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Sun 27th May 2012

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Netto-kun commented on Poll: Which Current Generation Nintendo Soundt...:

Eh, the Kid Icarus: Uprising OST isn't really that expensive.

Maybe you mistook it with the Fire Emblem: Awakening OST? Now that reminds that I kind of regret not getting this OST even though I don't recall that many memorable tracks.

With that said, if you are interested in the Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn OSTs you might want to pre-order those while those are still available. Yes, Amazon JP does ship CDs oversea.



Netto-kun commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Network ID Creeps ...:

@element187 Hey, I want to believe. Though I probably should've added some more CAPS and sarcasm in my previous post.

...or Nintendo could look at how Sony handled majority of the PS1 and PC Engine games on hardwares from previous generation. I can magically play most of the classic games on PS3/PSP (and PS Vita) without the need to rebuy.

Or maybe, I don't know, consider something similar to cross-buy? Flower (and some other games), a PSN game released in 2009, recently received ports for Vita/PS4. Everyone who bought the original version gets the ports for free even if you don't own the newer platforms.

Keep in mind I am not holding my breath that all the classic games (or PS2/PS3 backward compatibility, but that's a slightly different topic) I purchased will become fully playable on PS4 since Sony seem to be all over streaming and Gaikai...which will most likely mean additional fees.



Netto-kun commented on Video: Namco Bandai Salutes the Tales Series a...:

@CanisWolfred Different strokes. I quite enjoyed Destiny Remake DC, Hearts Anime Edition, Narakiri Dungeon X, Xillia 1/2 and Rebirth (aside from the plot) over most of the Western releases (Eternia and Legendia are still in the backlog). Innocence DS and VS. are different stories though.

And whoops, reading comprehensions. I stand corrected.



Netto-kun commented on Famitsu Unleashes New Details On Shin Megami T...:

@LexKitteh Are you talking about Kou Yoshinari that's been mentioned in this article? It probably wasn't 100% clear when this article was posted, but apparently Kou Yoshinari "is the director of the new anime sequences for the game". So Suzuhito Yasuda is still responsible for the character designs



Netto-kun commented on Famitsu Unleashes New Details On Shin Megami T...:

At this point, I'll probably just import a Japanese 3DS LL and along with this game (and some other games) instead of waiting 3 years for Ghostlight to publish it in Europe.

Also can't unsee that female Yamato, which I guess is his (twin?) sister.