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Nintendo all the way

Male, 37, United Kingdom

I have studied CompTIA A+ (Computer engineering) & CompTIA Network+ (Computer Networking) also studying Microsoft Windows 7 enterprise desktop support and preparing for my exam. I love pc's and reading IT books and enjoy Watching anime/jap movies,music and love Nintendo wallpapers.

Sun 12th Jan 2014

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Ninja2014 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014:

There are few games i will be buying for wiiu.
Here they are:
1)Bayonetta 2-This game will be totally awesome
2)Super smash bros-Already looks like best fighter
3)Mario kart 8-Can't go wrong with Nintendo racing game
4)X-Looks amazing and gameplay looks promising
5)Donkey kong tropical freeze-This is going to be outstanding platformer