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I'm a man who likes Nintendo and Donkey Kong, Mario, and Wario in particular. I also like Disney. I'm a reader, writer, music fan, and Christian.

Fri 23rd July, 2010

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NintyMan commented on Talking Point: History Shows Us That Nintendo'...:

Excellent article. It sums up my thoughts perfectly. Nintendo is not new to change and definitely not static. They will find a way to get back up to a respectable peak again. They're not afraid to try something new. It's going to be a challenge trying to find a satisfying consumer base to bump sales while still satisfying current fans. May Nintendo find the right balance and recover into a good time again.



NintyMan commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

I voted for the Castle Siege stage, because it's the first stage revealed for the Wii U version in a long time. Sakurai apparently changed his mind on not revealing any new stuff in the "near future" because I consider that, even as a retro stage, as something new.



NintyMan commented on Nintendo Celebrates Its 125th Anniversary:

Although Nintendo is a video game company, it's important to note that for many more decades it was a toy and card company, the point being that Nintendo has always been about entertainment.

Every company has its ups and downs and Nintendo is no different. I hope that Nintendo can shake off its recent downs and return back to great success again.



NintyMan commented on Developer Profile: Masahiro Sakurai:

I wouldn't idolize him, but I do love him. Again, he's definitely not perfect; he's a human being like the rest of us who has his flaws, but he should be commended for his talent and dedication.



NintyMan commented on Developer Profile: Masahiro Sakurai:

Sakurai is like Miyamoto II.

I admire his discipline, work ethic, and concern for everyone in gaming, even those who are the "silent majority" as he called it who don't go on forums and make web comments like us. He's the man behind some of my favorite Nintendo game series; Kirby, Super Smash Bros., and recently Kid Icarus. His tendency to make games that can be played and enjoyed for many years is simply incredible. He did an outstanding job reviving Kid Icarus. I'd trust him with making any kind of Nintendo game, though I agree that he should take a vacation after these new Smash Bros. games are released.

He's definitely not perfect, as I still completely disagree with his reasoning on no new Subspace Emissary-like Adventure Mode for Smash, but at least there is a lot of other content in these games because of that.

I find it annoying how so many people gripe at him. Sakurai has the odd distinction of being the most popular man on Miiverse and also the least popular. The things people write complaining at him are just so whiny and disrespectful, but there are those of us like me who do thank him for his and his team's work.



NintyMan commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

To Europeans playing this; is this game all right for someone who's never played a Warriors game? And is the game's quality any bad for a game not directly made by Nintendo?



NintyMan commented on Cancelled Mario Volleyball/Wrestling Wii Title...:

Interesting concept; though I don't know how the wrestling would work in volleyball.

I would love it there was another Mario basketball game. I know there's Mario Hoops 3-on-3, but something new and different would be nice.



NintyMan commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

I didn't expect this game to be spectacular, but the lack of an overall Nintendo polish is disappointing. I've never played a Warriors game and I don't really know I should take the risk or not. I think I'll pass for now.



NintyMan commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

This is a shame, but I'm still happy that there's a portable Smash. After playing the demo, it's obvious that it just plays so well!

What I find more unsettling is his name recognition excuse. There hasn't been a new Ice Climber in many years, yes, but there hasn't been a new Duck Hunt in many years too. I guess they reasoned that Duck Hunt is a more iconic NES game than Ice Climber, and they're right. I admit Duck Hunt and R.O.B. make better retro representatives than the Ice Climbers, but I had recently taken a liking to the Ice Climbers because of their fun moveset. Oh well, the roster is still the best in the series just by sheer size alone.



NintyMan commented on Review: Super Mario Ball (Wii U eShop / Game B...:

I have this game on GBA. I never got to Bowser because the physics were just too challenging for my younger self, but it looks amazing for a GBA game and the atmosphere is a bit charming. Maybe someday I can take it for a spin again?



NintyMan commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

I hope this is real and that it's the same date as North America if it is. I really don't want it on Black Friday since I never want to shop on that day. Besides, this is typically the time frame in November when Nintendo likes to have a big release, be it a console or major game.



NintyMan commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

I voted for Alph. It proved that there were completely different alts for characters after all. That, and it's nice to see Pikmin get some more attention and this is a good compromise for bringing in a new character for that series.



NintyMan commented on Masahiro Sakurai Confirms Plans to Continue Su...:

It's very interesting that the Pic of the Day was just purely for fun at first and only for a couple of months until Sakurai apparently realized the hype machine he had on his hands. It's a brilliant idea and has kept many fans like me up in early in the morning just to see what it is. Many hours have been lost since E3 2013! Besides, it's cool waking up to see what's new on a weekday if anything.

It can't last forever, though. I think Sakurai will just entertain us until the western release of Smash Bros. 3DS and then reveal more hidden stuff from that. However, those of us playing it may already know about the hidden stuff, but eventually he'll have to start showing more of the Wii U version. I personally believe there is a ton of content he's keeping a secret for now, and soon enough I'll get a barrage of Wii U news every weekday just like the 3DS version. The 3DS version just had to have more attention because it's releasing first.



NintyMan commented on Video: These Hacked Mario Kart 8 Runs Show Tra...:

Wow; Nintendo did such a fantastic job making this game. This hacking just makes me appreciate it even more.

So SNES Donut Plains 3 is surrounded by a desert? I didn't know that. Sunshine Airport and Wii Moo Moo Meadows look stunning. Would've been interesting if they did this at Bowser's Castle. This is making me imagine a Pilotwings-style Mario game.

Count me in as one of those who wanted N64 Rainbow Road to have three laps.



NintyMan commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

Wow; I didn't know the GameCube released this early in Japan.

The GameCube is a nice, simple console. It may have failed in sales and being derisvely called a "lunch box", but it didn't fail me with great games like Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Mario Sunshine, Star Fox Adventures, Wario World, Mario Party 4-7, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Donkey Konga 1 and 2, Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast, and more. It also has a brilliant controller.



NintyMan commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Brings Circ...:

I've had my original 3DS since launch and have the demo and I haven't had any issues playing.

The most intense I've ever played my 3DS was Mario Tennis Open, and my circle pad is still intact. I think some people just get carried away.



NintyMan commented on Retailer Lists Super Smash Bros. Wii U for 21s...:

Sounds like a plausible date to me. It's a Friday and just within late November according to this. If it releases on Black Friday, I wouldn't get it because I never want to shop on Black Friday. We'll see soon enough what Nintendo has to say!



NintyMan commented on Preview: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Go...:

It may be a small cartridge (or a seemingly simple 3DS download), but this game is clearly a mammoth of content. The roster is bigger than Brawl's, has more trophies than Brawl, and has more items and assist trophies than Brawl. And then there's the extra modes like the spinner game on top of that. For a game that doesn't have an epic story mode, it holds up rather nicely.



NintyMan commented on Talking Point: The Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo ...:

This was a very clever move on Nintendo’s part. Having four codes per person was what really did it, as this beg-a-thon wouldn’t have happened otherwise. I was a little taken aback by the beg-a-thon. It was crazy, but it got people excited and Nintendo will only benefit from it.

The demo is very good, even with the limits. A couple more characters or even another stage would have been nice, but I can’t complain. I’m glad Nintendo made a demo for this game and I hope they make one for the Wii U version too.



NintyMan commented on Weirdness: There Are Super Smash Bros. for Nin...:

A person would be crazy to buy a demo with only five playable characters and one stage. This demo is only a week early, too. I'm not a hundred percent aware, but the early demo has unlimited uses unlike the one coming next week. That's the only reason I see that someone could be so desperate. Buying it would still be crazy, though.

It is a good demo even with all the limitations, but definitely not good enough to buy.



NintyMan commented on Demo for Super Smash Bros. 3DS Announced for N...:

So many comments...

I get that this is a Super Smash Bros. demo, but this is only one week we're talking about here. And you're crazy if you're seriously considering buying one online if all else fails. Is it the unlimited plays? That's the only thing I can come up with that would make anyone so desperate to get an early demo.

The demo is very good, by the way, even with all the limitations. Again, I hope many of you get it one way or another.



NintyMan commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

My only real disappointment with this roster is no new DK character at all. I wanted King K. Rool, but I would've settled for Dixie Kong if there could be no one else. It would be better yet if both could have made it, but that doesn't look like it. The DK series is getting appalling treatment in the new Smash. If not for the Kremlings in Smash Run, it would be even more dire.



NintyMan commented on Weirdness: A Pokémon Fan Broke into the White...:

I can't believe how easily he infiltrated the lawn. Then again, he apparently got caught immediately. Obama probably wasn't even there. 9/11 was also the worst possible date he could have attempted this, whatever he was up to. How stupid!



NintyMan commented on Game Schedule Outlined for Nintendo Treehouse ...:

I'll watch the Captain Toad segment for sure. The Smash Bros. 3DS half I'll watch too, but I'll probably know a good chunk of it after last night's and today's spoiling information.

It would be great if they could talk about Captain Toad's amiibo functionality, or just amiibo in general.



NintyMan commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

Duck Hunt looks so cute!

We've all loved to hate him, but I think the dog's going to be a seriously charming newcomer. Plus, seeing the dog and duck together remains me just a little bit of Banjo-Kazooie, with two animals, one mammal and the other a bird, uniting.

Now I'm waiting on Wario, Bowser Jr. and Koopalings, and Dixie Kong. Looks like King K. Rool's chances are now moot, unfortunately.



NintyMan commented on NES-Themed Nintendo 3DS XL On The Way as GameS...:

I would jump on the Smash Bros. 3DS XL if not for the "new" 3DS XL coming next year, so Nintendo's not going to be making money off of me this Christmas when it comes to handheld systems.

It would be nice if they brought the Smash Bros. design for the "new" 3DS XL next year. I'm not getting my hopes up too much, but for me that would kill two birds with one stone.



NintyMan commented on Review: Kirby Fighters Deluxe (3DS eShop):

I got this. It's pretty fun, and I like the bonus of getting the Bell and Beetle abilities for us Triple Deluxe owners. That Butter Building stage really is cool, but so is the 16-bit Dyna Blade stage hazard in her stage.



NintyMan commented on Talking Point: The Growing Role of The Treehou...:

I like that Nintendo's taking this approach outside E3, where it would be a once-a-year thing, and may gradually integrate it into its overall marketing strategy. It's like an 8-hour Nintendo Direct only with much, much more details, of course.