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Mon 8th Jun 2009

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Nerdessence commented on Mario Kart Without Items Isn't Mario Kart, Tha...:

I definitely don't like the frequency of the "big, bad" items in the Kart series. I also think they've included too many. The Bullet Bill is stupid and excessive, as is the giant mushroom.

I am not a child with hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours to perfect my game anymore. Nor do I have that adorable, but ultimately obnoxious enthusiasm.

I agree with a Brawl-like mode. I stopped playing Mario Kart Wii because of the Blue Shell. I don't understand the philosophy behind punishing people who do well. It doesn't add suspense, it just makes one sigh and dread being in 1st place. It seems to happen in their party series too. I don't like random results. I prefer rewards for merit with maybe a dash of chance thrown in to keep things interesting.

But both series, "Kart" and "Party", whore the randomness, which goes against my logic-loving brain. I would definitely enjoy an item-free mode as an option. And since it seems another F-Zero game will never happen (or have they announced it?), I'll take a plain version of their other racing franchise.

The DS version and "Double Dash" are my favorites. The former was well-made and even my mother enjoys it. Nintendo games should always be accessible to everyone, since that's what sets them apart from the other major gamemakers. The latter I enjoyed co-oping with my husband. The item-use in that game felt more fair.

But I've seen the same thing in "Strikers". The first one was great. The second one exploited the Super Strikes and blocking to a point of nausea. I felt it broke up the nice flow the first one had. I want MOSTLY normal game with a TEENY bit of the flash and bang. The way a good cook knows when to go light on the salt and when to herb-crust his dish.

But, at least they're aware that people feel poorly about the Blue Shell and whatnot. Let's hope they listen to us.



Nerdessence commented on Features: Reader NES Stories:

A neighbor introduced me to the system when I was in first grade or so. I thought The Legend of Zelda was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen in my life. For some reason, she also owned Pro Wrestling and we'd laugh for hours with that old game (which wasn't old at the time).

Then my grandmother bought a system for all of us and the memories are too numerous to list. The best was staying with her over the weekend and the ritual of the Friday Night Game Rental.

Suffice to say, my absolute favorite rental was Kid Icarus. And I waited faithfully for a true sequel all of these many years! Thanks, Nintendo, for finally coming through. =3