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United Kingdom

Fri 20th Nov 2009

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Nintendoid commented on Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex (...:

I was an early adopter and believer in all things Nintendo but became an older dude who due to a career and family commitments lost touch with the gaming world for 10+ yrs. But I recall Nintento predicting yrs ago they'd deliver a console like the Wii and like Kung Fu showed yrs of patience and penitence, waiting until my kids got old enough to pester the missus hard enough that she caved in and I "reluctantly" had to get the Wii. You learn to lie in marriage. So this game is a "port" from other platforms whatever that means and yes, I'd never let my kids near it. But there are some of us so old that we cannot remember any dreams, except that games may become this interactive and immersive. I'll check out the other consoles in due course as I'm sure I've missed out (though Halo was no big shakes); but good things come to those who wait. Young guns today have it so easy but for us older folk, this game is....well, just call me a secret lemonade drinker.