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I am toop.

Male, 15, United States

I have been playing Nintendo games as young as I could walk and talk, with Donkey Kong Land 2 my first game. I was given a Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance SP, and DS at young ages. Ever since I got my Nintendo Wii one Christmas, I began collecting titles from many Nintendo franchises!

Tue 23rd July, 2013

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Obito_Tennyson commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

At least the Wii U is getting 3rd-party support. :P

Also, I don't see "Review copy sent by Ninja Pig" or anything like that. Did you have to buy this game with your own money? I feel so sorry for you...



Obito_Tennyson commented on Latest Steel Diver: Sub Wars Update Takes Comm...:

Is that the reason why I kept on losing? I knew something was fishy when I just took the shots like a tank and couldn't do anything about it. Have they reunlocked that Chat Function now? How could I tell my teammates to gang up on someone if we can't even communicate!! D:



Obito_Tennyson commented on Wii U YouTube Application Receives An Update, ...:

I use the Wii U Browser between three to six hours a day watching Youtube videos. You could have six tabs with one being the Subscription box and five being videos ready to be played. Once one video is played, I just go back to my first tab and "Open a New Tab" for another video. You could play the videos in 720p and even speed up the video by factors of 0.25, 0.5, 1.25, 1.5, or 2.0.

Cons: For some reason, it pauses each time I load a page after about 10 seconds. It gets annoying. Also, the video sometimes lags on 720p and needs to buffer. That is only sometimes, though. The last issue is that the Like button doesn't always seem to work, so I would need to refresh the tab and press "Like" again.



Obito_Tennyson commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

So upset. You can't be biased if it's true. It lives up to the hype; the mechanics have improved so much; there are so many ways to play with whomever you like UP TO EIGHT PERSONS AT ONCE. Trust me, there is this one club that I go to where we have ten guys taking turns for 4-player Smash Brawl. (not to mention that it's my copy of Brawl -_- ) This would make it so much easier! 10/10