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Neko_Rukiafan commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Plans to Bring De...:

Yeah...not surprised and the rumors about the NX releasing next July will be debunked as well. Not saying the NX won't come Winter 2016 - Spring 2017, but the NX needs more than a few months hype before it launches otherwise it'll be a far worse failure commercially than the Wii U has been. :|



Neko_Rukiafan commented on Don't Worry, The Legend of Zelda is Still Comi...:

@PearShapedEgg Uh...your post is full of fail, Nintendolife is in no way associated with Nintendo and your comment about peasantry makes you sound like you're some sort of elitist snob...please forgive me if my comment seems a little harsh @AntDickens and @TingLz, but his comment was very rude to both your staff, and the rest of us "peasants"

Peasantry means a person of poor class or unprivileged in British English as well does it not?



Neko_Rukiafan commented on Rumour: Could Female Link Be In Hyrule Warrior...:

It's called genderbending and it's been fairly popular for many years in media, but it usually involves body swapping in the Freaky Friday trope outside of Japanese media not true gender transformation. I'll never understand the popularity of the trope, but it makes for some good laughs from time-to-time, yes I'm looking at you Ranma ½. :P



Neko_Rukiafan commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: Splatoon, Project CARS, ...:

@JaxonH Agreed. Why the heck do people think that Nintendo would skip on one of their two best selling franchises on the console? It's a definite 1-2 million sales currently and if Wii U sales surge before the generation is through it could push 5 million lifetime sales, there's just no way Nintendo would pass up such a big money maker. Remember folks despite the small userbase even third-parties haven't done too badly thanks to the software attachment rate of Wii U owners. If Wii U had as many console sales as PS4 or Xbone they'd actually sell more units of third party games than the competition!

First party games sell even better, and Zelda is up there with Mario in-terms of its fanbase.



Neko_Rukiafan commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

@MitchVogel your article is so inaccurate and fear mongering that you have literally made me lose respect for Nintendo Life in general. First of all when games are removed from the Wii Shop and eShop you can still redownload them afterwards from your past purchases. Secondly you can play the games with no internet. Please stop spreading unfounded internet rumors and strive to post accurate articles. Rukiafan signing out. :|



Neko_Rukiafan commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

Why do these Japanese companies not realize that outside of Japan mobile games just don't sell well...Japan has a population of under 100 million and that leaves another 3-4 billion potential customers who live in places where mobile gamers make up for 1-5% of the dedicated gamers. It's a really dumb move unless you only cater to the Japanese market in the first place. FACEPALM



Neko_Rukiafan commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Legacy Makes The Vir...:

I'm very disappointed in you...this article and the former poll were completely rigged and didn't allow for people to say that they're fine with the service as it is. I expected more honor from you guys and it's sad to see that you've lost that important quality. :(