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Im a HUGE fan of the big N, and i love the N64.

Fri 2nd Aug 2013

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Nin98 commented on 3DS System Update 10.1.0-27 Available Now, Hac...:

@khaosklub But see, That is what I disagree on. We shouldn't have region locking in order to censor certain ideas. My belief is that if we have the world divided into regions, with certain beliefs, and we're to worried "of disrespect them," then were planting the seeds for future animosity.



Nin98 commented on First Impressions: Throwing Down in Shigeru Mi...:

@Ralek85 I totally respect your position, but I think the gamepad has more potential and Miyamoto is the right person to demonstrate it to the public. It maybe a improvement to older tech, but it doesn't mean that developers can't still inovate.