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Thu 25th Oct 2012

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nilcam commented on Review: Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS):

This sounds right up my alley. The aesthetics of MH don't appeal to me; still, I tried MH3 on Wii U and found the game to be tedious at best.

Edit: I got this game last night ($32 at Amazon with Prime) and really like it. The MH comparison is a bit off; it's much more like Phantasy Star Online than MH. The online is great and a lot of fun. If only TriForce Heroes online was this good.



nilcam commented on Wii U System Version 5.5.1 is Now Available:

I like interacting with the Wii U more than any other home console. There is only one change I'd like to see: If I start the system using a Pro Controller, don't turn on the gamepad.



nilcam commented on Review: Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden (3DS):

I imported the Japanese version and liked it a lot but stopped playing once I heard it was coming to the states. This game feels like a spiritual successor to the Super Sonic Warriors but I prefer Extreme Butoden as it's more of a traditional fighting game. I also like that each fighter feels unique unlike the recent 3D DBZ fighters. The differing combo paths are very interesting and add a lot of depth; Gohan's juggle loops are pretty awesome. I do wish it had online but I'll settle and hope the next iteration adds that.

One of the constant struggles facing fighting games is the inherent complexity. This game does a good job of simplifying commands so that players can focus on the strategy. I would love to see this game on a console with great online play to see how people would react.



nilcam commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Hints at Smaller New Nintendo...:

I have a standard New 3DS (Japanese) and a New 3DS XL (NA). I much prefer the standard. The unit feels more solid and the top screen is less floppy. If they release the standard size in the U.S., I'll buy.



nilcam commented on Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Update Will Speed Up Ene...:

Honestly, the enemy turn was not an issue for me. It felt like I was getting hints about enemy movement within the game's fog of war. I had bigger issues in this game. I was very excited for it but quit due to it being nothing more than a cheap version of Valkyria Chronicles, designed by someone who didn't understand what made VC great. Huge disappointment for me.



nilcam commented on Standard-Sized New Nintendo 3DS Photos Emerge ...:

As someone who owns a New 3DS XL (U.S.) and a New 3DS (Japan), I would double dip to get the standard size if they released a U.S. version. It's much lighter and feels more comfortable to hold; the top screen is less floppy as well.



nilcam commented on Nintendo Confirms Wil Wheaton as Voice Actor f...:

I loved the demo and look forward to the game next weekend. I don't care who the voice actors are so long as they do a good job and, from what I've seen and heard in trailers and the demo, he did a good job.

Aside: I wonder if people who throw around the term "SJW" as a pejorative realize they sound like 1960s anti-civil rights racists.



nilcam commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

I bought an N64 after my PSOne died shortly after finishing Final Fantasy VII. I decided to go N64 due to the cartridge technology. PSOne games had insane loading times and were prone to fail.

I picked it up Mischief Makers with the N64 and never looked back. I have a soft spot for the system in many ways. I imported several games for the system including Bangai-Oh and Sin and Punishment. The star Wars games kept me occupied. The amount of time I put into Ocarina of Time alone justified the purchase. Of course, it didn't match the SNES but no home console ever has.



nilcam commented on Sorry, Contrary to Rumours the New Nintendo 3D...:

Nintendo will have a very hard time convincing me to upgrade.

As it stands, the DS Lite will likely be the last great handheld. Neither the 3DS nor the Vita have acceptable battery life; the 3DS is region locked; the Vita doesn't have a user changeable battery. Both systems take too long to boot up for a handheld.



nilcam commented on PS Vita Owners Can Now Give Their Handheld Tha...:

I bought a Vita before my 3DS and ended up selling it. To be honest, neither handheld is perfect this go round. I like my 2DS a lot but the region locking is an awful choice. On the Vita front, the sealed battery and proprietary memory card is awful.



nilcam commented on Talking Point: New Ideas, Not New IPs, Are The...:

Nintendo's biggest problem is its success. Despite many Nintendo games introducing new and interesting ideas, when most gamers see familiar characters they assume that the game will play as it always has. I've run into that attitude a lot and it is frustrating. The advantage of new IP is that it forces gamers to look at the new mechanics at play rather than the characters starring in the game. If Splatoon starred the Mario cast, it would not have garnered near as much attention as it did.



nilcam commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

MS and Sony really lowered the bar for me. The abundance of realistic murder simulators was both boring and troubling. Those games are also the reason I've moved to primarily retro gaming. I was ready to give up on the whole event, and then Nintendo nailed it. They showed so many games with amazing amounts of charm. I chose Zelda as my favorite reveal because I love that series and it is, hands down, the best looking game I've seen footage of during E3. Project STEAM is my runner up as it looks to be a fun and unique strategy game similar to Valkyria Chronicles but with its own personality and approach.



nilcam commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

I thought the Direct was quite solid. I loved the Little Mac reveal. His mechanics seem very interesting and I'm interested in Smash for the first time. I am an old-school fighting game fan but could never really get into Smash before.

I'm glad Inazuma Eleven arrived in North America and I love when they announce a game on Direct and it's available a few minutes later. I downloaded Inazuma despite being hooked on Bravely Default.

Mario Golf is looking good; I'm excited for Pokemon Trozei. X is looking amazing and Bayonetta 2 looks interesting. I was interested in NES Remix but I'll wait for the next title. GBA games on Wii u is pretty cool but 3DS would have been better. Still, the Retron 5 will be out soon so I don't know if I'm rebuying any of my massive GBA library.



nilcam commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

These are curious times. Neither the Xbone or PS4 have anything out or coming soon that even remotely appeals to me. Add in the fact that the PS3 has interesting games coming out well into next year and the upgrade makes no sense. The Wii U has a few good games and some promising downloadable games coming soon. The only must-have console at the moment is 2DS/3DS. It has a deep library, is cheaper to buy and get games for and has some really strong titles coming soon. As a long-time fan of handheld gaming, I'm excited and shocked by these facts.



nilcam commented on Eiji Aonuma Confirms Minor Changes to A Link B...:

I don't understand the 2DS hate. I avoided the 3DS for years due to poor battery life, region locking and the 3D gimmick. It's always been a gimmick and it gives me near-instant headaches. I eventually broke down and bought a 3DS XL but never use the 3D effect. I bought a 2DS last week and think it's the best iteration of the 3DS family. The d-pad is inifinitely better on the 2DS and the system fits my adult sized hands better. I also find that I don't get cramps in my hands due to the way I hold the system.

As far as ALBW is concerned, I'm glad they're making slight changes to accomodate 2D. Far too many people have issues with 3D for them to build the game solely to justify a gimmick.



nilcam commented on Hardware Review: Nintendo 2DS:

@Relias I've played a lot of 3DS games and so far the only one that I found really benefit from 3D was Super Mario 3D Land. In OoT, I put it on during cutscenes and sometimes upon first entering a room such as the Temple of Time. I do find that a lot of games run smoother with the 3D off.



nilcam commented on Hardware Review: Nintendo 2DS:

@OptometristLime It's just one story but I held off on the 3DS after seeing a demo unit. When I switched on the 3D, my eyes felt like they were vibrating and I could feel the muscled behind them twitching. I eventually bought an XL and the 3D is a bit better but gives me vertigo. The games convinced me to buy the 3DS not the 3d feature.



nilcam commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

Region locking the 3DS is the most backwards thing Nintendo has done yet. Half of my DS collection is imported, either from the U.K. or Japan. This back pedal also doesn't make any sense. Sure, if a game is available in my region, I'll buy it there but the truth is that a lot of game series I love are never released in the west. For example, I play every SD Gundam G Generation title that is released. On the GBA, DS, PSP and Vita, that is no problem. RL is the reason I bought a Vita before buying a 3DS. If the Vita had a healthier library, I'd not own a 3DS. The game library is the only reason I own 2 3DS systems. It's a waste of money but I wanted access to import titles.

From a publisher standpoint, region locking costs a few import sales that would help with their bottom lines. More importantly, removing RL also removes my desire to hack systems. I've never had the desire to hack my PS3 but I did hack my Wii and, in all honesty, that did cost Nintendo some Virtual Console sales. I already own a ton of classic games and, if my system is hacked and I can play the ROMs rather than buying new copies, I will.

Hell, even Blu Rays have adopted a better region system.