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Tue 3rd January, 2012

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Nik-Davies commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Nintendo Direct Bonanza...:

It would be awesome to see fortnightly videos leading up to a massive game where Iwata, Miyamoto, Reggie e.t.c are playing together local. Like Mario Kart 8, it would be hilarious seeing them all sitting on a couch together XD



Nik-Davies commented on Nintendo Joining the White House for its 2014 ...:

Perhaps they didn't want to advertise Yoshi's New Island as it would distract from the Wii U. Don't know about you, but my attention would go towards Yoshi's New Island and therefore the 3DS more than it would Wii Sports Club and Wii Fit U



Nik-Davies commented on Nendoroid Toon Link Figure Slated for August R...:

Nintendo Life as I mentioned above, there is another version of the website which is in English and is the website you want to go to if you live outside of Japan and want it shipped there.
There is also a 2,000Yen shipping fee on top of the 4,000Yen price
So in total: 6,000Yen
When should roughly come to around £35-40 or $55-60
Can you please update your website :)



Nik-Davies commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

Well me and Scarlett Johansson have tied the knot and are planning on having a baby Morgan Freeman.
But together, while it doesn't affect us, we feel that they should allow whether or not it should happen depending on the localisation. Recently, here in Britain, same-sex marriage has just become legal, and therefore should be in the game.



Nik-Davies commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

This is brilliant.
If they had released at the same time I probably would've rarely played the 3DS version when I have the Wii U version and the same goes if the Wii U version was released first. Now I get to play the 3DS version for a few months.



Nik-Davies commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Spr...:

Couldn't care less at the size of the list. I'm excited for almost every single one of those and I don't buy lots of games in a year anyway. Plus I'm getting a PS4 for Arkham Knight which will be a lot of money. Not to mention we'll at the very least get a new Zelda at E3, so there's still more to come.



Nik-Davies commented on Watch_Dogs Wii U 2014 Release a "Possibility",...:

Unless they truly pull something out of the bag, it's too late for me.
I'm getting a PS4 now for Arkham Knight, so I'll be picking up Watch_Dogs bundle which has been announced.
Still, there's Mario Kart 8 to look forward to, so I'm not bothered. Just pre-ordered the Limited Edition for it.



Nik-Davies commented on The Next Batman Game Is Arkham Knight, And No,...:

I don't care at all that this isn't coming to the Wii U... ok, no, I suppose I car a little from a business perspective. But this was always going to be the game I was going to buy a PS4 for anyway. I'M SO EXCITED. ARKHAM CITY IS MY FAVOURITE GAME OF ALL TIME :DDDDDDDDDD



Nik-Davies commented on Video: The Top 20 Wii U Games So Far - Part One:

Here is my list of 16 (in reverse order), ones which are indicated with a * are available on Wii U, but I've purchased and played them on the PS3 as I didn't have a Wii U at the time.

Wii Fit U
Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed*
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Nintendo Land
Batman: Arkham Origins*
Skylanders: Giants*
Disney Infinity*
Batman: Arkham City - Armoured Edition (PS3 version is my favourite game of all time, I didn't want to put this version higher as I had already played it and it doesn't have the same effect)
LEGO City Undercover
LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist
LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes Unite*
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
Super Mario 3D World
Rayman Legends



Nik-Davies commented on Minor Miiverse Update Improves Options For Fol...:

@PinkSpider You can for Mario Kart TV and I believe you can for Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. It's obviously something Nintendo are going to try and incorporate into most, if not all, of their games from now on. It's definitely something we'll see for Smash Bros.



Nik-Davies commented on The Year of Luigi Officially Ends on 18th March:

@Yasume No they said it would continue into 2014, so that it could finish about a year from when it started.

@AlexSora89 Amazing

I would like them to create Miiverse pages for specific characters such as Mario, Luigi, DK, Samus and Kirby or fake Nintendo Network accounts and they could interact with each other by commenting on each others posts.



Nik-Davies commented on Nintendo Download: 20th February (Europe):

Getting physical version of the DK. Considering getting Trine 2. I played the demo and I wasn't a huge fan of the gameplay, but it could be something that I can used to. Plus that discount is tantalisingly sweet.



Nik-Davies commented on Edge Of Reality Working On Transformers: Rise ...:

I would be so much more interested if it didn't link with the awful movies by the dreadful Michael Bay. Once again, I'll most likely be skipping a Transformers game. :(
I only skipped War and Fall because of funds and I'm not interested enough to go out and buy them now.