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Tue 25th Jan 2011

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Ninjadead commented on Grab a Gold Nunchuk from US Club Nintendo:

I live in Australia and got 2, they are pricey bveut you have to remember it is hardware and very limited. The select few that were listed on eBay sold for 3x the price of a normal nunchuck over here



Ninjadead commented on Feature: Nintendo Banks on Its Old Money Makers:

What is so wrong about another Mario game this year? It's only the second MAIN series game this year, with a decent gap between releases. ANd whats wrong with this? Seriously? Most people love the games and Nintendo is just trying to keep sales active until the Wii-U can stand on it's own two feet.

I guess everyone just loves being in the "Nintendo just wants more money" bandwagon, to justify their own views and wants for other franchises to get more releases.