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Fri 17th May, 2013

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Nono18 commented on Review: Lode Runner (Wii U eShop / NES):

Fond memories of this game. I used to play the heck out of it creating the wierdest impossible levels. My best memory is my dad playing this for hours not letting me have a turn lol. My old man was never a gamer but for some reason he loved this game to death. I may have to pick this up in his honor!



Nono18 commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed For 17th May, Coveri...:

I'm always juiced for Nintendo Directs! I am keeping my expectations low with known titles getting solid release dates, with the pre-e3 ND bringing out the big guns. I do hope they throw us a new game announcement at the end to combat the xbox reveal next week.



Nono18 commented on EA Currently Has No Games In Development For T...:

Although I always been a Sony/Nintendo guy, I knew Nintendo was going to struggle with third party support. While this won't affect me too much since I plan on purchasing a PS4 alongside my Wii U, this totally blows for for those who rely on on Wii U as their only or main console. As much as EA sucks you can't deny their lack of support will hurt Wii U sales even more. I hope they come crawling back when the U picks up steam (3DS 2.0, it's happening folks). Not so much for me personally but for the good of the gaming industry. This snobbish attitude in the industry is doing nothing but harm. Yes the current install base is small but sales are sales and EA being an industry giant will gain more then lose by supporting the Wii U in its current state. Shame on them