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Male, 29, United Kingdom

Mon 18th Mar 2013

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Newt commented on Wii U UK Price Reaches New Low As HMV Slashes ...:

I'll get the console when there's more titles I'm interested in. I don't think it'll be massively popular like the Wii, but I can see things picking up when the big hitters get released (Mario Kart etc.)



Newt commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I just finished Wario Land, which was fantastic even after all these years. I didn't 100% it however. I'm trying to get Picross E done, and I may move onto a GB VC title before Luigi's Mansion comes in the post. The 3DS is getting all my time these days.



Newt commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the F-Zero Franc...:

F-Zero X is my favourite, and I love the snes title. Strangely, I never got on with GX, everyone seems to love that one. A great technical achievement, but it paled in comparison to X, for me anyway. I'm thinking I should give it another try.

I liked GP Legend as well. I don't think many people are interested in that one!