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I'm a young man who likes Nintendo and Donkey Kong, Mario, and Wario in particular. I also like Disney. I'm a reader, writer, music fan, and Christian.

Fri 23rd Jul 2010

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NintyMan commented on Poll: Nintendo's Free-to-Play Experiments - Ar...:

Nintendo Badge Arcade is the only one of these games that I've played, and while I've only spent a couple of dollars so far and intend to spend more when interested badges come up, I can still make some decent progress with free plays that are given randomly or through the practice catcher. Not every day will be that way, of course, but Badge Arcade is entertaining enough to keep me coming back daily, even if there's nothing to see but that funny bunny!

Overall; these games don't bother me. If they're not only optional, but also decent enough to play without spending, then I wouldn't complain.



NintyMan commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

I never got the impression that Tom was being overly negative at all. Nintendo's had some duds this year with only four games I enjoyed out of them (Kirby, Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, and Yoshi) and having to delay a couple of games didn't help even though in Star Fox Zero's case it makes sense as they needed improvement. Nintendo will have a rough Christmas, but hopefully 2016 will really turn things around as there's a lot of games coming out then and people will hopefully be excited to see NX, so Nintendo is just looking in the long-term.



NintyMan commented on Super Mario Maker Developers Discuss the Diffi...:

It would've been a missed opportunity for sure if Yoshi wasn't in Super Mario Maker, so I'm glad they pulled it off. After all, there's enemies that weren't in other Mario games like normal Hammer Bros. in Super Mario World, for example.



NintyMan commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

Even before this review I was coming to grips over what this game was going to be; the gameplay being solid but there's just not much to it. I would get this game if, and only if, it gets a very cheap deal. It would be nice if it gets DLC, and considering how there was post-release content for Camelot's past two games, there's a possibility. If only they put more effort into this game like they did with Mario Golf: World Tour. Ultra Smash defies Nintendo's game-making philosophy of not rushing games.



NintyMan commented on The Super Famicom is 25 Years Old:

The SNES was critical for my childhood and rivals the 64 as my favorite Nintendo console. Mario Paint, Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Super Ghouls N' Ghosts, and Yoshi's Island to name several were all major hits, and I still got games for it years later to experience games I missed out on. Absolutely golden library of games!



NintyMan commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Third...:

Smash Bros. Wii U, Mario Kart 8, and DKC: Tropical Freeze are my top three. Other favorites are Super Mario 3D World, Yoshi's Woolly World, Splatoon, and Super Mario Maker.

As for this list, I would've liked to see Tropical Freeze and Smash Bros. Wii U a bit higher, but it's not a bad list.



NintyMan commented on Feature: A History of the Mario Tennis Franchise:

I've only played the New Play Control of Power Tennis and Open, though I remember watching Mario Tennis 64 with family. I didn't like the waggle controls in the New Play Control, but I could see why Power Tennis was so well-liked. Open has a bare-bones presentation, but I did like the Mii customization and the courts.



NintyMan commented on Site News: A Brief Update on Our Mario Tennis:...:

I have to say that this review may be critical for me getting this game or not, and online will play a big factor in that. The extra wait is completely understandable. One thing is clear coming from reports; those who like playing online with friends will be sorely disappointed!



NintyMan commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Developers on Baby Mario'...:

While I agree that it's probably not better than Yoshi's Island and I like Tropical Freeze more (biased DK fan alert!) I still think Yoshi's Woolly World is a very good platformer and easily the best Yoshi game since Yoshi's Island. Every single level manages to present something fresh, the music is relaxing and cute, and the yarn Yoshis are just so cute!

Baby Mario never really bothered me, but I can understand why some were and I think it was definitely the right call for this game. I actually didn't like how these developers made the excuse that they didn't make Pokemon designs because they wouldn't be authentic. No, I believe it's just because the Pokemon Company told them not to!



NintyMan commented on Feature: Reflecting On Three Years With The Wi...:

I've enjoyed Wii U like the rest of Nintendo's consoles. Nintendo Land, NSMBU, Game & Wario, Super Mario 3D World, DKC: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros. Wii U, Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, and Yoshi's Woolly World are all enjoyable Nintendo games. 3D World, Tropical Freeze, and Woolly World are superb platformers, while Smash and Mario Kart keep me coming back as should Super Mario Maker.

I've had Wii U since launch, and I admit that it was rough owning it in early 2013 before Game & Wario, and it still didn't get played very much until 3D World came around. However, Miiverse was what kept my Wii U from collecting dust, as I enjoyed seeing people's artwork and doing some of my own. Now with a good selection of games, it's easy to forget the early drought.

It's sad that Wii U had such a tough time. If it had a different name, even if it was just called the Super Wii, and had Super Mario Maker and Splatoon release at launch or soon afterward, things might have been different. But after NX is out and hopefully wows people, I hope many don't just abandon Wii U to the forgotten annals of history. I certainly wouldn't!



NintyMan commented on Talking Point: The Latest Nintendo Direct Was ...:

After months of relative silence, I think this Direct was a good one. It wasn't perfect, but it really did get the job done. I feel that's there a decent amount of games to look forward to for the rest of this year and early the next. I didn't expect to get a glimpse at Zelda U and the Cloud reveal for Smash was great in that he hadn't been leaked. It's strange that this Direct left out Minecraft and Project Guard, though.



NintyMan commented on Hands On: Getting Pinned Down By Nintendo Badg...:

You can get by with getting a decent number of badges through these free plays, but there's also another way by going to the practice machine, which wasn't mentioned here. If you practice, you're essentially guaranteed at least one free play once a day. So unless you're willing to pay for badges of favorite characters or are just a sucker for collecting, you should try just showing up and practicing for one or more free plays.

I like seeing the bunny too. He makes all kinds of poses and faces and has something new to say every day, which also helps me keep coming back.



NintyMan commented on Store amiibo Displays Point to Roy, Ryu, Famic...:

Not anything that really interests me unless I decide to get the TP HD bundle with Wolf Link, but I imagine my sister will be wanting that Kapp'n amiibo for sure as well as certain AC cards. It's surprising that Famicom R.O.B. is coming westward.



NintyMan commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

I thought it was a good Direct. Not perfect, but it hit some areas and made up for both E3 and the months of spontaneous news.

The funny thing about the Direct format is that Kimishima said at the investors conference that Nintendo Direct is being remodeled in 2016.



NintyMan commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

If they have footage of him fighting, then they must have been developing him for some time. Maybe he's not part of the Ballot? I'll just have to wait until Sakurai says something. It's strange that they didn't clarify whether he is or not.



NintyMan commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

Even though I was pulling for K. Rool, this was still a legitimately cool surprise. The Final Fantasy stage looks beautiful. Besides, even though Cloud may have won the Ballot, there's still that Smash Direct next month when the other top voted characters may be announced.



NintyMan commented on Feature: What We Expect from Nintendo Direct -...:

I'll just be watching for the Fighter Ballot results (and whether there's more than one winner or not), Twilight Princess HD, Project Guard, and a couple of surprises. I also want to see more of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and Star Fox Zero.



NintyMan commented on Nintendo Badge Arcade is Out Now in North America:

I actually like this more than I thought! The bunny is funny when he makes all kinds of poses and faces and especially when he turns into a "real" bunny. You actually get some free tries on random occasions like the game's release, and if you're good at practicing, you should be able to get the bonus that gives you more free tries.



NintyMan commented on Talking Point: Deep Breaths Are Needed as High...:

I’m looking forward to this just because it’s been so long since a general Direct, but I do hope for a surprise or two. There should be the Fighter Ballot winner and probably Twilight Princess HD announced, but part of what makes these Directs so fun are the surprises. I definitely understand that we shouldn’t get too carried away. I think this Direct will be a winner for Nintendo regardless. I’m also just eager to see more of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and Star Fox Zero.



NintyMan commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

Happy birthday, Nintendo Life! Ever since I joined this site in the 23rd of July in 2010, this has been my favorite video game website. I come here every day and several times a day at that.

I remember a time when I used to read Nintendo Power to get my Nintendo news, but when my Nintendo Life membership came around, this place just became the next step in development. I think there’s a similar charm to this site that I felt when reading Nintendo Power. Nice reviews and witty articles and features have been fun to read over these five years. I came to Nintendo Life because of reading WiiWare reviews, so it’s not surprising that that was the key to this site’s early success.

I look forward to the new design!



NintyMan commented on 1993 Kirby's Adventure Interview Reveals Cut C...:

Aha, so Kirby's name is inspired by John Kirby! Before, I didn't know whether it was based on him or the Kirby vacuums. I'm glad they chose "Kirby" over "Gasper" and that he wasn't colored yellow for the sake of originality.



NintyMan commented on Sprixie Joins the Ranks in Mario Tennis: Ultra...:

Green Sprixie Princess is pretty unexpected, but I can get why they did it. It would've been nice if the other colors were available as long as they didn't take up the roster.

And now Nintendo has revealed all the characters for this game. It seems like a strange decision, but it does open the door to possible DLC in the future, which would be more than welcome for this small game.



NintyMan commented on Super Mario Maker Developers Share Details on ...:

The gray cat paw is my default. It's quirky good on the TV screen, though it's also a good thing that it doesn't take up the GamePad either like some were worrying. The amiibo costumes have been a tremendous blessing for Super Mario Maker!



NintyMan commented on Preview: Hitting the Courts in Mario Tennis: U...:

This is a very detailed preview that almost reads like a review, and almost would be considering how much time NL apparently spent on it.

I have to say that my hype for this game has died down somewhat. I'll still want it, but not on Day One. This will likely be relegated to the Christmas list. The lack of Miis, single-player cups, and diverse courts is disappointing. All the courts appear to take place in the same stadium, which I think was the case in Mario Tennis 64, but it's a far cry from Power Tennis and Open. Even Open sounds like it has more content than this! That's pretty bad for this being a Wii U game...

It seems online and amiibo will be this game's saving grace, unless Camelot decides to go for DLC. That's actually not far-fetched, as Open had those QR codes that unlocked more characters and Mario Golf: World Tour had DLC just a few months later. Hopefully they wouldn't take that latter approach again, but DLC would be welcome if this is all we're getting now.



NintyMan commented on Nintendo Shares Suffer Major Drop as Investors...:

Miitomo seemed like an odd choice as well, but I think Nintendo made it clear that this would just be a tool to entice more people to play Nintendo games. These investors don't care much about games but profit, but Nintendo is looking long-term. It's disappointing that Mitomo won't come until March, though, as that would could've been a great tool for hyping games the rest of this year, however few there are.



NintyMan commented on This Is How Nintendo's First Smartphone Game M...:

So this is a new Tomodachi Life? That seems like an odd choice for Nintendo's first mobile game, but then again there was that one man's tease that we should "expect the unexpected." Good thing I didn't get carried away.

I guess it wouldn't have been likely that I would have been interested in Nintendo's first mobile game, as they made it clear that it would be used to try to entice more people to play Nintendo games.