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Huge Monster Hunter Fan

Male, 45, United States

Huge Monster Hunter Fan ! Still have my original for PS2.. Have all the PSP versions and the Portable 3rd for psp and ps3 HD... Wish I could play Frontier SAD FACE .....The Only Reason I bought a Wii U was for ultimate!!!!

Tue 5th Feb 2013

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NeoDralion commented on Put Your Questions To The Producer Of Monster ...:

Will you be able to use the pro controller and/or the Wii U game pad? I will also be getting it for the 3DS XL was told the touch pad is used to control the camera. Is this true? Is there going to be a Collectors for both ? If so what's included regardless I'll be getting it LOVE MONSTER HUNTER!!! I still play the original and Tri and at work I play unite and portable 3rd.. Plus the ipad Dynamic! Is there a chance for Frontier PLEASE!!! The release date is definitely March 19th 2013 US? Because it was originally March 31st 2013 or so I thought. I was taking a week off from work on launch need to know gotta change vacation days LOL