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Sat 8th Sep 2012

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NoirUsernameHere commented on Undertale Creator Open To Nintendo Port, But W...:

@KillerIsDead Then wouldn't you know how different the games are? If you did your research about Undertale and you still call it a clone of Earthbound, then I would probably do a little more research or something. Just a thought. But, you know, I guess games like LISA and Citizens of Earth are all automatically Earthbound clones.

I'm just gonna take @Ralizah's advice now and stop taking the obvious bait, because you love it when I take that bait, don'tcha? You love it when I do that, don't lie.

@kyuubikid213 @Ralizah I started over my save where everyone was happy and I did the Genocide route because I'm a sadistic asshole. I gave up at Undyne, not only because I was already having a bad time 3 seconds into the run, but the difficulty of the Undyne Genocide fight was too much for me. And if Undyne gave me a lot of trouble, another boss would've definitely given me a run for my money...or in this case, gold, I guess.



NoirUsernameHere commented on Sony Hardware and Exclusives Dominate in Japan...:

@AVahne True, but there's none that interest me other than maybe a select few. And I said that the only thing I'm interested in on the Vita are ports, which I did forget that I saw some other games that I might look into if I ever grab a Vita used, but it isn't really important.

Also, at least I'm not one of the people saying "LOL THE VITA SUCKS BUY A REAL CONSOLE NOOB".



NoirUsernameHere commented on Undertale Creator Open To Nintendo Port, But W...:

@KillerIsDead I don't mean to sound like an obsessive fanboy, but Undertale isn't an Earthbound clone. The way enemies attack is similar to in Touhou, and you can choose to attack with a bar system that looks like something from Mario Golf, or you can click on commands that do things that possibly turns the tide of your adventure on the ACT button. You don't just press attack and instantly attack, with the enemy doing the exact same but controlled by a bot. You also have to level up to get anywhere in Earthbound, but in Undertale you can beat the game at Level 1. There's a difference. Do a little research before commenting, please.



NoirUsernameHere commented on Sony Hardware and Exclusives Dominate in Japan...:

@Socar I probably would've gotten a Vita, to be honest...if there were games that interested me that weren't ports of an old game. I mean, sure, those games are portable now, but the 3DS is also portable and has great new games. At the same time, though, LOLing because of the Vita's downfall? Really m8?



NoirUsernameHere commented on ​Another Fighter Character for Pokkén Tourn...:

@Shepdawg1 Swampert is the most likely candidate, of course. I'd love me a surprise, though. I kinda started to lose a little interest in Pokken after hearing about the controller situation with local multiplayer (let's be real, the Gamepad is not a competitive friendly controller, and I'm not saying I won't buy it, but I won't be in a hurry to buy the game either), but an interesting character would definitely reel me in.

Also, I know it probably won't happen, but if we get another reveal after this, I want Pichu. We didn't get him back in Smash, so another Sceptile situation would be appreciated. : P



NoirUsernameHere commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's 2015?:

The year started off nice, but got more disappointing later on. Overall, this year was kinda meh to me. I at least hope Nintendo does better next year, especially since I've started to drift away from Nintendo a little and play more PC/Sony stuff.



NoirUsernameHere commented on Video: Sceptile Has Been Confirmed as a Fighte...:

The trailer looked nice, Sceptile is a great pick too. Nice to see Farfetch'd (although playable would've been great) and Electrode (MAH BOI THO) in the game too, even if they're not playable. (Electrode would be a little weird, but we could definitely use more characters that aren't all that normal.)



NoirUsernameHere commented on A 'Big' Nintendo Announcement is Coming on Monday:

Got some insane predictions that won't happen.

Unlikely Prediction 1: Cloud's release date for Smash is revealed, veterans Pichu, Wolf and Snake return to Smash 4 as well alongside Cloud. The Final Fantasy VII remake is announced for NX as well.

Unlikely Prediction 2: Mother 3 is remade in 3D and released on the 3DS. Lucas and Ness amiibos are compatible with Mother 3D.

Unlikely Prediction 3: Pokemon Z announced, alongside a remake of Pokemon Red and Blue. Blastoise, Mewtwo and Greninja are also confirmed playable in Pokken Tournament.

Unlikely Prediction 4: Undertale announced to be released on the Wii U eShop. Sans is also confirmed to be playable in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.



NoirUsernameHere commented on Amazon Lists Pokémon Red, Yellow And Blue At ...:

I was going to maybe get all versions, but assuming this is true, I'm not going to now. I'll probably only get Yellow in this case. Besides, I already have physical copies of the remakes, which are far superior, and Link Cable Trading/Battling has been possible over the Internet for a long time on the emulated PC/Smartphone versions.



NoirUsernameHere commented on Shovel Knight amiibo Confirms "Evolving" Relat...:

Knowing that I'm an amiibo fanatic, I'll probably end up picking this up anyways, but Co-Op being locked inside an amiibo is BS. I can handle clothes and weapons and minor things, but not an entire mode. That's just low right there. Unless the amiibo is extremely common, but even then everyone who buys the game should still have access to multiplayer.



NoirUsernameHere commented on Potential Massacre Averted At Pokémon World C...:

Wow, **** these guys. In fact, imo, they don't deserve jail. They deserve to be hung for commiting an act of terrorism. At least they were stupid enough to post their plans on social media, which lead to them being caught.

Some damn ****head wants to shoot up something everyday. One of the reasons I dislike the US and want to move as soon as I can.



NoirUsernameHere commented on New Pokémon May Be On the Way Following Movie...:

@Porky Seriously, if you don't like Pokemon, don't buy the games. There are plenty of people who still enjoy Pokemon. Pokemon will end when people vote with their wallet and tell Game Freak that they don't want new Pokemon stuff. But it doesn't seem like the time just yet. Pokemon is still alive and kicking.



NoirUsernameHere commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

It's made even more sad when you realize that probably one of the last things on his mind was the backlash from E3. And, if you want to crank the Feel-O-Meter to the max, the whole puppets thing was more than likely done because he didn't want people to see him sick with cancer.

Iwata, Rest in Peace, you beautiful man. You are one of the reasons I game today, and for that I thank you. Even if you are no longer on this earth, I couldn't imagine Nintendo without you.



NoirUsernameHere commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Tackles Metroid Prime: Federa...:

Everyone who apparently thinks Reggie makes Metroid games must not know how business works. Reggie doesn't make games. By that logic, everyone at Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft makes games.

Still think that the Wind Waker/Federation Force comparison is moot, though. Also, amiibos are still rare.



NoirUsernameHere commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

I was disappointed with the direct at first. Then I realized that there's still good games on the way. Plus, Smash DLC and Earthbound Beginnings, so I'm happy. Sure, Nintendo's E3 2015 wasn't as big as their E3 2014, but there's still Nintendo Directs in the future where Nintendo could make up for E3 this year.

You folks had your hopes up far too high.



NoirUsernameHere commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

It was a close call between Isaac and Rayman, but in the end, Isaac won it for me, at least on this poll.

I'd probably vote for Banjo and Kazooie, Knuckles or Young Link (w/ transformation masks) on the SSB ballot, even though those are unlikely.