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Sun 23rd January, 2011

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NintendoLee commented on Nintendo's Official UK Store Restocks on Some ...:

I actually managed to get Robin from eBay for £14. Cheaper than Game and cheaper than the alternative of buying the Steam combo from Nintendo (£45 there, £25 for STEAM other places and £14 for Robin is a £6 saving).

Still Shulk and Lucina to go.



NintendoLee commented on Rayman Legends And Splinter Cell Blacklist Bot...:

Blacklist was more expensive on WiiU than other consoles when I looked around. Legends was delayed almost a year and quite a few were boycotting it.

I've still not picked Legends up but I'll pick it up in the new year. I've already seen it £20 some places.



NintendoLee commented on Nintendo Initially Requested a Shutdown of the...:

I'm fairly confident this didn't happen. I hadn't heard of EVO before this, neither had a lot of my Twitter followers.

This gets publicity for EVO and makes people angry at Ninetndo. If Nintendo really had screwed them up that much why still use the game?



NintendoLee commented on Talking Point: It's Time for Nintendo to Drop ...:

Yeah the weird thing is is for handhelds they were region free until the DSi, so it's just strange that they brought it in. The PS3/4 and xBone aren't, I can't imagine it's going to hurt much especially with the push to worldwide releases on games.



NintendoLee commented on Features: The Joys of Following Nintendo at E3:

The more I look back, it makes sense. It's setting the first year down. It'll be next year we'll see the Metroids, Starfox or even the gambles on old franchises like Star Tropics or even a new IP. They need to increase their install base and 3D Mario, Wii Fit U and Mario Kart will do that.

It's next year that they gambles will happen.