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Sat 22nd Jun 2013

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Northrnpikefish commented on Your View: The Issues of Collecting and Owning...:

Nintendo is the best video game company. No other company can say "we still sell 30 year old games and people buy them." Even when the eshop is finished, I will have my games. I prefer hard copies, but why pay 20 bucks for a contra game, when you can pay 5? These games won't be downloadable in 10 years, and online support will be gone. But I can still fire up my good ol' 3ds and play my downloaded games. Sure, it'll suck that I can't play mario kart 7 online, but the main games will still be on my systems, and that's what matters. Digital is cheaper, but there's nothing like a good ol' NES cartridge that needs a good blow.