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Re: Top 20 WiiWare Games in America (23rd July)


I will use my all-seeing powers of observation past and future... Huuummmmmmm...

Megaman 9 .. will . be .. .. .. Number 1 .. there . will .. no longer ... be . a .. second .. or .. third . or . even ... a ...fourth .. for .. Megaman 9 . will .. command those . spots .. as ... well ... ... ...

Re: Retro Styled Castlevania Coming To WiiWare?


Retro is designed for us 22-34 year olds who have a job, credit cards, and don't need to pester mommy and daddy for money for their new game, so all you ' I want customization, new advanced moves' kiddies go play in the sandbox please. I would love to see you kids dropped into metroid. 'How come it doesn't tell me where to go? where's the map' lols.

Gamers of my generation wan't and would love this. I hate new Megaman (past X3). Megaman should only be shooting left and right, that's the mechanic.

Who else thinks that a new SNES era Metroid is in order? Nintendo can allow gamers to create their own game scenarios, and Nintendo can sell their own mission packs for say 250 Wii Points.

Here's what I'd love to see: Metroid, Castlevania, Zelda, Mario, (more) Megaman, ICOM games (think Shadowgate) and more. I think they should include SNES era as well as NES though, as both 2D retro styles were fantastic.

New content for my favorite retro games? Where do I pre-order, and Visa or Mastercard?