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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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N64_Gamer commented on Review: Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii):

This should have only had 5 stars HIGHEST. I have several complains about metroid.
For starters why is it that the screen is way too dark? And why where the 2 first metrod games for GameCube when they should have been for Wii? It is atrocious!!!!!



N64_Gamer commented on US Rock Band promotion yields free Nintendo Po...:

This is a terrible deal!

One 2000 points card costs $20.
If you win on your first Pepsi bottle, you get 200 points. That is a 10th of a 2000 points card, which means that you only won $2 worth of Wii points....
A pepsi bottle costs approximately $1.5 in the US.

So, assuming you win on your FIRST Pepsi bottle, the price you will get is only a $0.5 profit!
That's cheap!



N64_Gamer commented on EU Club Nintendo Gets Giratina DS Lite:

At least Americans HAVE a Club Nintendo.
Us Nintendo fans living in Scandinavia, don't have a Club Nintendo at all! Bergsala who is responsible for all Nintendo related stuff in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, are too lazy to establish a Club, so we have no opportunity to get anything.



N64_Gamer commented on Super Smash Bros.:

Is this for real? Am I in an awful nightmare or what? What is taking them so long? NA didn't get this game for their 10th anniversary. Come on Nintendo, what is the point in letting us wait? Just release it in EU/NA and let's move on, this is getting tiresome. It has been over 3 months now since the game got released in Japan...



N64_Gamer commented on Nintendo Download: 21 April 2009 (Japan):

Of course Japan gets so many other games cause Nintendo is a Japanese company. When are we getting Super Smash Bros.? They have had it for months now.

I'm thinking about just selling my Wii and buy an Xbox. It's from Microsoft which is from America, which means it isn't a Japanese console, so I would guess the Xbox is much more Europe-friendly than Nintendo. Why does Nintendo even bother releasing their stuff in Europe and America when we only get half of what Japan gets? Those 3 extra Wii channels, all of the exclusive Japanese only games. And what about those cool items from the Japanese Nintendo club? Does anyone remember the SNES controller released a while back for the Wii? Yeah, as if us in Europe or America would get anything like that.

It's like you have to live in Japan in order to fully enjoy a Japanese console.



N64_Gamer commented on Global Inequality on the Virtual Console:

It's a shame that we never hear anything from Nintendo. Sure they announce something every now and then, but an explanation from Nintendo or just a word on this subject would be really great...



N64_Gamer commented on Smash Bros. Brawl to get WiiWare Portal?:

Sounds interesting to say the least.
I think it's a really smart move from Nintendo to make a channel for one of their most popular games. I mean, the idea of having to pay for extra features for such a popular game just means more money to Nintendo. I think it is kind of a scam to do this, but I still wouldn't be able to keep my credit card in my pocket and I'd probably end up buying a lot from this channel.



N64_Gamer commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - February 2008:

I remember reading a few reviews on the Custom Robo V2 game years ago when it got released in Japan.
I believe it scored average, but I'll eventually end up downloading this game just for the sake of downloading something!



N64_Gamer commented on Sin and Punishment:

This is an awesome game. I remember it being released only in Japan for the N64. I hope this is coming to the US and Europe as well.



N64_Gamer commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - September 2007:

Sin and punishment...? Sin and punishment? Sin and punishment!? SIN AND PUNISHMENT!???!?!??!?!

NOW. Damn Nintendo! This better get released outside of Japan too. I will literally be running to my local game store and pick up a points card if this game ever gets released in Europe.



N64_Gamer commented on Europe VC Releases - 15th June - F-Zero X on t...:

That's what I'm talking about!
So far, I've had a bad day, but coming home to see a brand new N64 game (and that's even F-Zero X) turns my mood upside down.

I'm actually gonna go out right now and get another 2000 points card so I can get this game.