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Sat 31st Aug 2013

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NamkyuLee commented on We're Getting Digital Right On 3DS And Wii U, ...:

I'm wondering, can't you save digital copies to a type of card or something? Like you're external hard drive? So wouldn't you be able to transport the game stuff in that from your console to another console? I've never downloaded anything so I'm not sure...



NamkyuLee commented on Weirdness: ABC News Tells Us All About How the...:

@Kirk A 3DS tells me what it does somewhat. DS and DSi are the only ones that really don't make sense. Oh, 3DS... sounds like 3D. 2DS makes sense when looking at 3DS. The order they come in can be confusing, but most places don't sell DS's. I haven't seen a DSlite in a retail store that often. and If you have someone you're buying for you have obviously asked them what they want or try to make it explicit exactly what they want. Purchasing a game console is a lot of money and parents don't go throwing money at consoles if they're not sure which is the one their kids want.
TBH I haven't heard of anyone actually mixing anything up about the DS line except for DSlite vs DSi, and that was because they never heard of the DSi, and stopped playing video games after it's release.
So yes, the DS franchise and the Wii line have a few bumps for an outsider to understand which one is the newest, unless if they did any kind of search, broad or specific on the internet, or really if they went into a store like Target or Walmart, go to the electronics section and ask the person behind the desk for help picking out a game device for their child. That person will surely point out which one is newer and such.
Also, the PS line is also flawed now. the original Playstation and Playstation 2 had advertising as Playstation. But now PS3 and PS4 are mostly shown after ads. I rarely see anything with Playstation 3 written across it. That should be the same thing. What is a PS3? The third PS? What's a PS?
And it's the same with any other sony game system. PSP???? PSVita??? Do those actually tell you what the system is for? What is Vita?
It's just insane to say that the name is what hinders success of a product. And just because the naming might be confusing doesn't diminish the fact that the reporter pronounced the name wrong of the 3DS and 2DS, and screwed up about the WiiU. It's her fault for messing up something she reported, not the companies for naming something a bit different to separate it from the rest.