the game. It just dazzles me why anyone would go console.



Obito_Tennyson commented on One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Will Cram 85 ...:

Oh my goodness, I have only watched the first eight episodes yesterday. I really need to catch up with over 650 episodes in the upcoming six months if I want to play all 85 characters.

By the way, why don't we get any Naruto games with 85 characters on the Wii U or 3DS?



Obito_Tennyson commented on Feature: Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perf...:

I feel like the polls are more orientated toward "Which one is your favorite" over "Which one is perfect for Summer." Tomodachi Life is the best game to play if you have a vacation or to spend a nice Summer. I can only imagine Link Between Worlds as the game that one plays from time to time whenever one is in the mood.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Future Cross-Platfo...:

I'll give them until the end of the year 2016. If 2017 comes along, and there is no word of Virtual Console cross-buy, then we could all safetly say that there is no point in not doing it. It is 2014, and they are promoting their services in order to boost sells. If the sells manage to increase or decrease, then that should make no difference in what occurs at the near-end of the generation. Give us what we want when your goals have been finished, Nintendo.



Obito_Tennyson commented on You Can Now Have The Legendary Shaq On Your 3D...:

I don't know any of them besides Shaq Fu! Even then, I only knew Shaq Fu from the video game. Where's James Avery? Ron Johnson? Michael J. Fox? Jerry Seinfeld? You know, there isn't even a single Mii of Ron Johnson available for download on the Internet.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Review: ATV Fever (DSiWare):

Very interesting game. Curious to how to see how these type of games sell. It's a shame that the developers couldn't have added more innovation to these games. Innovation is the key for these type of developers to get going, especially if they are still using a DSiWare engine.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Don't Worry, Nintendo Hasn't Forgotten About T...:

The only reason why America has the most sales is because they're sucking the money out of us. No one is going to see my #157 comment, but Nintendo is has fewer 1st Virtual Console games here than anywhere else in the world. EU gets Devil World, Japan gets everything, and we get nothing but the 3rd party games that are somehow also getting in PAL even though they never originally had it. (we never got Devil World nor Fire Emblem, yet we still don't get it)



Obito_Tennyson commented on Grezzo Seeks New Employees Asking If They Want...:

Nintendo knows that we want Majora's Mask. We have had OoT3D in 2011, WWHD and LBW last year, Hyrule Warriors this year, LoZU possibly in 2016, so we have to give MM3D just space to shine in. Late 2015 may be fine, but 2016 or 2017 would be perfect. In my head, 2017 is the last year for the 3DS, so MM3D may be perfect to end off LoZ for this generation.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Feature: A Cross-Platform Look At E3 2014:

@8bitforever I don't know who you are, but I constantly see and hate your comments on posts. All that you complain about is how the eShop and Wii U are terrible. "The eShop doesn't have cross-buy. The eShop doesn't have an account system. There's no future for the Wii U. Nintendo is shoving the same games in our faces."

I am absolutely sick of it. Don't come to a website dedicated to Nintendo fans, because I am sure that there will always be someone who just wants to punch you in the face. Nintendo has great games, and they are always trying to tie over new and old generations. Take note that Nintendo EAD is making 90% of all the good games on TWO systems, so don't expect each and every one of them to be something special. They try their best to keep the fans happy and that is exactly what they are doing.

You don't have to see Mario's five-o-clock shadow in full 10000p at 9001FPS in order to be the best system. They have HD, and it's difficult to even tell 720p and 1080p apart unless you have eagle eyes. To me, the PS4 and XBone are trying to be PCs, whilst the Vita tries to be a portable console... making it a device trying to be something that tries to be a PC... so why not get a PC?

Sony gets with new IPs made by companies that they own. There are no memories when playing new IPs besides comparing them to similar titles. Sure, there are few exceptions such as Uncharted and Little Big Planet, but there isn't much that you would miss if moved to a PC. Of course, new IPs are meant to try something new and different, and some exceed extremely well such as the Last of Us, Heavy Rain, and Ni No Kuni. They are unique experiences, but not unique enough that there will be never be any games like it. Looking to collect them all? Go with Pokemon. Looking for a game where it's all about the story? Telltale Games releases every game for the PC. Want to survive in a world where horror lies around every corner? DayZ offers zombie goodness, and Don't Starve is perfect.

Although the popular examples are usually released on the PC, I could think of why the PC would continue to be superior. The PC versions usually introduce mods and universal controller support. Consoles don't have the flexibility that PCs or Macs. Now why am I blathering about the PC and not the Nintendo devices? The PC has just about the same audience of that of the PS4 and XBone, but has so many benefits that there shouldn't be many reasons why others choose consoles. However, that is why Nintendo is different.

As mentioned before, Nintendo is definitely something different. Most of their exclusives come from their selves. Sure, you have big companies such as Capcom, Sega, and Atlus, but they are puny when compared to the massive truck load of games that Nintendo provides. They try to be different from the rest by adding in elements that are not common in video games. They love experimenting with different ideas. NSMB, DKC, and Kirby are three different types of Nintendo 2D Platformers that hold massive differences and game-play styles. The scenes feel fresh and unique to each franchise, so you would never feel like the next Donkey Kong Country would feel anything like the new New Super Mario Bros.

One may say that Nintendo is working toward a childish audience, but that isn't true. The method in which they have layed out their E3 2014 presentation surely represented that they were well-aware of what the community wants, and they want to deliver what the players want once they figure out how everything will work. We want EarthBound, so they gave us EarthBound. We wanted a new Star Fox, and they gave us a new Star Fox. We wanted F-Zero U, and they responded saying that they are trying to figure out how to top their Gamecube release without being total crud. We wanted Majora's Mask 3D, and I am sure that they'll deliver it to us once we have a break of LoZ for some time.

This means that Nintendo wants to make the community happy, and this means not to get the community out-of-control. The account system isn't perfect for Sony, and I could obviously see flaws where users may abuse the account system by having multiple copies of games on multiple devices. As for cross-buy, Nintendo is probably waiting until the next generation where the community wouldn't whine when they "accidentally" bought both the Wii U and the 3DS versions of a Virtual Console game. That is also probably why they are holding off on SNES, GBA, and DS Virtual Console games for the 3DS.

Video games are about having fun, or at least that is what the original message was until Sega decided to have a war with Nintendo... and then Sony decided to join in thinking that they could wipe the floor with the stuff that they previously collaborated with Nintendo. If you're the type of gamer that only has fun with serious titles that have to have a good story or at least some hardcore action, then the PC is your best friend.

However, if you ever so please to simply look at Nintendo titles a bit more and ignore what the majority tends to discuss, then you might see doors to new adventures. If you hear bad things about the game, then you are going to hate the game more than if you hear good things about the game. If everyone talked about how much Game & Wario makes use of the Gamepad and how cool the games are, then most others who read those reviews might have enjoyed it better.

You may reply to me disregarding anything that I am saying and take it as an offense, but I want you to understand that Nintendo isn't a company full of idiots. They don't want to copy the big-name companies, but rather come up with their own strategies. Please be mindful in Nintendo's decisions, and think about why they are doing what they doing before posting your hate. Thank you very much for taking ten seconds of your time reading the first and last sentences of this comment, and good day! :D



Obito_Tennyson commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

Nintendo killed the competition. Ubisoft and EA were incredibly boring. Sony didn't show anything special that couldn't be announced via Twitter besides Uncharted 4 and Little Big Planet 3, which were already predicted. Microsoft had the same games as they always do, with a little surprise from Halo.

Nintendo won without any competition. They surprised everyone with a hilarious presentation, Zelda U becoming Sandbox, a million new games from our favorite IPs, Pac Man becoming a Smash Bros character, a new program utilizing figurines for their extra cash and our collections AND games compatibilities, and most of all... Splatoon.

Splatoon is love; Splatoon is life.



Obito_Tennyson commented on E3 2014: LA Times Reveals Hot Scoop of New Whi...:

HOLY SHIZ! I forgot that Nintendo has announced the NEW White Playstation 4! This is the biggest news of E3, a new color to have as an alternative to that ugly Black Playstation 4. Oh, and that new Nintendo handheld known as the Nintendo Splatoon.

Ahhh, yeah!! First I have my Nintendo 3Deees and my Nintendo Wii U, and now I have my Nintendo Play Station and the future Nintendo Splatoon! Nintendo really knows when to make new hardware of the future!

Splatoon is love, Splatoon is life.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Pac-Land and Pac-Man Collection Chomp Onto Nor...:

Next E3 better be full Retro. They'll be talking about Virtual Arcades, GBA, DS, Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, Neo Geo, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, SNES, and N64! Furthermore, cross-buy will be implemented.

In addition, for 3DS, one could use Download Play (consoles with more than one controller) or the classic "Local Multiplayer" (Game Gear, Game Boy) across the Internet! For Wii U, one could also use "Local Multiplayer" via the Internet to other Wii U's OR 3DS's. Also, purchases could be made without accessing the eShop via 3DS or Wii U.

Also, there will be a Record button on the Home menu so that one could record up to 30 minutes of footage WITH the option to plug-in a microphone through the jack slot in order to record voice as well!

All of this will be next E3!!

... there goes my imagination again ... :/