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One of the Abylight's founders

Male, Spain

I'm co-owner, product manager, programmer, co-designer, at Abylight game developer. You know, we are a small developer from Barcelona, Europe.

Sat 4th Apr 2009

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Nacho-Abylight commented on Carps & Dragons is the Sort-Of Sequel to Fish-...:

@cornishlee really?? We should check that with our translators....

@Flowerlark carps & "dragons" is still suggesting an actual fishing game? Too bad. We changed the name to avoid confusion.
Yes, it will be released for NA and Europe. Maybe also Japan.

@SKTTR we have changed the controls for the Nintendo 3DS version. Not only the buttons are a lot more accurate, also we have adjusted collisions and other stuff. And we are still testing, I hope the controls will be ok this time.
We don't plan a Wii U version at the moment.



Nacho-Abylight commented on Carps & Dragons is the Sort-Of Sequel to Fish-...:

Gamers did not like the controls that we implemented for WiiWare, we are fixing that. The game that we shown this weekend is a Beta, we are still working.
In fact, we shown the game at iDeame as a public testing rather than an official announcement.
If you have any suggestion it will be very welcome.



Nacho-Abylight commented on 3DS Console and WiiWare Games On Offer in Abyl...:

Hi everyone,
thank you for your patience! We are processing the queue and sending out gifts as fast as we can. Mind that we do not have any special Wii (just our home ones) and we are doing it with our hands...
Submissions are coming in smoothly but there are not yet enough, so keep applying and tell your friends!



Nacho-Abylight commented on Dairojo! Samurai Defenders:

@Slave Himeji Castle is the default start castle and it should be the easiest one because there is only one door and no scroll. If you look at the Japan map, Himeji castle has *3 stars and for example kumamoto has *8 stars. That is the overall difficulty level. Hope this helps. If you need tips send us email to



Nacho-Abylight commented on E3 2010: Nintendo 3DS:

Very very impressive. We are excited with the new platform and looking forward to develop games using the 3D features and motion sensors! -- Abylight



Nacho-Abylight commented on Interviews: Fish'em All! - Abylight:

Hello everybody,

I'm Nacho from Abylight.
First of all, thank you for reading the interview, and your interest on Fish'em All, it is much appreciated.

@Corbie: That was funny. Many people in the USA has lots of laughs with my name because it is like the Mexican food. But it is a very common name in Europe (Spain), and someone put it to the food in Mexico

@Swerd_Murd: The game will cost 800 Nintendo Points in Europe. I hope that 300 points doesn't make the difference in your decision. We want to have a price as tight as possible, but as I said , we worked about 7 months 10 persons in this game. That is not a small budget for a WiiWare game. I am sure that you will appreciate the effort playing it. It is a very replayable game, and with 3 game modes, 9 levels, 32 challenges, and two players mode, it has a decent size for its price.

About the bombs: We considered boots, toxic fish... but from a playable
point of view, the bomb works better. As it is very different to a fish, and it has light and a special sound, it is easy to identify and avoid errors due to confusion. We always put the player experience over the realism.

About USA: This game will be released in the USA for sure. We are considering date and price. Please be patient. It will be announced as soon as possible.

I will be keeping an eye to this forum, so if you have any question related to Fish'em All or Abylight I will be happy answering.




Nacho-Abylight commented on New WiiWare Game: Fish'em All:

I see the point.
However we have chosen "All" instead "Up" because it describes better the game. Wait and see.
Other fun names considered : "Fishcosis", "Fish'n'Chips".... even "Catch'em all!". All this was thrashed.

"Fish'em all!" is the name of the game, and what we really want is that you enjoy playing it. Have fun!



Nacho-Abylight commented on New WiiWare Game: Fish'em All:

@shinigami tidus

The promotional trailer will be released as soon as possible.
We have planned a lot of media: videos, screenshots, wallpapers, even coloring pages for kids.
A specific microsite is being developed right now!
We are working hard to have all this. Please be patient Thanks!