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Wed 25th Dec 2013

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Night-Lion commented on Feature: The Making Of Star Fox Adventures:

I probably got and played this game when I was about... six. XD Ever since then is has been one of my most favorite video games. Period. God knows how many times I've played it (just recently finished it again... yesterday. ^^;).

Though, I torment myself by reading these comments... It makes me sad to think some (most) people didn't see how amazing this game really was; Whether because it landed as a Star Fox game, or possibly because it took from Zelda.
I think that if you would've played it without any prior opinions, such as not having played whatever Zelda they said this took from (too lazy to scrool up and re-read it XD), or any of the previous Star Fox games, you would've loved it. Fo' realz.
This was the first Star Fox game I ever played (still is... sadly ^^; Well... I tried out Star Fox: Assult, but... I was too stupid to get past the level - seriously, I was like six!), and I had never played any Zelda's before it.

I think it would've been amazing to play Dinosuar Planet, but I wouldn't wish on my life that they came out w/ DP, instead of SFA. I think it'd be cool if now they came out with DP... Partly because, one of the many incredible things about Adventures, was the graphics.

OKAY. I'M DONE BLABBIN' TO NOBODY NOW... BUT IF YOU READ THIS, and you're a "hater" on dis' game, please, for the love of god, just... PLAY IT!

(Also, the game wouldn't have been the same w/o the "collecting crap"... that makes the game different to me. It's not just going around and beating up bad guys... It's full of puzzles and I loved that. But... if I can I'd like to try out... scrools to top Zelda: Ocarina of Time now... See how it compairs... OH GOD I CAN'T STOP TYPING!! IlikedTrickybutheannoyedthehellouttamewheneverFoxwouldbewalkingand"Oh,whatethehellamIcrashinto?OhIT'SJUSTTRICKYFORTHE1,000TIME!"D:<)