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Re: Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL


screen size increased by 90%

  • battery service life improved by 1/2 to 1 hour
  • matt surface
  • better pressure points for the shoulder and face buttons
  • Circle Pad has better grip
  • thanks to the new size, the 3DSXL is more comfortable
  • Touchpen is now on the right side, swapped telescope-stylus with one made out of plastic
  • overall a better production quality
  • DS and VC games are looking way better on a XL, rather than on the original 3DS
  • great 3D-effect
  • We didn't notice a worse picture because of smaller ppi (Pixel per Inch)/stretched resolution
  • in a nutshell: It's the better 3DS - stated after a hands on experience by