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Tue 3rd January, 2012

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Nik-Davies commented on Nintendo Looking To Grow Wii U Audience To Tem...:

A third party game such as Arkham Knight I don't care about coming to the Wii U. I'm getting a PS4 anyway and I would MUCH rather play it on that.

However, a third party game such as the LEGO games or Skylanders e.t.c where there is going to be no online, no graphical advantage, no exclusive content, and more gamepad-ey stuff, I would much rather get on the Wii U and those games ARE on the Wii U. I'm set.



Nik-Davies commented on Don't Worry, Splatoon Will Have A Local Mulitp...:

When they mean single-player mode, does that mean a campaign?
An emotional journey about two opposing races who differ only by the colour of their ink, the Alpha Splatoon (voiced by Morgan Freeman) helps them settle their differences?



Nik-Davies commented on Wii Fit U Update Adds New Features, Extra Chal...:

I was so close to completing all the walking courses, the climbing courses are pretty challenging as I spend most of my day flat. I'll probably do about 100-200ft per day which sucks. Still on the Grand Canyon and it's taking ages.



Nik-Davies commented on Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Wii U):

Something like How to Train Your Dragon has such a HUGE change of being a really cool open world game. Kind of like Wind Waker but in the air. Why can't companies put more effort into these titles?



Nik-Davies commented on Talking Point: Mii, Myself and I - The Argumen...:

I wanted them and I'm pleased that they're in there. They also one of the coolest announcements in video game history :P Hahaha Iwata vs Reggie

I must say, with that fight, they missed PERFECT opportunities to make fun of themselves a bit more with those still action "Joins the fight" type shots.
"REGGIE is ready"
"IWATA understands"



Nik-Davies commented on First Impressions: Solving the Puzzle of Capta...:

@XFsWorld What do you mean nobody asked for this? TONS of people asked for this. This was one of the biggest surprises at E3. Granted I only went as far as asking for an eShop title and I'm worried about if it's enough to cover a full retail game, but still. CAPTAIN TOAD!



Nik-Davies commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Hopes to Share Metroid News ...:

So hold on, hold on here... Let me see if I have this correct.... Over the course of E3, we've see/had announcements for/pretty much confirmations for: A new Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Yoshi, Star Fox, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars and TWO Metroid games?!
Nintendo didn't just win E3, they won the world



Nik-Davies commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Innovative E3 Approa...:

Off topic and I'm not sure if this was said at the Invitational or the Treehouse or whatever, but I was looking on the Smash Bros website and it said you customize headgear and outfits on the Mii characters, so giving the costumes and stuff. Pretty cool..... If you guys already knew, I don't care, because I just found out and I thought it was cool.



Nik-Davies commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Innovative E3 Approa...:

I can't lie. I REALLY loved the Robot Chicken moments. It was good to see that Nintendo could make fun of themselves. "Oh great, another MARIO game" XD
I do have a complaint about the Zelda reveal though. I wish they showed the gameplay first, just unexpectedly and then had the interview.



Nik-Davies commented on E3 2014: Ubisoft Admits to Holding Back Comple...:

Ubisoft, your honesty shall not go unrewarded. When I kill you, it will be quick and painless....

But in all seriousness, I reckon it's a Rabbids game. We haven't seen a Rabbids game for a while actually.
crosses fingers Please be Rabbids Go Home 2