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Neko_Rukiafan commented on Review: Chronus Arc (3DS eShop):

Yeah...has anyone else noticed that the Push Square and Nintendo Life staff haven't given really any RPG a decent score in the past two to three years. FACEPALM



Neko_Rukiafan commented on Rumour: New Report Suggests That Konami Has Al...:

To be fair Capcom still has some great ongoing AAA series such as Monster Hunter and to a lesser extent Resident Evil. While it's true recent Resident Evil games have turned into action games they're still pretty good albeit completely different than earlier titles.



Neko_Rukiafan commented on Shovel Knight amiibo Confirms "Evolving" Relat...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR @JaxonH Look not all of us were born with golden spoons in our mouths like the two of you clearly were. Some of us are very limited with our gaming budget and can't afford dozens upon dozens of Amiibo to get everything out of our games, and that doesn't even take into account the fact that some Amiibo are impossible to find and cost upwards of $50 a piece online.



Neko_Rukiafan commented on Freedom Planet Release Bound by Bug:

@night Yeah, you seem to be a real angry and hateful person. This game is actually better than most of Sonic's 3D titles, and is a blast to play. And throwing a party because an arguably amazing indie title is delayed indefinitely due to an unforeseen bug is an incredibly evil thing to say or do. Also for those wondering the game works perfectly in Classic Mode on the Wii U version so I can't see this bug not being fixed within a month tbh.



Neko_Rukiafan commented on Review: Tiny Galaxy (Wii U eShop):

Is this even a review?! The reviewer's nausea seems to be a very isolated issue with this game. It would be like giving the 3DS a 5/10 in a hardware review because the 3D makes the person nauseous. It's more of a personal issue rather then anything actually being wrong with the product.



Neko_Rukiafan commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Plans to Bring De...:

Yeah...not surprised and the rumors about the NX releasing next July will be debunked as well. Not saying the NX won't come Winter 2016 - Spring 2017, but the NX needs more than a few months hype before it launches otherwise it'll be a far worse failure commercially than the Wii U has been.



Neko_Rukiafan commented on Don't Worry, The Legend of Zelda is Still Comi...:

@PearShapedEgg Uh...your post is full of fail, Nintendolife is in no way associated with Nintendo and your comment about peasantry makes you sound like you're some sort of elitist snob...please forgive me if my comment seems a little harsh @AntDickens and @TingLz, but his comment was very rude to both your staff, and the rest of us "peasants"

Peasantry means a person of poor class or unprivileged in British English as well does it not?