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Mon 21st October, 2013

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Nassov commented on Lucky New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Gamers Jump ...:

I received the email and I intend to buy the Ambassador New 3DS it for the purpose of selling it (starting bid: the retail price. It would be silly of me to sell it for less, simple economics. Besides, I'm not a charity).

I consider myself a huge fan of Nintendo. Heck, I was born with a NES-controller in my hands (the doctors are still baffled). I have had a total of 20000 stars on Club Nintendo to prove how loyal I am and I always fill in their surveys (and I believe that's how Nintendo measured the loyalty among the winners) plus I visit this site, duh. I just don't care so much for limited editions and I want a New Nintendo 3DS XL, rather than this one.
Am I unthankful? Perhaps, but I consider it to be a shame to let this offer go. As I don't want the actual offer I will be selling it. If someone is willing to pay me more than it cost me, that's his/her choice.

Kinda harsh for not calling me a big o' fan enough. I'm a big fan, but I don't idolize every single product Nintendo makes... Especially when it's just a regular New Nintendo 3DS with a special casing... Geesh...

Besides it's not like I'm preventing other people from getting the item by buying all the available stock (I saw some comparisons made to 'The Interview' cinema tickets and the Amiibo figurines). Heck, I'm making sure someone who wants it, actually gets is, rather than no one getting it at all :O (Same point @hypercoyote makes. Praise to him)




Nassov commented on Nintendo Europe Shipping Ambassador Edition Ne...:

I got the email as well. Although I can't login to the Ambassador-site. Perhaps it's overloaded with visitors now.
It has nothing to do with the 3DS Ambassador-program prior to this one. It has to do with your loyalty to Nintendo (amount of registered games / Club Nintendo Stars), at least, that's what I assume.

I live in The Netherlands by the way...



Nassov commented on Nintendo Download: 24th October (Europe):

Any idea what the file size (in particular the amount of 'blocks') will be for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies? 'Cause I lost a lot of memory to Pokémon X :)