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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Necroticism commented on Lords of Thunder:

A truly awesome game. Fast and very hard from the beginning (and I didn't even dare to select the "hard" or "super" difficulty settings!), the game never slows down, and keeps assaulting the player with hordes upon hordes of enemies and bullets. Hit detection is unforgiving but the challenge is fair, there's always a way to escape enemy fire.

About the soundtrack... it really depends on your taste. In my opinion, it's absolutely amazing and fits nicely with the action.



Necroticism commented on Samurai Shodown:

If they decide to release the US version on the VC, sadly it will be bloodless. Anyway, one of the best beat'em up of all time, and a true classic. Brilliant! Stay away from Fatal Fury 1 or Art Of Fighting and wait for this one!