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Man what a Bunch of jokers!

Male, 32, United Kingdom

When it comes to gaming it's Nintendo, retro related goodness and Final Fantasy. My Favorite RPG being Xenoblade Chronicles! Outside of gaming I like American Cartoons, Doctor Who, muffins, milkshakes and Candy. Otherwise I am that guy taking your photograph at the London MCM Comic con!

Fri 25th September, 2009

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NES_64 commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

  • Universal Accounts. • Less time explaining why you choose to call call it whatever you call it. • Show the console when revealed and not just the controller. • Explain it's features months ahead and not 2 weeks before. • No region Locking. • And maybe pro controls shaped like GameCube controllers, with motion and headphone sockets.


NES_64 commented on Sony Pictures Is In Negotiations With Nintendo...:

At this stage it's a wait and see what happens thing, but if it does happen then I hope Nintendo have a lot of input and that it is animated this time round. But I can see the kids after a Sony Pictures released Mario movie wanting to buy Super Mario for the PS4... Which reminds me back in 2007 a small kid wanted to buy a Playstation Wii...



NES_64 commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

If true Nintendo shot themselves in the foot...again. I want to hear a statement from Nintendo about the supply and demand and weather they will restock in time for Christmas or the new year. And do not want to hear them saying along the lines of, "We didn't expect them to be so popular." Because you know they did imo.



NES_64 commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

Didn't they warn the internet connection wouldn't be very good, and that you would need a lan adapter to improve the connection? I hope when the final scores come out that the reviewers remember this. Nevertheless even without a score my decision is still made, I'm buying this game!



NES_64 commented on Walmart Display Shows Us Which amiibo Are Comp...:

So need an Amiibo Direct, I need to know how these for Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors to consider purchasing. Otherwise I only want Mr Game & Watch and Duck Hunt Duo as Collectables if they release them.



NES_64 commented on Review: Donkey Kong: Original Edition (3DS eSh...:

The version in Donkey Kong 64 is a faithful adaption of the original Arcade imo. For now this is going in my Wishlist, as I already have a discontinue Homebrew version for the NES. ANd I feel Nintendo still missing an opportunity to release their Arcade Editions to the VC (such as the Vs. Series).



NES_64 commented on Koei Tecmo Europe All But Confirms Fatal Frame...:

Would Fatal Frame 4 come West if it wasn't a Nintendo Exclusive? Are Nintendo Encouraging Soft Modding? Will Fatal Frame 5 Ever Come out West? I did a bit of internet search and wonder if true why they would translate the official Steam of the Game for English viewers, if not coming out to the West.



NES_64 commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS):

9/10 with questionable online performance was kinda expected. This game as been a day one purchase for me a very long time. I do plan to buy the Wii U version as well, which is the one I probably play online more with Ethernet cable and see how that performs.



NES_64 commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

Received in the post today from Only been part Dynasty Warriors fan and big Zelda fan, so enjoying it so far. Mushroom Kingdom Warriors next please!



NES_64 commented on Miyamoto Confirms Next Wii U System Update Is ...:

I'd love to be able to use the gamepad as a Classic Controller Pro in Wii Mode while playing Xenoblades. But need those Folders and Unified Accounts. Maybe with a better connection with Club Nintendo so I can scan (like a QR code) instead of having to type in long random numbers and keep having to log into nintendo's official site all the time.



NES_64 commented on Myth Becomes Reality As Atari's E.T. Cartridge...:

I brought a copy of ET a couple of weeks ago for £3. Now along side my copy of Superman 64, and the only reasons I have those games because of the culture that's formed around them. I look forward to seeing the documentary if I still have my Xbox 360 still by then.



NES_64 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Clarifies That Local Multipla...:

Local multiplayer is much more fun, as I can see the other persons expression, make comments and not get reported to Nintendo! Because its great to have a laugh with friends. However, a platform Mario game I would like to see with some online mode. Because then you could have the whole screen to yourself and a better fixed or controlled camera and not disappear at the edge of the screen (be it 2D or 3D).



NES_64 commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Virtual Boy:

I am to guilty of having a soft spot for the Virtual Boy.. I own 11 games and Red alarm and Wario Land are my 2 favourite games on the VB. The controller in my hands is really comfortable as well. Once I got hold of an adapter to plug into the wall it got a bit more play time. Yes the games definitely needs a virtual Cnsole release!



NES_64 commented on Translated 1997 Interview with Miyamoto and It...:

This part sounds very familiar reguarding Wii U today. "I think the N64 hasn’t caught on as well as we hoped despite how incredible it is because the console itself isn’t entirely understood. In particular, we’ve received messages from our readers talking about how the commercials don’t do a good job of getting its more amazing features across."

Now off to play some N64!



NES_64 commented on Sir Patrick Moore, Astronomer And Broadcaster,...:

This is sad news to all his family, friends and all those who were inspired by him. His character and influence will live on. Unfortunately I never got to meet him but my dad nearly did years ago commenting he was a big man, and great personality. I've always been into astronomy and gaming so he has always been a favourite of mine on the TV. Then he goes and makes a cameo appearance on my favourite sci-fi Doctor Who in 2010 Eleventh Hour. R.I.P Sir Patrick Moore.



NES_64 commented on Feature: EU Wii U Launch Day - Live!:

First midnight launch I've not joined a midnight queue. I was there for the GameCube 7th inline and I was behind the counter selling the Wii. Somewhere my Wii U will in the back of a van!



NES_64 commented on Latest Iwata Asks Episode Reveals Why Paper Ma...:

I demo'd this back in October, and found it to be quite charming as people say, but I'm not completely sold just yet, but know I would enjoy it. The Paper Mario Universe is a world of its own, which what I love about the series, with its explorable world and tons of original characters and funny humor. In fact there are enough new characters for Paper Mario kart!



NES_64 commented on Dragon Quest X Requires Online Connection:

Having played Final Fantasy XI from 2004 to 2010, I cant see SE not doing a free subscription for the western market. FFXI is still making money for them after 9 years, and we all know SE love money. DQX will do fine dispite the negitive responses, as long as they've learnt from their mistakes and dont release the game incomplete like ffxiv and spend the next year still sorting out all the problems.



NES_64 commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

Could have done a lot worse had the US commerical been like the UK one, a man pulling different expressions over a live-action Samus. I know which I preferred. And no doubt the glitch may have put off people, although I never experienced that.



NES_64 commented on Pixmania: Wiimote Tech Is "Endangered":

Unless Natal is required to navigate around the 360 like Wii-mote with its own (which it most likely won't), the Wii-mote will not be dead until Nintendo replace it with a new design. As for DVD's still prefer them, being cheaper and for the fact I have a top range player that upscales, oh and the BBC DVD Classic Doctor Who range is sheduled for be completed by November 2013, so DVD releases will still be arround a few more years yet.