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Sat 7th Jan 2012

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NoobSlayer commented on Rumour: Wii U Heading for E3 Face-Off with PS4...:

@James The Wii has been in the only gen where Sony has had a more powerful console. Sony (in there gaming division) has lost a lot of money and only recently seen profit. It wouldn't seem that farfetch'd if they tale less interest in the graphics department to make money back. Microsoft is focusing much more on Kinect and the casual market so who says they will make the most powerful platform? They might be more cost effective to get more casual gamers. Also, graphics can't go too far this gen or else the average gamer won't be able to afford it and developers won't be able to keep up with development costs. Even IF the Wii U is the weakest system, it shouldn't be by such a margin where Nintendo can't get 3rd party support or criticism for being too underpowered (much like the PS2 compared to the Xbox or GameCube).You shouln't say the Wii U will, 100%, be the weakest system as if it were fact, its pretty weak journalism IMO.



NoobSlayer commented on Aonuma: "Zelda Timeline is Less Important Than...:

@36 & 28 Agreed.
@31 Remember, that's your imagination not fact
Why do some people have the need to say they don't see the importance of a timeline and then criticise others for following it or finding the value of one. If you want to imagine theres no timeline and enjoy the games the most that way, thats fine, just don't say it doesn't exist or criticise others for wanting an epic tale, and enjoy finding connections. There is a timeline, your choice to ignore it or not, just don't say it doesn't exist or that others are wrong for enjoying it