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Male, 28, Japan

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Fri 14th March, 2014

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Nosferatu-Zodd commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ca...:

Rright here man. Mowed lawns all summer and plowed the family garden to convince the parents to buy me "another Zelda game" for the N64; because in the words of my parents at the time..."aren't they all the same?" Answer: no. Not even close. Amazing, ground breaking, and inventive game.



Nosferatu-Zodd commented on Wii Fit U Update 1.2.0 Trims And Slims for a B...:

I disagree. It's actually more of an insult to an in shape individual to see a depiction of them as a detestable fat body, when we work hard to not look like the masses around us, than anything else. That is what fat booth or caricature artists are good for. Not an out of touch, or partially functional video game to decide. If it were just a fat avatar, that would be one thing. But to tell a grown man, athlete, weightlifter, etc. to weigh like 165 or you are obese every time he fires up the game is bogus...

All that aside, it's fun to play with wifey on my off days from running or going to the gym.