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I'm a dude who likes pinball, making petit programs, making pinball table designs, Kirby: Air Ride's City Trial mode, and I am a born again Christian.

Wed 1st August, 2012

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mystman12 commented on Reaction: Picking Apart The New Nintendo 3DS A...:

Haven't watched the video yet, but did you know the internet browser is supposed to come with a filter to block bad websites? That's what it seems like from the poorly Google translated website anyways. Pretty cool I think.



mystman12 commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

@VictoryStar06 Well, my SD card is basically a Micro SD card that goes into a normal SD card, (I didn't even realize that when I bought it though, but it's a good thing I did if I ever decide to get a New 3DS) so transferring wouldn't be a problem for me, but yeah, I'm not sure how most people would do a system transfer if they don't have SD cards like that.



mystman12 commented on Ultimate NES Remix Coming To 3DS This November:

Oh cool! Neither me nor my brother have picked up the Wii U version, so I might give this a shot instead. Too bad we still don't have SNES Remix though... When the article said "16 8-bit games" my mind first read it as "16-bit games". :P



mystman12 commented on Go! Go! Kokopolo Developer Explains Why It's B...:

Maybe I'll pick it up just to support the guy. What he's saying about Kokopolo 3D's development actually reminds me of what I'd say about the pinball game I'm working on. I'm gonna release it, but I have absolutely no idea when. I hope he takes all the time he needs to make Kokopolo 3D as perfect as possible.



mystman12 commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

Oh my gosh these look amazing, but I think I'll be content with my XL. Mainly because they put the stylus on the bottom... That nearly ruins the entire model, we all know after extensive use it's going to start slipping out just by holding the system upright, unless Nintendo totally redesigned the stylus. Also, it seems the new 3D screens use facial tracking, which I can't see working that well, so hopefully that isn't the case. Then the SD card slot is on the bottom and isn't covered, so I can see people accidentally popping it out in the middle of a game. I guess there's the micro SD though.

Other than those things though, man, that thing is awesome. I especially love the colored buttons on the normal sized one. The faster speed is great as well, but will there be New 3DS exclusives now? If Farsight manages to create a New 3DS version of The Pinball Arcade, that would make it a little more tempting.

In the end though, the flaws I pointed out, and the fact that I really don't need a CPP for any games leaves me content with my XL. Still a little jealous though. :P and if my XL ever breaks and my warranty is gone, I'll probably get me one of these! (Although by that time it would probably be best to wait for Nintendo's next gen portable.



mystman12 commented on Nintendo Download: 21st August (North America):

Disney Infinity is free... ARGH! I could have just bought a portal off of eBay or something... Honestly I wouldn't be upset about spending a hundred dollars when it came out, if I enjoyed the game more. It seemed like something I would really enjoy, but for whatever reason I just couldn't really get into it... Oh well.



mystman12 commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

Sure, this may not be intended for piracy, but it will definitely lead to it, as well as hacking games and ruining online. I don't have a problem with the guys behind the Mario Kart 8 hacks because they're not realeasing it, but when you do release something like this - even with good intention - it gets in the hands of people who abuse it. Besides, if people want homebrew, just use Petit Computer. (I know it's not exactly the same, but still.)



mystman12 commented on Retro Studios Ramps Up Recruitment for a Varie...:

@ikki5 I'm pretty sure that's talking about making tools to help develop the game, and I guess they're using Windows to develop it. For example, whoever gets that position might be asked to create a program for windows that allows them to easily design levels for a game. I'm not completely sure if that's right, but Retro isn't making a game for Windows, that's for sure.



mystman12 commented on Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter Pack Poses...:

Wow, this seems like a really good move on Activision's side. I'm pretty sure they're right about how many kids only game on tablets, so I feel like this will sell well for them. Plus, bundling it with a bluetooth controller was an awesome idea.



mystman12 commented on Feature: Where Are The Super Nintendo 3D Class...:

Um, what about Donkey Kong Country? How could you leave out DKC?!?! That game would look great in 3D, especially if Nintendo got access to the original models used for the game, so they could render 3D sprites. Too bad Rare probably owns those original models...



mystman12 commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Welp, this disappointing. I mean, this is really, realllly disappointing. BUT! Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is game I haven't played yet, and while I would have bought it physical at some point, this seems like a good opportunity to pick it up. Besides, the only other game I'm interested in is Game & Wario, but I don't want to get any Wii U games since my brother owns the Wii U. (And when he moves out, so doeas the Wii U) I just, really wanted some sort of nice physical reward. Maybe we'll still be able to get Tropical Freeze soundtrack as a normal reward. Seriously Nintendo, you know how much people love the soundtrack, why haven't you given us one yet?!?! Oh, and Ice Climbers. LOL!!!!