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Tue 3rd January, 2012

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Nik-Davies commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

Thanks for the recommendation. Purchased

Jks. Although I'm willing to admit, if it was less than a £1, I honestly would have done for a laugh. But do they really believe anyone will buy it for that much?! Ludicrous.



Nik-Davies commented on Video: We Go Hands On With Some 2nd Wave amiib...:

I got my Luigi today (which I've nicknamed Lugi ;)) and I FINALLY managed to reserve Villager and Marth for Friday. Just need Kirby and Wii Fit Trainer from Wave 1. Then, I can finish worrying about Wave 2.
For those from the UK disgusted by GAME's £14.99 price, check Argos. They've got an offer running, 2 for £21. Granted you're only saving about a £1, but it's better then spending £8 more. Not sure if the other will work with Wave 2 though and good luck finding Wave 1.



Nik-Davies commented on Video: Use Your amibo Figures Without Removing...:

Some of you don't realise that it's not just people buying them, using them and returning them that would be an issue. It's the fact that when the 3DS gets amiibo support, which is now, people would be able to unlock the stuff they need to in the store without giving ANY money over.



Nik-Davies commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu T...:

It would either be between the third or fourth for me mainly due to the music.
I pre-ordered the Wii U version today, along with the Gamecube controller and adapter, and I've got some money for some amiibos. Going to the midnight launch next thursday night. Can't wait. :)



Nik-Davies commented on Video: Nintendo Minute Unboxes Super Smash Bro...:

Strange start to a comments section.

I've worked out that I can probably afford to get one every fortnight. Which'll be good. Gives me time with each character.

@danjohnson141 No, unfortunately. There's this metal sheet thing just below the figure that prevents the scan from taking place. GameXplain made a video about it on YouTube if you wanted to see. That same video is also on I think.



Nik-Davies commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Evolved From a ...:

My amiibo Integration idea
From what I've seen the Captain Toad levels are split into these books. How about have a book dedicated to amiibo.
First things first, when any amiibo is scanned, you unlock a costume for either Toad or Toadette which they then wear into the second part of my idea.
When you scan an amiibo of a particular franchise, you unlock 3 stages themed around that franchise. These stages compose of a standard puzzle stage, an on-rail stage, and a boss battle.
For example, scanning Link, Zelda, Shiek, or Toon Link unlocks the Hyrule stages. Instead of getting to the star, you get to the Master Sword. Instead of getting 3 gems, you collect the three pieces of the Tri-force. Instead of throwing turnips, you throw bombs etc. In the on-rail stage, instead of riding a mine cart, you ride Epona and the boss battle could be with Ganon.

These can be adapted and themed to most franchises.
Anyone like? :)



Nik-Davies commented on Talking Point: The amiibo Range Grows, Yet Key...:

Ever since I've looked at amiibo, not as a "Gotta buy 'em all", but instead as a buy one and have him be your Padawan while your the Jedi master, until you're ready to buy another in a month or two, the whole concept has grown on me and I'm dying to get my hands on one.



Nik-Davies commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Online Braw...:

Unreleated to the actual article, but
The National Championship yesterday was amazing, thanks for the free tickets guys.
When you were announcing names for the Nintendo Life invitational, the first group of people there was someone Davies, and Nick someone. I thought there was no way they were then going to call out Nik Davies. LOL. Thanks for proving me wrong. It was awesome to be up on stage.



Nik-Davies commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

I pre-ordered the special edition from for £39.99
You can currently get it from from £38.96 or something like that, if anyone is interested.
That's boxed copies of both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 in separate cases



Nik-Davies commented on UK Event: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS N...:

Awesome. I'm nearby on a holiday which ends that day anyway and then I can get the train home and still be in time for my friend's Halloween party. Aww, I really hope I'm a winner now :D

EDIT: ...Because it'll be such a fun-filled day, in case that wasn't clear LOL



Nik-Davies commented on This Super-Cute Toon Link Nendoroid is Looking...:

I pre-ordered this months ago, but I changed my mind and wanted to cancel. But I can't unfortunately. I've also got Bayonetta 2 on pre-order and only enough money in my bank for one. Whoever takes my money first gets to send me their product. LOL.