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I'm a dude who likes pinball, making petit programs, making pinball table designs, Kirby: Air Ride's City Trial mode, and I am a born again Christian.

Wed 1st August, 2012

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mystman12 commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (North America):

Here's hoping that Big John Games finally releases the Coaster Creator 3D update they promised. I really enjoy that game, just not when the riders are floating outside of the cart and blocking the first person camera...



mystman12 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Kart 64:

Oh, wow! Steven Smith actually gave the game an honest review and the score it deserves! It's a fine game, but one of the worst MKs Imho, and I hate when people say it's the best. (One time I was watching this top ten multiplayer games video, and MK64 was #1 and I was just like "wut.")



mystman12 commented on Video: We Take A Look At Super Smash Bros. 3DS...:

I've been wondering this for a long time, and it seems obvious but I've never actually seen it, can you encounter other players during the first part of Smash Run? One of the reasons City Trial is so great is that everyone is trying to destroy each other even before the stadium event starts!



mystman12 commented on Review: Super Mario Ball (Wii U eShop / Game B...:

@B3ND3R Woah, that sounds awesome! I've played Tron before quite a bit at Disney Quest (It was one of the very few pins there that was in good shape) and really liked it. Bride is cool too, but I've only played The Pinball Arcade version. Never played Cyclone but I know a lot of people really like it. I don't own any machines yet, but one day I'll save up enough... one day... In the meantime, TPA, my Future Pinball designs and my two table top pins (one of which is broken, and my attempt at repairing it made the issue worse :P) will have to do!



mystman12 commented on Review: Super Mario Ball (Wii U eShop / Game B...:

I love pinball, but usually I don't like this kind of fantasy pinball. I should give it a chance sometime though, since I do enjoy Pokemon Pinball, but in the end I prefer real life or similar to real life pinbal, like The Pinball Arcade or Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon. (Made by the same people who made this game) And then there's also this!



mystman12 commented on Japanese Pokémon Centres Will Receive New 3DS...:

What are you guys talking about? These look really nice to me! It's too bad that you only get them when you buy a new console though, instead of just selling them seperately. I was hoping the New 3DS would avoid special editions so people could just sell special edition face plates.



mystman12 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Brings Circ...:

I've been playing the demo, and I don't feel like I'm using the Circle Pad too hard, but you never know for sure. I have a fairly new XL so hopefully it will take a while before it breaks. It's good to hear some people actually like it better off though, so it doesn't sound like something I don't have to worry too much about.



mystman12 commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

Who cares about those other games, the Game Cube has Kirby Air Ride on it! Multiplayer perfection! I couldn't even guess how many hours I've spent playing City Trial, but I'd probably rather not know. :P



mystman12 commented on Feature: Games That Almost Were - A Look At Ca...:

There was also a Pinball game planned that never made it, leaving the N64 as a pinball-less system. It was going to be a recreation of The Addams Family too. At least Farsight will finally be doing a Kickstarter to get the rights and be able to recreate it though!



mystman12 commented on NES-Themed Nintendo 3DS XL On The Way as GameS...:

The fact that they made a NES themed XL is awesome, and I want to like it, but it just looks like a NES controller slapped onto the front. If they had at least made it bigger so that it filled the entire front it would have looked nicer.



mystman12 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Will Suppor...:

This is weird and stupid. I always kinda thought that the New 3DS just kind of "saw" the C-stick and built in ZR and ZL buttons as a CPP, but I guess not. Making a game support the C-stick and not the CPP is just plain dumb though, especially for a Smash Bros. game, they usually utilise every control scheme possible. If enough people complain though, I can see them fixing it in an update.

Lucky for me, I barely ever use the C-stick in Brawl, so this doesn't bother me that much, but I can see how this would upset people who do use it often.



mystman12 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Party:

I've never played the original Mario Party, but I recently got a copy of Mario Party 3, and I love it! One of the best multiplayer games ever IMO.



mystman12 commented on North American Club Nintendo Replenishes Its P...:

I was hoping they would have restocked the Yoshi cleaning cloth, but that's not even in the "Currently Unavailable" section, so I guess that's gone for good. There's nothing else that interests me. I really wish we could get a Tropical Freeze soundtrack though... At this rate it seems like it's going to become as much wishful thinking as a Kirby Air Ride sequel is...



mystman12 commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

I was tempted to vote for the charging docks, but the thing that makes me excited for them in the first place are the faceplates. The way the new charging dock holds the 3DS will nicely display whatever faceplate is currently on your 3DS, making it look like a nice decorative piece while it's charging.



mystman12 commented on Reaction: Picking Apart The New Nintendo 3DS A...:

Haven't watched the video yet, but did you know the internet browser is supposed to come with a filter to block bad websites? That's what it seems like from the poorly Google translated website anyways. Pretty cool I think.



mystman12 commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

@VictoryStar06 Well, my SD card is basically a Micro SD card that goes into a normal SD card, (I didn't even realize that when I bought it though, but it's a good thing I did if I ever decide to get a New 3DS) so transferring wouldn't be a problem for me, but yeah, I'm not sure how most people would do a system transfer if they don't have SD cards like that.



mystman12 commented on Ultimate NES Remix Coming To 3DS This November:

Oh cool! Neither me nor my brother have picked up the Wii U version, so I might give this a shot instead. Too bad we still don't have SNES Remix though... When the article said "16 8-bit games" my mind first read it as "16-bit games". :P



mystman12 commented on Go! Go! Kokopolo Developer Explains Why It's B...:

Maybe I'll pick it up just to support the guy. What he's saying about Kokopolo 3D's development actually reminds me of what I'd say about the pinball game I'm working on. I'm gonna release it, but I have absolutely no idea when. I hope he takes all the time he needs to make Kokopolo 3D as perfect as possible.



mystman12 commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

Oh my gosh these look amazing, but I think I'll be content with my XL. Mainly because they put the stylus on the bottom... That nearly ruins the entire model, we all know after extensive use it's going to start slipping out just by holding the system upright, unless Nintendo totally redesigned the stylus. Also, it seems the new 3D screens use facial tracking, which I can't see working that well, so hopefully that isn't the case. Then the SD card slot is on the bottom and isn't covered, so I can see people accidentally popping it out in the middle of a game. I guess there's the micro SD though.

Other than those things though, man, that thing is awesome. I especially love the colored buttons on the normal sized one. The faster speed is great as well, but will there be New 3DS exclusives now? If Farsight manages to create a New 3DS version of The Pinball Arcade, that would make it a little more tempting.

In the end though, the flaws I pointed out, and the fact that I really don't need a CPP for any games leaves me content with my XL. Still a little jealous though. :P and if my XL ever breaks and my warranty is gone, I'll probably get me one of these! (Although by that time it would probably be best to wait for Nintendo's next gen portable.