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I'm a young man who likes Nintendo and Donkey Kong, Mario, and Wario in particular. I also like Disney. I'm a reader, writer, music fan, and Christian.

Fri 23rd July, 2010

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NintyMan commented on Mario History: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - 2003:

I remember having some fun with the hectic Bob-omb battles. Some of the tracks were pretty cool like the just-mentioned DK Mountain, though one small complaint I have with the design is everything having eyes. The trees have eyes, the signs have eyes, and even the sun itself has eyes! I know this is the Mushroom Kingdom, but that design choice was rather excessive.

This is still a good Mario Kart game. It would be great if Nintendo revisited this play style again.



NintyMan commented on The Smaller New Nintendo 3DS Model is Coming t...:

I'm sure my sister is very happy about this, and Happy Home Designer being bundled will further entice her. I never really doubted the smaller model would come over, as NOA clearly misjudged the demand grossly. Now hopefully the supply could deliver.



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Super Mario Sunshine - 2002:

I don't know if it's the best 3D Mario game, but Sunshine is definitely a good game. The tropical locales are well-designed, some of the missions are very fun, and the music really sets the mood. The voice-acting is pretty odd, but kind of cool considering how rare it is to have it in a Mario game anyway. I did struggle with the controls from time to time, but I thought F.L.U.D.D. was a fun device. Sliding around the ground on water was a fun way to get around for sure.

My favorite stages are Pinna Park, Sirena Beach, Noki Bay, and Gelato Beach. It was even fun to just explore around Delfino Plaza. Those "secret" platforming areas were truly something special, though. Weird, dimensional backgrounds, the cheesiness of the remixed Mario music, and the platforming itself really was fun.



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Super Smash Bros. Melee - 2001:

It's incredible that a game that was rushed through development at blinding speed with Sakurai pulling all-nighters achieved the success it did. While it's not my personal favorite of the series; it just can't be denied that this game is a phenomenon. People are still playing it like it just released not too long ago!

I'm not a competitive person, though; so I can't comment much on that. I just remember playing this a lot in the GameCube days with my family. Donkey Kong and Mario were still my favorites. I enjoyed the Target levels. My favorite stages are Temple, Jungle Japes, Kongo Jungle, Fountain of Dreams, Brinstar Depths (Kraid really intimidated me since I had never played Metroid before), and Fourside to name a few. Overall, a very good selection of stages if you ask me.

I wish Smash Bros. Wii U had an Adventure Mode that was even just an expanded version of this game's. This game's Adventure Mode is okay, but it would've been great if all the stages were side-scrolling with enemies from that game series. I didn't fight him in Adventure Mode, but Giga Bowser is a beast!



NintyMan commented on Poll: The Battle of the Nindies and Questions ...:

I'm looking forward to the Shovel Knight amiibo, though I agree that the amount of locked content is kind of questionable. If this was a perfect world in which every single amiibo was bountifully supplied, then there wouldn't be a problem, but stock issues make it very likely that most people will miss out on those bonus features. I'd to like to get one if it was possible and not a major headache.

I'd love to see a Yooka-Laylee amiibo!



NintyMan commented on Mario Memories: Basking in the Glow of Super M...:

I've enjoyed sliding around in Super Mario Sunshine and doing those very fun "secret" levels with all the platforming and the cheesy Mario music remix. I love the tropics, so of course I liked exploring Isle Delfino and its gorgeous in-game beaches. I still have the strategy guide that I remember kids reading in my school bus in elementary school.

My favorite memory with Super Mario Sunshine was when Shadow Mario revealed himself as Bowser, Jr., and my sister and I freaked out because we thought it was Baby Bowser from Yoshi's Island time-traveling into the future! My sister even called my half-uncle to tell him about it. He's Bowser's son, of course, but that was a funny moment!

Tom brings up a good point about what makes the best Mario game. That could be very difficult to say as each generation will have a different opinion on that. That doesn't mean that there can't be a way to find out, but it's worth considering that it's not a easy question to answer.



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Mario Tennis - 2000:

Shouldn't we mention that this introduced that glorious rascal, Waluigi?

I only remember seeing Mario Tennis on N64 from watching my sister and half-uncle play it. I don't remember ever playing it myself, unfortunately. I was very late to Mario tennis games by playing the Wii remake of Power Tennis and then Open. I didn't like the Wii port's tacky motion waggle and Open was fine, but very lacking in presentation. I'm sure Ultra Smash will be better than both, though.



NintyMan commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

As a kid, I was almost fully swept up in the Pokemon craze of the late 90s and the turn of the century. Pokemon was one of the big Nintendo three in my house; the other two being Mario and Donkey Kong.

I remember watching the anime a lot. I remember playing Pokemon Stadium a lot, and I too love the Sushi Go-Round! I also played Pokemon Snap, and I remember going all the way to a Blockbuster with my family to get those exclusive snapshots. My half-uncle played the Game Boy games. I remember going to an old card store to get those card packs. I remember watching the early Pokemon movies in my packed theater. My favorite Pokemon was adorable, little Cubone and still is!

This article makes me feel rather nostalgic. Sadly, I got off the Pokemon craze over time as my family turned to other games, but I definitely look back on those innocent days fondly.



NintyMan commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

That looks good. I'll be wanting it as well as my sister.

Now we'll just have to wait and see whether Shovel Knight will really come to Smash Bros. or not. That image doesn't mention it, but it's certainly possible.

I wonder what the amiibo will do in Shovel Knight? Wouldn't it be cool to see a Shovel Knight costume in Super Mario Maker or a Shovel Knight Yoshi in Yoshi's Woolly World?



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Super Smash Bros. - 1999:

I have good memories of playing this with family, and even the bare-bones single-player campaign. I liked the Board the Platforms minigame. My favorite stages were Kongo Jungle, Saffron City, Peach's Castle, and Planet Zebes. The Metal Mario battle is very cool with the intense music and the sound Metal Mario's walking makes. The Fighting Polygon Team were pretty memorable.

Donkey Kong was probably my favorite, but I also liked Captain Falcon and the all-around Mario. I liked to spam the Falcon Punch as a kid!

I actually didn't know it was Sakurai's idea to include Nintendo characters. I thought that was Iwata's idea for some reason. Those Dragon King fighters remind me of Captain Falcon. It wouldn't surprise me if his moveset was inspired by them.



NintyMan commented on Rumour: Fresh Sources Suggest Shovel Knight Is...:

I thought the Fighter Ballot wasn't supposed to end until October? If this rumor is real, Shovel Knight would have to have been an outside decision.

Even though I'd rather have King K. Rool, I do like the game "Shovel Knight" and seeing him and Meta Knight fight each other would be very cool. I imagine Shovel Knight would be like a light-weight swordfighter since he's very short. But let's just wait and see.



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Mario Party - 1998:

Despite a few blistering (pun-intended) minigames, I think this first Mario Party is just behind the second one as my favorite. The minigames are mostly fun and the single-player Minigame Island was a good idea. I remember having some good times playing the Mario Party series with my family.



NintyMan commented on Splatoon Original Soundtrack Bringing 2 CDs of...:

If I'm really interested, I wouldn't rule out importing this for Christmas if I could.

My favorite tracks are the main theme, Gusher Gauntlet, both DJ Octavio and Squid Sister final boss themes, and all the Splatfest music.



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Mario Kart 64 - 1997:

While I wouldn't call it the best Mario Kart game, it's the most memorable for me. I have good memories of playing this with my sister and even my mom. The tracks and battle arenas are fun. The voice-overs are amusing (especially Wario's and Toad's), the music is good, and it all made an impression on my childhood to make me a Mario Kart fan.

My best memory is racing on Rainbow Road. Some complain how long it is, but its length made it seem grand to me and the music is amazing and one of my favorite music tracks ever.

I remember being spooked by Bowser's Castle and its music and laughing Thwomps. Did you know the Thwomps' laughter is actually just Wario's laugh slowed down?



NintyMan commented on Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo Stampedes onto Shelves ...:

Maybe there's still a chance I could get it. Those eyes do look better than the smaller ones and it does look adorable overall. I just wish it didn't cost as much as a 3DS game. That must be because of the NFC chip in it.



NintyMan commented on Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Maker Console Bu...:

Release dates don't exactly warrant a Direct, but having a Direct soon would be nice regardless.

Star Fox Zero this November is predictable since it's clearly being cast as one of Nintendo's big releases this late fall. I hope Mario Tennis doesn't get delayed in North America and they keep it in the holiday season.



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 - 1996:

The water music is my favorite theme in this game. Extremely atmospheric. What perfect music to play for the game that introduced 3D swimming.

I remember being amused by Bowser's appearance in this game. He reminded me of a bulldog in the face and still does today!



NintyMan commented on Talking Point: Pokkén Tournament May Not Be a...:

I agree that it won't be give Wii U a major boost in console sales, but the game itself should be a sales success regardless. In fact, Pokken Tournament is the only Wii U game early next year that I'm interested in at the moment.



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 - 1996:

I still think Super Mario 64 is a lot of fun to play and very memorable. Although future games built upon its foundation and are better in some respects, I still think 64 has a cool charm that can't be underestimated. The camera irritates some people, but if you look beyond that, this game really has aged quite well.

My biggest memories with this game were the slide levels, Unagi the eel, Big Boo's Haunt, the Killer Piano, Bubba the fish (which scared me the most), Tiny-Huge Island, and the final Bowser battle and ending. The stages in this game are terrific!



NintyMan commented on Poll: Is Pokkén Tournament The Wii U Release...:

Though I'm not a big Pokemon fan and it's been a long time since I've played Tekken, I would want this next year. It looks good and fun.

I think this could be a hit with Pokemon fans and it should sell well, but I don't think it'll sell many Wii U units.



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Is...:

Yoshi's Island is a great game with great visuals, good platforming, and memorable boss battles. It's been considered the best Yoshi game for many years, which is kind of sad when you consider there's been a decent number of Yoshi games that either fell short in ways or were underwhelming. I haven't played Woolly World yet as I'm American, but it will be tough to beat Yoshi's Island.

I've never played the Virtual Boy, though my sister did with Mario's Tennis. I've only seen Mario Clash in WarioWare, Inc. Mega Microgames. I'm one of those who wouldn't mind if Nintendo brought Virtual Boy games to 3DS VC.



NintyMan commented on Nintendo Continues to Consider the Prospects o...:

A Nintendo movie can actually work, so long as Nintendo is actively involved in the project. I think times have changed from the early 90's when Nintendo was extremely lax with their IP. They would be a lot more careful this time.

An animated Mario movie between Disney and Nintendo could be great. I think Disney did a great job with Wreck-It Ralph, so I'd trust them more.



NintyMan commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

This sounds more like a download-only console to me, not cartridges. Going back to cartridges would seem really odd in this day and age. I guess it could be possible a handheld could just be connected to it and give it more possibility of being a hybrid, though I'm not a tech person. Then again, I remember when patents like the rumbling motion-sensor stylus didn't materialize.

I'd rather just wait until next year's E3 to learn more.



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 ...:

And those CDi games are the reason why Nintendo will never trust other companies with their core IP anywhere near as much ever again.

As for Wario Land, it's certainly a good game that I might try again sometime. I've noticed that NL skipped Super Mario Land 2, which I think deserves its own article.



NintyMan commented on Pokémon Brawler Pokkén Tournament Coming To ...:

I was hoping this news was coming. Ever since the controls were first shown this just seemed like a game that was fit for coming to a console. Now I won't have to be concerned about having to go to some arcade a hour or two away to play it!



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Super Mario All-Stars - 1993:

Given this released in my birth year, this ended up being where I was introduced to the Super Mario Bros. series and where I would play the classics for the first time, making this likely one of the first video games I played, if not my first video game (or games).

Now playing it years later, it's still a great collection of remasters, though I still find playing the originals as they were more preferable. Even so, I'll always have a soft spot for this collection for introducing me to Super Mario Bros.

Could you imagine Nintendo doing something like this today with more recent games? Something like HD remasters of these games, or the 3D Mario games?



NintyMan commented on Video: Super Mario Maker Contains Secret Fly S...:

I love Gnat Attack, so I'm very pleased that Super Mario Maker has a minigame inspired by it. Now Super Mario Maker is just like a new Mario Paint, but without the drawing. Using music blocks in levels is like another music creator.

From what I've seen of the minigame, it appears to only have three levels instead of looping to get ranked stars. That's just from the limited gameplay I've seen, though.



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Super Mario Kart - 1992:

I played this as a kid, and while it's pretty difficult and I never made it to Rainbow Road until just a few years ago when I revisited, I still had fun. My whole family never made it to Rainbow Road until I played the game again many years later. I didn't even know the first game had a Rainbow Road until years later, which is why I revisited to try to get to it!

The drifting can be tough and the controls take getting used to in this day and age. Those ice cubes at Vanilla Lake are annoying and hard to spot out. It's interesting how this game used the rival system of a particular racer who's always after you depending on what character you have. This isn't a game for the faint of heart, but it's still fun, and that's what matters. It was fun enough to not only give Nintendo and Mario a big boost, but it also revolutionized the racing genre, so this game should be a classic for that.



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Super Mario World - 1991:

Super Mario World is definitely one of the best Mario games. Bright, colorful visuals, interesting abilities and enemies, catchy music, neat worlds, and great level variety are some of its biggest pluses. Yoshi is the biggie of course, who's still one of Nintendo's cutest characters.



NintyMan commented on Mario Memories: Super Mario Galaxy 2: A Tale o...:

I remember getting this at GameStop where there was only one kid with his mom in line to get his copy. I got home and played it on the living room TV for most of the day, mostly beating it there as a result. I just couldn't stop. I had to eventually take it to my room to defeat Bowser and reach the credits, and I enjoyed it the whole time.

I would consider SMG2 to be the better of the original ever since, but although I have warmed up to the original more recently, they're both fantastic games in their own ways.



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros. 3 - 1990:

What makes Super Mario Bros. 3 my favorite Mario game is that the platforming is near perfect, the power-ups are diverse and interesting as well as the levels and enemies, and the overall presentation is just so good! Mario feels like a speedy powerhouse here. I also like how the story is a tad different from typical Mario; you have to rescue several kings from their curses and Peach doesn't get kidnapped until the last world. The whole game is just fun to play from start to finish.



NintyMan commented on Talking Point: Considering the Future of Ninte...:

The show must go on. That means there should still be Nintendo Directs as we've always known them and enjoyed them, even if it means the new Nintendo President presents them like Iwata. It's a concept that works. I guess it might depend on the next president's character, though. I'm hoping he has a good humor like Iwata did, or else being the uptight businessman wouldn't make it seem right.

I would be for expanding ideas to reach out to consumers along with the Directs for fans. Nintendo expanding itself to mobile gaming and even outside video games with QOL basically seems to be calling for this. Whether it's having more of a presence at conventions or having another video series, I'm sure Nintendo could find a way if they really try.



NintyMan commented on Rejoice, There's A Tingle Costume In Super Mar...:

I guess that rumor is real after all.

The grid for all the amiibo costumes reaches up to at least 90, but there's only 66 amiibo shown to be compatible so far. The extra slots must be for either future amiibo or non-amiibo costumes.

@ricklongo: You don't need the amiibo to play the amiibo costume. You can unlock Ness by clearing an online level that has him. That, or the 100 Mario challenge.



NintyMan commented on Mario Memories: Super Mario RPG Opens Up The W...:

By "big mouth", I thought you meant Exor the giant, dimensional sword.

My half uncle had this game since the beginning and I watched him and my sister play it, but never got the chance to play myself as I was really young at the time. The colorfulness of the game really stuck out to me. It wouldn't be until the Wii VC that I would finally get to play through the whole game.



NintyMan commented on Mario History: Super Mario Land - 1989:

This is a cool, little game. Its weirdness is strangely refreshing considering how today's Mario games have become somewhat samey. It has a good soundtrack, with the Chai Kingdom's theme being my favorite. Having vehicle levels is a fun idea and it would've been great if future Mario games did it. I'd like to see Daisy appear in a mainstream Mario game again and not a spin-off.



NintyMan commented on Mario Memories: The Creative Joy of Childhood ...:

Obviously this will be special for those few who made imaginary Mario levels. I've never done it due to being a poor artist, and I have to admit that I'm going to be pretty overwhelmed once I get this game. It may take a while for me to make good levels, or it may not. It may come surprisingly natural. But I will have fun regardless!