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Thu 7th Jun 2012

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NintendoLand commented on Nintendo Reveals Its Version of iTunes For 3DS:

@Boo_Buster If you think that lowly of artists who PAY studio time and work their ENTIRE life to bring us music why the hell do you even play their music??

Tell you what, give us your address so we can rob you of everything you worked for Hey! You can get your money through working or yard sales



NintendoLand commented on Isaiah Triforce Johnson Is Already Queuing For...:

@Zeldazero and other haters

"just because he is pathetic enought to stand in line for 27 days doesn't make him the biggest Nintendo fan, it makes him the most pathetic"

"Either way I am jealous"

Sounds like you got a jealousy problem with him, making you even more pathetic and less on the news. well guess what? HE DOESN'T CARE. lol

What's with all the hate? Sad sad people here.

I hope a snow storm comes and buries all of you and you don't get a Wii U ever and some random bum punches you in the face (even though I do not know you) /sarcasm



NintendoLand commented on Gears of War Creator Loves Nintendo, Will Be W...:

@FluttershyGuy and their always whining too.

I once read a developer say that "Nintendo's games are too good" and that was why they can't sell on their systems.

If you look at the top selling games of ALL TIME you will see that Nintendo holds almost ALL spots, Nintendo has nothing to prove to anybody.



NintendoLand commented on Forza Motorsport Was Originally Inspired By Po...:

What's with all the devs coming out of the closet lately about being inspired by Nintendo??

I mean it's always obvious and goes without saying. Most games range from being inspired to blatant ripoffs but forza x pokemon?!! this is ludicrous!!

@Sony it doesn't take a monkey to figure he's talking about the gaming market and the gaming market only.



NintendoLand commented on Rodney Greenblat: Nintendo Works on Creativity...:

Hey @sony_70, too bad microsoft doesn't create those XBLA games and sony's library isn't diverse at all. I mean how many games DO they actually make??
Greenblat was talking about game DEVELOPMENT after all.(duh!)

As long as sony keeps digging through Nintendo for inspiration, there will always be people in denial of creativity. GIVE credit where it's due.

please stop trying to make things personal, stick to the topic at hand — TBD



NintendoLand commented on Talking Point: Wii U and the Next Generation o...:

Sony_70 so you were basically raised to believe everything Sony says?

I remember everyone laughing when sony said that in 2006!

Back on topic:

I'm sick of articles like these. Nintendo doesn't follow the generation rule, they always blaze their own trails. I remember them saying the Wii was its own generation and it wasn't to compete against PS3 and 360 yet these articles and the comparisons kept flooding in.

And they were right. If the Wii would have followed the generation rule, we would have gotten no innovation and a hyped up graphics-machine with nothing but M-rated crap people buy to call themselves "mature gamers".



NintendoLand commented on Bethesda Yet to Decide on Support for Wii U:

lol you can't see Elder Scrolls next to ground breaking games like NintenoLand? Is that sarcasm or?...

I bet you can't see Street Fighter 4 next to Pokemon. God of War next to LBP. Batman Arkham City Armored Edition next to idk.. Nintendoland?

You're Seriously comparing Oblivion to OoT??? hahaha

Yeah Bethesda is the "masters" of development. Try Capcom or Nintendo.

Nintendo created everything from Mario to Zelda to Touchscreen gaming to Wii Sports to the fitness craze. Lets see Bethesda handle that,



NintendoLand commented on ZombiU Gets Royally Scary in Buckingham Palace:

WOW!! This is the first time I liked a trailer for this game. looks intense! Love the subtle puzzle elements. I was almost screaming at my iMac on the part where the character wasn't trying to figure out the numerical combination to open a door.

@mamp Nintendo didn't make this game



NintendoLand commented on Nintendo Power Magazine Looks Set to Shut Down:

To those who just started reading Nintendo Power from 2007. You Have No Idea.

See in the 90's and early 00's the magazine was amazing and nearly every issue came with a rare goodie (better than that Club Nintendo nonsense) I remember being astounded as a kid when I opened an issue and a cardboard page was a model arwing from Star Fox!! A few of them came with exclusive comics and super rare pokemon cards!!

Subscriber bonuses were given out like crazy!! One time I got a N64 Donkey Kong 64 banana controller and some people got cooler stuff like The Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition JUST for subscribing!!!

.... then Future US took over... sniff sniff and it was never the same....



NintendoLand commented on Team Ninja Interested in Another Nintendo Coll...:

@AntiGuy Retro Studios needs to leave Metroid alone.

They need to work on new projects like Star Fox etc. and last I heard Nintendo let them work on an original IP for Wii U. So that's exciting.

As far as the Other M storyline. IF YOU DIDNT "GET" IT, YOU WEREN'T THINKING HARD ENOUGH. sad but true



NintendoLand commented on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Spooked Into 2013 F...:

I always see delays for these type of games as an opportunity for the developers to put more time into it and then release it before Holloween.

But alas, that never happens...

Reminds me of when capcom rushed the crappy Resident Evil 4 port over to the Wii without much effort and in May.



NintendoLand commented on Take a Look at These Nintendo DS Testing Machines:

No wonder Nintendo's products are so durable!

@StarDust There's also a strory of one being dropped in a toilet and taken out a week later. After it dried it chimed "gling" and worked!

@knuckles Yes, correct. Also the DS was more durable than the PSP in tests. The sad part? Gaming media tried to use the advantage AGAINST Nintendo! saying "Because it's made for little kids" they made it more durable lol.



NintendoLand commented on FIFA Producer: Wii U Potential is "Pretty Exci...:

Fifa Game Developer: "Wii U potential is Pretty Exciting"

Darksiders Game Developer: "Darksiders II uses Wii U game pad in Interesting Ways"

Ubisoft Game Developer: "Nintendo's created Something Good with Wii U"

Borderlands Game Developer: "I think it's a really good console."

Video game analyst: "Wii U is not going to work"



NintendoLand commented on New Super Smash Bros. Is a 'Big Priority' for ...:

Please PEOPLE! Use common sense!!


The general public does NOT want or Care for less popular IP's. Namco will NOT place all their characters in Smash Bros. You guys selfishly want to see the characters that you think are cool. Well reality check: people will only want to see Pac Man. sorry.

Don't hold your breath for less popular characters like Klonoa or Tales Series characters. And don't be surprised if Sonic makes a comeback while Soul Calibur characters are absent.

I HONESTLY think we will see, ALL Nintendo characters, with the exception of Sonic, Pac-Man and maybe Simon Belmont and even Snake.

Geez feels like 2006 all over again when people were requesting Tales and even Toad for the roster .........



NintendoLand commented on Zelda Remakes Still Part of Nintendo's Quest:

Back on topic:

as you can see Nintendo has an outstanding workload on their plate. So naturally they will be heartbroken between choosing to create an original Zelda(which satisfies most fans) but takes MORE time. OR developing a remake(which satisfies less fans) but is faster to make.

I always wanted to see an Ocarina of Time HD remake. Problem is, they just released an Ocarina of Time remake on 3DS, so naturally their next zelda remake will be Majoras Mask 3DS.

What they should do is hire a New 2nd party developer to create an original Zelda 3DS/Wii U IP(maybe the stories can cross platforms?) with fresh ideas, and while that 2nd party creates new Zalda games, Nintendo can develop the remakes simultaneously.

Nintendo should then finish the MM 3DS remake and then create an Ocarina-of-Time-style Link to the Past in HD for Wii U.If you thought Twilight Princess was dark, you must have never played a Link to the Past. I can't imagine how dark and scary a 3rd person Link to the past HD would be!!



NintendoLand commented on Zelda Remakes Still Part of Nintendo's Quest:

@Doma @bezerker99

I'm getting sick of people calling Nintendo lazy(since 2006) do you NOT realize they are a Software AND hardware developer in the industry?

funny 2010 "nintendo is Lazy" video:

Let's see whats currently on this "lazy" companies plate...

:Wii U Console (HD, new experiences etc.)
Wii U Controller (NFC development, Motion tech, touchscreen etc.)
Wii U Classic Controller (possibly working on one final design)
More hardware to come (that other lazy hardware developers will just copy)

Wii U Software development off the top of my head:
Wii U original OS
2 gamepad controller support firmware update
New Super Mario Bros. U
Pikmin 3
Wii Fit U
Game & Wario
Retro Studios 2 projects (1 unknown title and 1 original IP)
Super Smash Bros 4 for Wii U (AND 3DS)
Several more Wii U games currently in development

3DS software development off the top of my head:
you know what? This is gonna take forever. I've made my point enough already and this list does't take into account the full pressure they get to continue other IP's, Star Fox U, F-Zero, Zelda's, Wii Sports U, Mario Kart U etc.



NintendoLand commented on Peter Molyneux 'Not Really Decided' on Wii U G...:

@Sony_70 hahaha....

"Had nothing but nintendo systems but skipped the wii in favor of a 360 and haven't looked back."

.....then WHY are looking back NOW?? to troll perhaps??

"And what do the other companies have to be scared of nintendo . Micrsoft at least makes a lot more money than ninty."

.... you know what? Nevermind. I'm not even gonna reply to this one and assume you're a 12 year old inexperienced with the gaming industry.

"Bill gates hasn't been apart of microsoft in years..."

So I'm making stuff up?? You amuse me kid!

ur reeding compreehention bad?

I said "Feels like 2006 all over again!!!", when Bill Gates ran Microsoft(now chairman).
And to the non-believer:

"And games get cancled all the time.
Nintendo must be lair too for no project hammer."

You're right games get CANCELLED all the time.
The difference between Project H.A.M.M.E.R. and Milo is, Project H.A.M.M.E.R. was an actual game. Meaning it was playable, but it got(as you say) CANCELLED.

Milo on the other hand was entirely scripted. It never existed as a game!! %100 fraud!!

Come at me Sony, keep the fail coming



NintendoLand commented on Peter Molyneux 'Not Really Decided' on Wii U G...:

He's not "decided".
Why does he care? He develops for MS.

Feels like 2006 all over again!!
I remember Sony and MS developers talking down on the Wiimote saying "Pointing with the remote and moving the joystick at the same time is too confusing for the player. Like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time." And bBill Gates mentioned motion control was NOT the future.

Peter Peter.... Isn't this the same guy that lied to all the MS fans by claiming Milo was a REAL game?? LOL I still remember the pre rendered video at E3 of a girl having a conversation with milo, and peter and all the developers lying through their teeth!! All the "hardcor3" fans were suddenly screaming "OMG playing with Milo looks awesome!!"

ahhh... nostalgia keep it coming peter!!