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Sat 24th Apr 2010

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NiC commented on Rabbids Travel in Time Details Step Out of the...:

seriously, the (older) rayman games were part of my childhood and i loved them. i hate seeing this series being made into a sucky unoriginal minigame-collection and i begin to just not care about this stuff anymore. i thought they "went home"?!
i just hope the rabbids die in a fire or something. and their creators with them.



NiC commented on Rabbids Travel in Time Details Step Out of the...:

ooooooh just f*** you ubisoft.
"hey, how about we make another real rayman game again, a platformer or something? i mean, he IS our mascot and stuff..." - "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? making an actual original game? don't be wasting all the original characters the people before us thought of? giving hope back to the rayman fans who are hoping that sometimes there will be a rayman platformer again without minigames and rodents? dude... we would have to put EFFORT into this, EFFORT! do you hear me?" - "oh jeah, right. let's just make another freakin' minigame-collection then. we make more money with this anyway."



NiC commented on E3 2010: Kid Icarus: Uprising:

whoaa.. new mario, new metroid, new zelda, new kirby, new donkey kong country, new goldeneye and now a new console and a new kid icarus?
man... where should i get all the money for this from, nintendo? i guess you want to see us all in jail



NiC commented on Lost in Shadow:

Agreed @ lex0plex .
This game definitely looks creative, but I don't think it will sell much... I would consider buying it if it was on WiiWare, but I don't really think I will pick that one up...



NiC commented on Sonic Colours to Brighten Up DS and Wii:

Hmm... Seriously, why do game series with boring characters, for example Mario (No offense Mario, I really like the games. But really, could you describe his personality or the one of Yoshi or Peach?) make such awesome games and the ones with cool characters like Sonic or Rayman suck so much in the last years??
Sega really has a good basis for making it awesome again and I hope so much that this brings Sonic back like he was before.
But... I'm allready loosing hope again when I look at these little ugly multicolored things... I mean, look at them. Gives me shivers. Please Sega, dont't make this suck again. You're wasting a giant bunch of potential here.



NiC commented on Epic Mickey May Get a New Lick of Paint at E3:

Wow... This artwork is just... awesome. No need to say more.
If the game really looks like this, this is a must buy. I mean, who didn't grow up with Mickey? Give him some credit already.
...and kill Hannah Montana.



NiC commented on First Details of de Blob: The Underground Reve...:

This looks cool.. I liked the first one for being really creative (well, the idea behind the game anyways. But the missions... Ok, lets just say it got really boring if you played the game for too long. You had to take breaks at playing this for some weeks or so, because otherwise you would have been found sleeping in front of your TV...), so if they just make the missions a bit more different than just "bash that, go there, color this", I'll definitely pick that one up.



NiC commented on Review: Red Steel 2 (Wii):

This game was great. Killing Ninjas and Samurai with all these awesome special-moves and cool guns was just awesome. I also like the style of the game and the creative "Wild Wild East"-idea. And well... If you think the game is too easy, just put the difficulty on hard and the sensivity on athletic. That's not only challenging, but also exhausting and good for your biceps if you do that with a little weight on your wrist, trust me



NiC commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess...:

I would have given it a 9. I thought the lenght of the game was good as well as the style od the world, the dungeons and the new items. Ok, After playing it through one time you don't really do anything with it again, but it's still great when playing it through first.



NiC commented on Review: Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii):

The Trilogy really has earned its 10 Points. I was new to the Prime-Series, so that was the perfect opportunity to get started with it. And wow, what great games. I don't know what the graphics on the NGC were like, but everything looked really good in these 3. You can play this for decades and it is really worth the 50€. One great game is worth this most of the time. But 3 in one for this price? Brilliant.
The only thing annoying me were these Friend-Code-things for unlocking many special features. I don't have many friends with a Wii and not any with this game and so I have no way to get these. But that's only a scratch in the impression of this awesome compilation.



NiC commented on Review: Excite Truck (Wii):

Oh man, a friend of mine and me played that one through in some weeks Good times...
Pretty good game imao. The trucks and the environment really look good and the controls are good too. Before Mario Kart Wii came out, this was the best Wii Racing game and it's still a lot of fun.
I would have given it an 8.



NiC commented on Review: Battalion Wars 2 (Wii):

Hmm.. I thought this game was ok... Not really worth the 50€ though (the price when I bought it). I never really got into it, perhaps because I want to build war-factories and make units in RTSs.
And I hated this "German equals bad"-stereotype with the pseudo-German Xlyvanians. When game companies think "Well, we need a bad nation for our game." they always make it German. Ok, WW2 was our fault, but that was a long time ago and the Americans did a lot of crap too in Vietnam or Iraq (which is far more current). Really, we're not as bad as many games tell you



NiC commented on Review: de Blob (Wii):

I really liked this one, even if I think it was a bit repetitive in the end. But all the good music and style of the whole game make it real art and it's just great if you just want to chill out a little. And I know what you mean with this "I need to find and color every freaking thing"-behaviour, I had this too with this game. Sometimes I needed hours just to finish one (!) level because I searched for one stupid tree all the time like a maniac
I personally never had any problems with the camera or controls. I think this could have annoyed me a bit while playing if I've had them, but it wouldn't have changed the greatness of the whole game...
I would have given 9 points Btw, good Review!



NiC commented on Review: Rabbids Go Home (Wii):

Oh yes, please go home Rabbids.
I loved all the Rayman games from 1 to Hoodlum Havoc. I really played them to death. The nice characters like Globox, Ly, Andrè and the others, the cool humor, the great atmospheric music and worlds... Just everything in these titles was perfect and they're still some of my favourite games. Then there were rumors about a "Rayman 4" going around and I was really looking forward to that.
But then all that came out was RRR, a (imao) bad minigame-collection with wannabe-humor. And lets not talk about RRR2 and TV-Party, these were even worse.
I mean, at fist I thought the Rabbids were...ok. I just didn't like them, but I thought as long as Ubisoft continiues making great Rayman platformers it won't bother me. But they didn't. They made three bad "partygames" and a (imao again) bad platformer with no Rayman at all. Ok, maybe this one is a bit better than RRR. But still... They've just overdone it. I mean, all these ugly bunnies do is making unfunny slapstick-humor and try to outplay that with looking like they're on drugs and yelling "BWAAAH!". Oh. And of course doing random stuff that not even my little brother laughs about. Only overdrawn craziness with no depth in humor at all.
Well, of course that's only my opinion and I don't have a problem with people thinking this humor and/or these games being good. But really, who thinks Rabbids Go Home is better than the games of the main series?

All I want is a new, original Rayman platformer with Lums and Teensies and all the awesomeness included like in the older games. I've been waiting for something like that for 6 years now. Is it this hard to make a real original game with these already great characters again, Ubisoft?