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Mon 11th Feb 2008

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Nin1Od0 commented on GoldenEye Multiplayer Doubles-Up but Loses its...:

@tokengirl....actually they should of bundled it with the Wii's after Animal Crossing came out. That title didn't do above expectations, and it certainly didn't push sales of Wii Speak. And then eventually kept it along side the new Wii's that come with Wii Resort and a Motion Plus.

Hopefully by the holidays the remotes will already have Motion Plus built in the controler and the next Wii's will be bundled w/Wii Party (though I personally don't like that game, I just know it will sell well) and hopefully finally bring Wii Speak as well.



Nin1Od0 commented on GoldenEye Multiplayer Doubles-Up but Loses its...:

chat wouldn't be so overrated if it was actually something that was commonly available(on the Wii at least)....Nintendo uses it for only what... less then 10 games at most, which is about the same or less from the DS?

it definetly would of been a great addition. but o well, what can you expect. personally, I just hope they get the service and online layout better......friend codes....why!!!!



Nin1Od0 commented on Ghost Recon Shows Different Strategy to Invade...:

forums and such really do have entertaining consversations do they.

look, the moment the Nintendo Wii was mentioned, built, etc. there was no denying that we were going to be getting the short end of any game what so ever compared to what was coming out to PS3 and XB360. so hind sight, i'm not looking for a Wii game to even come near quality or content to equal those versions either.

so when people complain that their COD isn't as good as the XB360/ duh. when their Madden or NBA2k isn't on duh. When their Need for Speed is not even duh. we can't use the higher end versions as a standard to what the Wii can do...cuz Wii can't.

but doens't mean that the effort put in some of those games are bad either.
Wii's Dead Rising is a great translation, as well as both Reflex and WAW...really good for "Wii". Dead Space Extraction was a great approach considering it will never translate to a solid FPS on Wii. RE's rails are the better selling rails. (IS SIN & PUNISHMENT properly classed on the Rails?)

and someone mentioned that 5 was too many...5 war games and 5 rails are a lot? complain about the 20+ party games...oh wait....more like 40, err almost the entire selection!!!

at gamestop my co-workers used to joke around...."if it has mini games it's a Wii-version/game".

so @ oregano yes, there are plenty of 3rd party titles that indeed do suck and are of low budget...(Ginger Bread Man lol) but there are a few quality ones that should be picked up...BUT ARENT!!! so @ brandonbwii, i agree with his statement, that there are hardcore titles available, but we obviously don't want them since we don't buy them (in general, not specifically).

@oregano, technically, just because we may not choose to buy the wack or ok 3rd party games, "Wii" still abused ourselves in a bit in terms of expectations when owning and wanting exceedingly more for Wii.

it's evident enough when we come to ourselves and say, "I'm going to get the better version"...LMAO, if it's a choice between a Wii version or a PS3/XB360 version...more than likely it'll be the non-Wii version.'s not Nintendo's job to market a 3rd party game....that's the 3rd party. i will blame Nintendo for not giving money to 3rd parties for not marketing. but it's definitely not their job to market something not of their creation.



Nin1Od0 commented on Ghost Recon Shows Different Strategy to Invade...:

i'm just surprised that in terms of the "on rails" argument Dead Space Extraction wasn't mentioned? (i liked HOTD:Overkill more with the volume off, they really "overkilled" the the F bombs there) that was a great (DS:E) on rails game to date on Wii for Time Crisis, i can't stand Time Crisis.

and, yea it may be another "war" game in any definition mentioned here...but are we really complaining without comparing the flooded "war" related games available on the PS3 or X360???

like come on! we want to complain about lack of "hardcore" games, and when there's a bone (in this case, war shooters) thrown at the wii, we're going to complain about doesn't make sense. and the sales reflect that.

it's isn't like they've all turned out bad either. COD World at War and COD Reflex are both really good (not saying great ok to be clear) fps, way better and smoother than COD 3 that was at launch. Didn't play the Band of Brothers title so I can't say anything about that.

and this, just based on video, looks like it will be good (hoping that by this time, developers would of already known or know how to make it as good or better then Reflex or WAW), and hopefully graphics will be polished a bit more.

ALMOST FORGOT, Resident Evil: Dark Side Chronicles/Umbrella Chronicles...I don't remember "on-rails" being as deep as any of the three I've mentioned, oh, it's cuz they never were. and RE has a lot in it, especially those that are looking for the "cliff notes" version to RE games to catch up.



Nin1Od0 commented on Nintendo Files Patent for Wii Hard Drive:

I want to say...if true...FINALLY!!!

I love Nintendo...but they can really make some real dumb decisions. I had a hard time finding an old school 8gb SD card, withouth the HC. But even still, didn't Nintendo once think that, damn, our system may not be graphically or software library tuff enough to compete with PS3 or XBox 360...but our Virtual Console and Wii Ware service is extremely kick @ss??!!!!

I think I have a lot more downloaded games on Wii than actual Wii games...(I have 35 Wii titles



Nin1Od0 commented on E3 2010: Reader Questions - Day Two:

i'm gonna say that the 3DS is just a Super Gamecube, but not up to Wii. I doubt that the final end product will be more powerful than it's current home console.

All of nintendo's portables have always been 1 home console back in terms of graphics.



Nin1Od0 commented on E3 2010: First Impressions: Nintendo 3DS:

has there been a mention of the graphical power yet?

I'm guessing it's between Gamecube and Wii, which would be about correct since all portables followed home consoles in order.



Nin1Od0 commented on USA VC Update: Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars:

i don't think complaining works. it's pretty obvious if we are still getting paltry releases.

i think maybe some sort of mass internet sign ups, not pleaing, but like representing the voice of the wii gamer saying, or stating not just appreciation thus far, but let them know of our disappointment because we only expect the best from them.

lol like some reverse phsycology thing. and if we are to be given a bad release game, make it up with 2 ok titles, or 1 great title.

(IMO - i think they should at least release 3 vc and 1 ww title a week, how else will we fill up the other consoles....on top of that, game releases should be dependant via the vote channel!!!)



Nin1Od0 commented on The Great Internal Memory Debate:

I feel everyone's gripe here.

But I personally think that Nintendo would/might make a new Wii first, with a larger harddrive, and of course finally have the Wii's in different colors, and possibly the DVD drive that was rumored long ago, it was supposed to be provided by sonic-something if I'm not mistaken.

Then I see Nintendo doing an external drive after they might announce a new system. For some reason, Big N likes to do things backwards...(at times). And hopefully allowing the ability to play off the SD cards and allowing other external media storage components later on. Aside from the memory thing, Nintendo really has to fix the game save dilemma too. "They" say that some games don't save because it has Wi-Fi features, but I have some games that don't save at all and it's non-Wi-Fi. Wad up wit that!

Back on track, yea, I agree, they really do need to fix up this mess. What will happen if we start downloading Wii demos into our systems!