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I am toop.

Male, 14, United States

I have been playing Nintendo games as young as I could walk and talk, with Donkey Kong Land 2 my first game. I was given a Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance SP, and DS at young ages. Ever since I got my Nintendo Wii one Christmas, I began collecting titles from many Nintendo franchises!

Tue 23rd July, 2013

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Obito_Tennyson commented on Tomodachi Life is Big on Character, But Modest...:

Ugh, that's not even half of that in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Wasn't ACNL 6000 blocks? I was hoping for a lot more content in the game, but who knows what factors play out for the blocks? the voices must contribute a lot... and the 3D Mii Sprites also must damage the blocks, so... it's not looking for very good. We might just have to wait and see!



Obito_Tennyson commented on Ubisoft and EA Lock In Their E3 Presentation D...:

Does anyone even give a fudgy-pop about EA anymore? After so many unreleases, skips, disses, April Fool "jokes," unhonorary statements... where was I? Anyway, after Time Splitters, I was done with EA. The only good games that they even published that I was interested in was SimCity, the Sims, and Spore. I never found any of the other million games that they published worth it.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Feature: Time For a Super Smash Bros. New Chal...:

Didn't expect Zero Suit Samus to get nearly 20 more votes than Greninja! Wow, I didn't realize that everyone would be excited for Samus without her mech suit as her own character this time. Very unexpecting... I thought that Greninja would be #1. Not just because he looks absolutely beautiful as one of my top 10 Pokemon, but because he's the only "new" character, if you know what I mean.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Review: Mach Rider (3DS eShop):

Not sure if I should get this game. There are already a million other games on my wish list in which I would prioritize... sorry Mach Rider, if only you were a 9 or 10.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Weirdness: Meet The 'Super Nintendog':

This is actually a spoiler for the new Pokemon XY 1.3 update which adds a new skin for Furfrou if you also have Super Mario Bros 2 'and' Super Mario 3D Land registered in your Activity Log.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Target Offers Free $50 Gift Card With Mario & ...:

Oh my goodness. This is a REALLY weird coincidence! I haven't been to Targets since probably August of last year! I went today and saw this guy buying 2 WII U'S!!! I was so shocked and told him "you are very wise, sir." But now, I have just noticed that this is the case. I thought that persons were just buying Wii U's out of the willy-nilly... I could only hope...

Really odd coincidence, though. As if the very day they made this promotion, I saw a guy buying two of them... other than that, it was a mother who found out that the GTAV game that her 8-year son almost made her buy contains adult sexual humor, vulgar language, twerking, and nudity.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Review: I am an Air Traffic Controller Airport...:

Oh god, I almost thought that was another "I am in" installment from last week. That game would have been so much better with more content, more memory, ability to upload it, and have it be on the much faster and handsome 3DS rather than having it be DSiWare.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd April (North America):

I'm part of that 3% who are interested in Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate... I'm not buying GBA games until I know that I could play them on my 3DS without paying again if they do come out on the 3DS VC. I heard some bad things about Rusty's Baseball, so I will wait for the review and probably wait for a sale.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Weirdness: This Power Mitt Oven Glove Has Secu...:

I'd love to buy one, but it probably costs more than a real Power Glove. It is too much to ask for a Power Glove or R.O.B figure that has been sitting in someone's closet for 30 years? I'll even pay money for it, if that makes a difference for $5 or $10.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Review: Clu Clu Land (3DS eShop / NES):

For anyone curious, this game is actually fun. It's just that it should be the cheapest Virtual Console game out there. It's worth playing, for for $1 max. Mario Bros and Donkey Kong are still better choices even if they should be really cheap, but Clu Clu Land is one of those games that you play for about a half an hour, and then play with it whenever you get bored.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Review: Devil World (3DS eShop / NES):

This game better come to the NA Virtual Console. What's the point of the Virtual Console service if you're just going to release the games that were only originally sold in that region? NA has less strict rules now excepting games, so we should have seen this game and the Fire Emblem series since the Wii Virtual Console. Don't they realize how rich that Nintendo could become by releasing foreign software (translated to English)? Well... you know what I mean...



Obito_Tennyson commented on Review: Galaga (3DS eShop / NES):

I have Dimensions and unlocked every single achievement except for the two hardest ones, one of which involved a million point combo, and another involved not missing a single shot in a round which is IMPOSSIBLE!! I will be buying this just because it's a "more portable" version of Dimensions. I don't have to bring the cartridge everywhere I go just to play Galaga.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Nintendo Download: 20th March (Europe):

I have always wanted to get Devil World. Europe always gets our NES and Game Boy exclusives, so why can't we have at least one of theirs? All I'm asking is Devil World, Fire Emblem, and the Mother series to comes to the 3DS VC Nintendo.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Nintendo Download: 13th March (North America):

I like the 3DS releases this time! I will defiantly pick up Yoshi's New Island and Galaga once I get the money! They're not on my priority list.

However, I wouldn't mind getting SteamWorld Dig for half off! It's a great deal!!



Obito_Tennyson commented on Review: Pokémon Link: Battle! (3DS eShop):

Come on, did you really have to just put a little "(aka North American name)"? Emphasizing the British names. I'm so used to it being the opposite way around on other websites. :P

By the way, how did that Pokemon competition go? After 12 hours of the post, I only saw three comments, two made by author of the post... I would have thought that more British chaps were on the website.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Weirdness: 10th March is Mario Day, Apparently:

Wait, but I have played Mario my entire life and have never seen him eat pizza. Is this some kind of sick stereotypical joke? If it is, I'm not laughing. I hate pizza! For this reason alone, I'll burn down the entire website, which is indeed always the way to end a business as demonstrated in South Park! :P



Obito_Tennyson commented on Extended Nintendo Network Maintenance on Wii U...:

LOL There are a lot of comments that ask for more attention to the Virtual Console service, yet Nintendo probably just has a monkey doing the service while they have about 10,000 employees working on Style Savvy FIT 2014 for those "fit" girls out there...

Seriously, if it's not a monkey, then it's probably a ten year old that they hired, because teasing a million fans that SMB3 is coming out for 3DS AND Wii U but not releasing it after seven months is not funny anymore... in fact, I don't even remember it being funny...

Just watch Japan get the entire Wii Virtual Console service transferred to the Japanese 3DS and Wii U Eshops WITH cross-buy play!



Obito_Tennyson commented on Nintendo Download: 6th March (Europe):

@Volmun I wouldn't buy it. Protomario explains why. Not to offend the NL staff, it's just that Protomario just takes in a lot of consideration a lot of things that any family would have trouble with and only does reviews when there is something that is bugging him and he needs to explain. He brings in the fact that it's too complicated for small children, yet too boring for older individuals.



Obito_Tennyson commented on The Next Batman Game Is Arkham Knight, And No,...:

Warner Bros, Capcom, and Sega are the only three companies that I would buy third-party retail titles on for my Wii U or 3DS. Everything else I decide based on whether I think that I might be interested or if it gets REALLY good reviews. If there is ANY company that I would be disappointed if they skipped over would be those three, because their games are too good to pass up. I would never own another game console, and I would only get it for PC if it's an exclusive or if it's too good to pass up, but I would really like to continue the chain and play this for Wii U like the past two (three if blackgate) editions.



Obito_Tennyson commented on The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon Are Doing Bus...:

A Nintendo Monopoly has already been released? Dang nabbit! However, I would die for that Pokemon Monopoly game! If only if it was a little more reasonable as the likes of $30, but I'm sure that I could probably spare another $15 for Pokemon.