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Thu 10th Feb 2011

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Nick102 commented on Ecco Jr.:

Hey, I was browsing around here and thought I'd join.

Just to clarify, when Sega made Ecco Jr. they had this thing going on during the Genesis days called the "Sega Club", which was a name brand used for games targeted towards younger children to get them to play video games (they were also doing this with the Sega Pico toy). Besides this they had games made based off of things like Richard Scarry, The Magic School Bus, The Berenstain Bears and Sesame Street, and also this game called Wacky Worlds that had Sonic in it and was kind of like Sega's version of Mario Paint since it was packaged with a mouse.

So basically Ecco Jr. was purposefully made to be a kiddy game back then. My guess is that it was only included because the other two Ecco games were on Virtual Console, and of course they make no mention of it being a Sega Club title whatsoever.