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Nil commented on Zelda Lookalike Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharte...:

This just makes me want a real sequel to Wind Waker! I didn't even play through Wind Waker until recently I played the HD remake. I still developed strong feelings of nostalgia for that beautiful world when I hear the music or see gameplay from it. Quite magical.



Nil commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

I think this is a good thing all around. Nintendo getting into the mobile market will have the effect of raising the quality of mobile games. They will set a higher standard for quality, challenging the entire industry to up their game to compete. More competition with better products is always good for the consumer! And I will buy every one of their mobile games... because I just love Nintendo that much!



Nil commented on Poll: Your Favourite Showing from Nintendo Dur...:

Hayeeeeeaa!! Legend of Zelda! It is EXACTLY what I want in the next Zelda game. I love the art style. It is definitely something that will stand the test of time. BUT, I have to vote for the fight between Reggie and Iwata as the best part of the video. It was soooooooo much fun to watch. I also loved the claymation. Notice how these guys don't take themselves too seriously. Compare Nintendo's fun, light hearted, wacky video to the other console's serious-gritty-bloody-death-angst-apocoliyptic-guns-blazing-bro AAA games! This is why I love Nintendo. They are more about pure fun than anyone else out there.



Nil commented on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Hero Mo...:

Awesome! I was going to buy this anyway but it keeps getting better and better. Also, if it's as gorgeous as it looks in those screen shots, I would play through the entire game just to admire the scenery. I mean seriously, the animation and serene idyllic environments are a breath of fresh (sea) air. Compare to other systems grungy, gritty, "mature" environments. No thank you! I'm going to enjoy my playtime on a sunny beach with a cool breeze! This game will be one of the most beautiful games out this year.



Nil commented on Video: This Monster Hunter 4 Trailer May Be Th...:

This trailer is MONSTEROUSLY AWESOME! Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U is my first experience with this franchise and I absolutely love it. These games give such a feeling of accomplishment when you slay a new monster because it takes such preparation and study of each monster's behaviours to succeed. AND THEN YOU GET TO MAKE A FREAKING COOL SKIRT OUT OF THEIR HIDES! Fun stuff. Some things I noticed in this trailer that up my excitement, aside from the obviously awesome monsters and environments:



Nil commented on Masahiro Sakurai Rules Out Story Sequences For...:

I'm ok with leaving it out. I'd rather them focus on making what the game really is, a brawler, the absolute most awesome thing ever! I'd rather the budget and schedule they might have spent on a story mode be used to make the levels more gorgeous and interactive. Better yet, spend it on the online multiplayer so that it actually works this time!



Nil commented on Preview: Rayman Legends:

And how are the PS3 and 360 going to handle all of Murfy's actions? Finally the Wii U will get the inarguably best version and the other consoles will be clooged to kind of work with their hardware limitations! Hah! Sweet irony! This game still deserves the support of all Wii U owners.



Nil commented on Preview: Rayman Legends:

This game is beyond awesome, it's spectacular! It's astronomical!! It (dare I say) bests Nintendo's "New Super Mario" 2D platform games by a mile in terms of imagination, HD animated beauty and cooperative gameplay. Why couldn't New Super Mario U be this good for multiplayer instead of the characters bouncing (and dying) off each other's heads all the time? Why?? WHY??? It was such a bad gameplay decision! This game sets a new bar for platforming and will force Nintendo to up it's game on Mario 2D games. Both of which are great for gamers.



Nil commented on First Impressions: Sonic Lost World:

Excellent! Hopefully this game sets a precedence of Sonic games being AAA titles exclusive to Wii U. This game is looking really good!! Keep it going!



Nil commented on Yacht Club Games Reveals Shovel Knight's Partn...:

Retro games are great for their nostalgia inducing fun but I also think they are important in this age of incredibly detailed HD visuals because they can focus on what games should be about: fun and gameplay. Don't get me wrong, I love gorgeous HD graphics, but a dev team only has so much budget and manpower. I wonder if the increasing focus on graphics robs from the other areas of development that are neglected. Retro games like this can focus on the basics of a fun game. Graphical realism is no substitute for a game that makes you smile.



Nil commented on Nintendo: Wii U Fire Emblem Would Need To Sell...:

The Game Pad touch screen would be excellent for a strategy game like Fire Emblem and their excellent anime in HD would be beautiful. The huge success of the 3DS game could draw hard core gamers to the Wii U if one was made for it. Pikmin 3 is about to prove the awesomeness of using the touch pad for RTS, a game category that Wii U could dominate.



Nil commented on Miyamoto: HD Development "Took More Time Than ...:

This is actually not surprising at all in my experience (aerospace engineering). It doesn't matter how many other people have done something and blown budget and schedule doing it. When a company (Nintendo) gets into doing something they've never done before (HD), they ALWAYS think they can do it better, faster, smarter than the competition and so set unrealistic schedules and budgets for their product. Reality inevitably catches up with them and they realize they have to go through the same growing pains as everyone else. It happens every time.