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Tue 26th Mar 2013

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Nhoj1983 commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

Here's my take.. in as little as the last three years past I was all about physical copies. People threw around the scary agreements and sensationalized the fact that you can't "turn in" or resell a digital copy. Since I have done a 180. I will never buy a pc game non digital again. It's a bit less black and white for console gaming (especially nintendo) because they have been slower to embrace a full digital store and don't seem to completely understand how to give their customers a smooth experience as their competitors (especially steam) quite yet.

That said I generally buy my 3ds games digital.. and when I get a wii u I'll likely do the same. I already use psn for my playstation 3 and vita almost exclusively. (love playstation plus) Convenience and not having to worry about if my local shop has the game in stock or worse it went out of print and I have to buy it for more than it was worth new. (atlus games are infamous for this) In the end I can't help but think that we're seeing the future here and it's better than many believe.