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Sat 6th Jun 2009

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Nathan005 commented on Review: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (Wii...:

@ Bass XO
I disagree with your opinion that this is what I should expect for $37, here is why.

If S-E were to release FFIV today on the Wii VC the full story would cost $8, no extra chapters.

Yes back in the day the original release cost $50, because it was cutting edge technology and it cost more to develop this type of game then. Today, however, there is much less development cost involved for a game like this. In fact since they are even using old sprites they have much less graphic work to be done, they are reusing the FFIV code to create a new story, so the story is the majority of the work, Much cheaper than developing a new game, much less people need to be involved in creating it.

I would like the savings to be passed on to me.

I just purchased a mobile game (zenonia) for $6 that has 40 hours of gameplay, has multiple story lines based on your choices, the same, if not better, graphics that is made by a smaller company than square. I do not think that $1 per game hour is a good deal, IMO.