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Tue 12th Apr 2011

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Nintomdo64 commented on Talking Point: Regional Online Multiplayer Mis...:

This is supposed to be an Nintendo fan site, and this article is just pointless nitpicking. You can play wii sports online now. I think that's pretty cool and its an experience that can't be had on rival consoles. The wii u is doing bad enough without unnecessary articles like this.



Nintomdo64 commented on Illegal Nintendo Clones Are Running Rampant On...:

@Williaint Those cheap rippoffs don't even come close to being as entertaining as the genuine article. Emulators are mostly used by people who were never going to pay for games anyway. Why should Nintendo waste resources on fighting these knock-off games when they are raising awareness that the real games are better and available? Nintendo doesn't even need to care about smartphone consumers who don't want to pay more than $2 a game.



Nintomdo64 commented on Illegal Nintendo Clones Are Running Rampant On...:

Nintendo might be looking at this as free advertisement. Playing cheap knockoffs probably pushes at least some of these people to buy the real thing. It also increases awareness of Nintendo characters. I'm not trying to say ripping off Nintendo is a good thing, but it might be more worthwhile for them not to fight it.



Nintomdo64 commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Could Have Ruled The Micro-C...:

I think the thing this artical forgets is that Nintendo has limited resources. They can't afford to take the kind of risks and side ventures that Sony and other larger diversified companies can. Letting an obsolete unsupported console with a nearly identical name as the new console your trying to raise awareness about doesn't seem smart. Wii U plays Wii games, so Wii games will remain relevant for years to come. No need to risk long term success of the U for what could only be short term mediocre profits.



Nintomdo64 commented on First Impressions: Donkey Kong Country: Tropic...:

First off, I love NL and have been visiting for several years. You guys are awesome!

It's really a shame the negative turn I'm reading in recent articles. Maybe, if you guys can put down your PS4/Xbone envy and stop bellyacheing, you would see that Nintendo has a pretty sweet lineup on the horizon. No, it's not what everyone expected and yes, Nintendo seems to be playing it safe. This doesn't mean these games aren't going to be a blast to play. I was disappointed for about five minutes, until I realized that I really want to play all of these games.



Nintomdo64 commented on First Impressions: Super Mario 3D World:

@The_Joker Couldn't agree more! What a bunch of jaded bs. Not strange enough? Whatever. After watching the trailer in HD, I'm really exited. Four players that control differently, new power ups, and what's sure to be a blast in single and multiplayer. It would be nice to hear some impressions from someone a little more enthusiastic.



Nintomdo64 commented on Iwata: More Unannounced Third Party Titles Wil...:

Looks like we have another gamecube on our hands, which really, shouldn't suprise anyone. PS4 and Xbone cater to a different audience then Wii U. I don't know about you guys, but I bought a Wii U for Nintendo games and the occasional third-party exclusive.

That said, Nintendo screwed up the launch, big time. Honestly, as much as I like Iwata, someone a little more aggressive would do a lot better running Nintendo, imo.



Nintomdo64 commented on Features: Re-Examining Zelda: Twilight Princess:

I thoroughly enjoyed TP. My only complaint is how easy it was. Even when you die, (which happens rarely) you re-spawn very close to where you were. This ended up taking away from some of the epic sense of the game, imo.



Nintomdo64 commented on Iwata Expresses Regrets About the Way the Wii ...:

It's nice to see Nintendo grow as a company. One of the great things about Nintendo is they do their own thing and don't follow trends. I've always thought though, that they needed to balance this with a little less rigid approach to their fan base. It seems they're finally starting to understand this.



Nintomdo64 commented on Ocarina of Time 3D Gets Boss Rush Mode and Hel...:

Boss Rush mode sounds pretty cool to me.

As for the hint videos/super guide, that's great, because it confirms the difficulty will be left intact. Super guide haters don't understand that this has allowed nintendo to bring us more challenging games instead of just dumbing down the difficulty.



Nintomdo64 commented on Talking Point: What You Want in a New Nintendo...:

A major improvement would be including a classic controller out of the box. Although I love the wii remote, it's necessary to give 3rd party developers and even nintendo the option to develop traditional games without worrying if their user base has the required controller.