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Fri 9th Dec 2011

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nickcarney commented on Talking Point: The Importance of the Wii U Pre...:

People who were disappointed by Nintendo's E3 conference are forgetting that every single game they showed is coming out within 3 months of the system's launch. It would be foolish to think that is all there is. Think about 3DS, the first game they showed was Kid Icarus which didn't launch until long after launch. I think between this and TGS, we will see many new major game reveals in addition to launch date and price.



nickcarney commented on Wii U Power Lacks a 'Generational Leap':

It looks like I'll only be playing Nintendo games on the Wii U after a few years. Once the next PS and Xbox hit, I'll probably get one of them for the multi-platform games. That being said, they might not hit until 2014 and so just a few years after that Nintendo may be releasing their next next system and once again be at the top in terms of graphics.



nickcarney commented on Feature: Our Favourite 3DS Games so Far:

Great list. I think OoT 3D might be my favorite so far but I never played the original so it was a completely new experience. This reminds me, I still need to pick up Star Fox 64 3D and RE:R.



nickcarney commented on Review: Resident Evil Revelations (3DS):

I was unaware that Gyro controls were available. @warioswoods — I myself and I'm sure many other people don't have much practice moving the system with the 3D on. That sounds like it would take too much effort even if I did get good at it. Personally though, this is the only game I've played so far where I think it looks better in 2D. 3D makes the textures look grainy and sometimes they really clash with the 3D. Everything looks much smoother in 2D imo.
One question — with gyro controls, can you use the circle pad to move while aiming?