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Sat 12th Nov 2011

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NovemberJoy commented on Review: The Hidden (3DS):

I was thinking about buying this, as it seemed very interesting. However, the execution seems quite off.

Important Question:What kind of person decided to suggest "work" as a place to play this? He's probably laughing his *** off at the fact that at least one person did that, and got fired.
Important Question 2:Why did the developers use the mentality of "You beat one level! Now go somewhere else with a WiFi connection and we'll let you play the next level"? It doesn't make any sense. Really, what would you think of somebody walking around with their game system, playing The Hidden? Doesn't Majesco know that such a thing is extremely embarassing to most people?

Important Question 3:Why does the game force you to just wait around until it decides that you should do something? It's like a certain Japanese game called Takeshi no Chousenjou, where you have to make a map readable, and both of the options that work require you to just wait. If you touch the controller too early(or, in one of the options, too late), the map disintegrates, and you have to get another one. That is, if you actually get the map...



NovemberJoy commented on Review: Prehistorik Man (DSiWare):

I'm really thinking about buying this game for my 3DS. These problems can't be quite as bad for me as they are for you, though the game does appear to be hard as hell from the trailer...

Or is there a better game I could spend my $8 on?



NovemberJoy commented on Review: Halloween: Trick or Treat (DSiWare):

Maybe they should've made this free. It would be a time-waster(I dare not say it would be a decent time-waster)and a freebie, which might give it some credibility. For $8, this is one of the worst things you can buy from DsiWare. Fantasy Slots:Adventure Slots And Games and Flashlight(not to mention Discolight)are at least cheaper than this put together.



NovemberJoy commented on Review: Fireplacing (WiiWare):

By the way, there's an XX where the Metacritic score would be. My guess is that it means that everyone who tried to review this game died of boredom before getting to write the review. I bet they've lost some staff to that.



NovemberJoy commented on Review: Fireplacing (WiiWare):

I can't believe that Nintendo would let Korner Entertainment release this SCUM!!!
But, really, this wouldn't be worth the space on your Wii even if it was free. The only way anyone would want to get this is if it paid you 500 Wii Points, and they would just delete it after getting the points.



NovemberJoy commented on Review: Kung Fu Funk (WiiWare):

Geez, until I found out about this site, this game sounded PROMISING. I can't believe I thought that about a game that got a 1. I never did get around to getting it, which is really a good thing. I decided to watch a trailer, and it even LOOKS bad. Thanks to Jon for taking it upon himself to play this so we wouldn't have to. People might say he took a bullet, but it's more like he took a Banzai Bill to the forehead.



NovemberJoy commented on Review: Mortal Kombat (Game Boy):

What about Mortal Kombat 4 on GBC? That game was so putrid, that it has about the quality of a Yong Yong bootleg game. Mortal Kombat games are supposed to have good AI, but this game fails at that as well, since you can just walk up to the opponent and keep kicking them and maybe dodge, and you'll get a Flawless Victory. That is the lowest difficulty, but it's still pathetic.

The graphics, well, I can make better-looking graphics on MS Paint, the music is much, much worse than this game's music could ever be, the controls are confusing, and the most insulting part comes next...

Liu Kang has breasts.



NovemberJoy commented on Review: Impossible Mission II (Virtual Console...:

To anyone who cares:A version of Impossible Mission II was released for the NES. I think it was trying to be like a C64 game, because nothing about the game is even CLOSE to being up to par for NES standards. Also, if I'm correct, there's a bug that makes the game actually impossible to complete. I might be confused, there are some versions with the bug, the NES version may not be one of them. Also, before anyone says that it might be a homebrew game, I think it was made by either American Video Entertainment or American Game Cartridges. In the versions with the bug, however, the game actually lives up to the title of Impossible Mission.



NovemberJoy commented on Review: Gain Ground (MD):

If you have a PS3, however, don't even look at the VC version. Go buy Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, and you'll get this game, plus many others, for $20. (I got the game new at Hastings.)
I'm not trying to sound like a PS3 fanboy, but you'll get a lot more out of your money by doing that.



NovemberJoy commented on Data Design Announce Six Wii Ports:

So, I'm not even going to look at these games. Terrible controls, a camera controlled by a guy who had one too many drinks, hideous graphics, completely forgettable music, and paper-thin game length and gameplay. Rock N Roll Adventures and Ninjabread Man actually have only a tutorial and about 3 levels.



NovemberJoy commented on Review: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olymp...:

Well, I guess it was to be expected. I don't like motion control on its own,(not nearly as responsive as buttons most of the time) but a game that uses nothing but motion control AND is a sports game is anything but up my alley. Seems like they should've put just a bit more effort into this game. Maybe touch up the events, remove the really terrible ones, and keep anything that's good.



NovemberJoy commented on Review: Adventure Island II (Virtual Console /...:

Whoever decided not to bring this to North America must be trying to troll Americans. This game is a big improvement over the first one, and it is worth playing. The only way it would be not worth buying is if it was more than 1000 Wii points.



NovemberJoy commented on Review: Derby Dogs (WiiWare):

My question is:What kind of insane person would waste even MORE Wii points on this? "Congratulations! You wasted 500 Wii points! Do you want to buy extra doghouses for this sucky game, for 100 Wii points each?" No sane person would take that offer.



NovemberJoy commented on Review: Play with Birds (WiiWare):

I didn't think that a game based off of a Nicalis game could be a 2/10, much less a 1/10. This shows two things:Nicalis(or whoever developed this) is lazy/getting lazy, and like some others have said, the Quality Assurance team doesn't deserve their positions, letting stuff like 5 Arcade Gems abd this get by, and rejecting La Mulana.
Note:I've never played or researched La Mulana, so my facts may be wrong.