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Male, 23, United States

Sup yo? name's Omari, I'm a pretty cool guy. I'm an Anime lover and Gamer, Otaku I would say. Feel free to add me on 3DS n' lets run some games! I also do Pokemon battles :3

Wed 9th Nov 2011

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NintenHero commented on Ever Wonder Why Pokémon Black And White 2 Isn...:

Yeah I would prefer it be on the 3DS, as it would of made a lot more sense and would of enhanced the experience. Either way it being for the DS doesn't really matter since the gameplay is the same. Plus Gen 6 will obviously be on 3DS so no need to even think if it will be, but hmmm...I wonder how many Gens they'll have though...

Anyway can't for for BW2 yo!



NintenHero commented on Reggie: Friend Codes Return on Wii U, But They...:

I don't care if it's Nintendo's decision, or if you think it doesn't matter, Nintendo needs to get with the program... it's 2012.

But Wii U ain't out yet, all we need to do is wait for further information before passing any critical judgement, Nintendo always does a good job regardless.



NintenHero commented on Talking Point: Is Nintendo Over-Reliant on Sup...:

Let's get serious, how many times do you guys wanna rescue Princess Peach from Bowser? Mario has been stomping heads for over 25 years now... it's time for Nintendo to make new heroes, seriously, even though each Mario game is somewhat different with new experiences and is always enjoyable it's all basically the same thing whether you wanna admit it or not.

I'm a Zelda fan, but each Zelda game is just to similar. Get x items from x temples by solving x puzzles to get x weapon and beat the bad guy... Zelda games are awesome man but facts are facts.

Either which way, Nintendo still does a great job with both Mario and Zelda games and I support them 100%.



NintenHero commented on Namco, SEGA and Capcom Reveal Project X Zone:

@BJQ1972 Seriously? you must be trollin' n' trollin' HARD, when Capcom adds the ORIGINAL Megaman I'll agree.
Anyways I saw a scan image for this game, the graphics look nice. I can't wait to see video footage of the game play.
I'm on Team Sega :3 what team are you guys on? Also...Where is Sonic and Tails?!



NintenHero commented on Fire Emblem Awakening Wireless Features Revealed:

They need to get modern, throw in Online Battles/Co-op modes 'cause fighting wars online against other peeps would be real nice, either which way it's Fire Emblem so hopefully I doubt we'll be disappointed. Nice to hear some news.



NintenHero commented on Intelligent Systems Rejected Modern-Day Fire E...:

Modern times Fire Emblem is a stupid Idea anyways and at the same time something quite interesting. It's an insult to make a Modern Times Fire Emblem game imo... plus Final Fantasy is no longer Medieval which is stupid. I agree with the fact that change is ALWAYS a nice thing sometimes but let's get serious.



NintenHero commented on Nintendo Considered a 3D Screen on Wii U:

I don't think the Wii U tablet should have stereoscopic 3D, HD yes but 3D no.
If they did give it 3D like Thomas said, it would cost more money which is not an option... n' also the 3DS wouldn't seem "special" anymore.

NO extreme Nintendo fan (I'm one) can deny the FACT that the 3DS is just a DS with 3D, a circle pad n' enhanced features... so givin' the tablet 3D isn't a good idea

@MetalDragonZero's / #37's comment makes a lot of sense yo.



NintenHero commented on In Fire Emblem 3DS, Death Isn't Always Permanent:

Sorry... but I'm rollin' with Classic Mode difficulty Lunatic. C'mon, any real Fire Emblem player/True Gamer would leave permanent death on (unless you're bad at strategy games or some other reasonable reason that's understandable).



NintenHero commented on Talking Point: The Future of Pokémon:

The last G O O D Pokemon games to come out was Ruby & Sapphire. Diamond & Perl sucks n' so does Black & White... yer' can't tell me they don't, it's just no fun anymore yo, the spark is gone... I BARELY play my Black version n' Pokemon games are supposed to substitute your social life lmao.

Pokemon is too traditional/1990's, it's time to improve the series game play big time... I mean, all these cool visuals (like in Black & White) will only last so long. Us Veteran Trainers are lookin' for somethin' new ya' know?

But we all know the 3DS can change that, Hopefully Nintendo won't mess up.



NintenHero commented on Talking Point: NFC and the Latest Wii U Wizardry:

Wow, so it just keeps getting better... Nintendo is really amazing. What ever else Nintendo is planning, as long as they do it right it'll be awesome.
Also I think a new way of purchasing eShop credit would be nice, they won't accept my credit card cause it's not an american card -.__-



NintenHero commented on Talking Point: Using Glitches - Cheating or Cl...:

The other glitches above I can agree with, they require skill and experimentation, which any real gamer would do. But the Maka Wuhu glitch is for noobs who can't play Mario Kart imo... I don't use it. I always place second or thrid because someone uses the glitch, lmao.
I've been thinkin' about usin' it though, just because it's gettin' annoyin'.



NintenHero commented on Rumour: Wii U Heading for E3 Face-Off with PS4...:

Nintendo should ensure that whatever they pull out for the Wii U will be able to hold it's own against any of the new systems for Sony and Microsoft, since Wii U will be released months before both systems both rivals will just observe the Wii U and make sure their systems are better.
So we'll just have to hope for the best imo, it's Nintendo after all! :3



NintenHero commented on Miyamoto: "Eventually Nintendo Must Survive Wi...:

@15. Robo-goose lmfao!!! wtf yo? xD that was funny.
And Miyamoto is right, hopefully we will get developers who will be as good as him for Nintendo. But not just Miyamoto, all the others guys as well.
I'd miss Miyamoto whenever he retires though... he's my Inspiration.