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Thu 3rd Feb 2011

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NESGuy1996 commented on Review: Raving Rabbids Travel in Time (Wii):

The only true flaw of this one is its price. There is a serious lack of content in this volume...there are only around 20 mini-games this time around, and they're pretty much hit-or-miss in my opinion. The only redeeming content in this installment is the online multiplayer...and although I didn't get to fully test it out (I rented the game from Blockbuster for a seven day period), I'd assume that the online community is swarming with the game's target audience- pre adolescents who wouldn't offer much of a challenge in terms of competition.



NESGuy1996 commented on Review: Mario Sports Mix (Wii):

Looks nice! I typically don't go for the spin-off titles of the Super Mario franchise, but this is one that I'll give a run for its money in the near future.



NESGuy1996 commented on Review: Ghosts 'n Goblins (Virtual Console / V...:

I'm glad the most notorious arcade game of the 1980s has finally made its way to the VC Arcade.

I downloaded it a few weeks ago. Although 800 points is quite an asking price for something that most people are going to buy for nostalgic purposes, I found it to be a fascinating romp. And, I am most certainly thankful for the option to readjust the difficulty. It took me about two nights to finish the game on the easiest difficulty setting, but not after non-stop playing. Hopefully Capcom will decide to release the arcade version of "Ghouls N Ghosts" to VC Arcade as well. And, I'd especially like to see the Commodore 64 version of this game make its way to the VC as well.