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Sat 8th December, 2012

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MyBodyIsReggie commented on Weirdness: eBay Trolls amiibo Fans With Gold M...:

With luck and a little justice, ebay scalpers had their multiple orders cancelled by Walmart and now have no means of fullfilling their auction orders other than paying full-scalper price to make-up for their greed and shortsightedness.
Also, Nintendo, how about fixing your production supply issues, already, so that this ridiculous cycle becomes a thing of the past????



MyBodyIsReggie commented on Guide: How to Complete a System Transfer from ...:

@bjwhit08 OMG!!! That's EXACTLY what happened to me!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how furious I am over this. The PC method is garbage and unreliable. Should have just done a wireless transfer but OH WELL too late for that!! My photos, videos, street pass, games, (US) ambassador info, save data, etc, etc, etc... ALL GONE!!
I HAVE HAD IT, NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!



MyBodyIsReggie commented on Meta Knight amiibo Hits Best Buy in US on 20th...:

Unless you have this pre-ordered, you are not going to find Meta Knight. No way. No how. Guaranteed.
Sorry. I REALLY wish that wasn't the truth but Nintendo's refusal to manufacture more product has forced an after-market state with these ridiculous things.



MyBodyIsReggie commented on Best Buy Is Cancelling Majora's Mask New 3DS X...:

@GaymerPlayer5 Thanks for the awesome GameStop tip! I called them as soon as I read your comment, provided my info (they said my pre-order would last until closing tonight), drove right over and paid in-full.
While I was there, I found out they had already run-out of pre-orders and that mine was nearly the last one!!



MyBodyIsReggie commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

Changeable faceplates, Nintendo. You forgot to factor-in the allure of those changeable faceplates. THAT was going to be a huge draw and an important deciding factor for customers in the West.

I still prefer the larger 3DS but I imagine those faceplates would have swayed other XL owners.



MyBodyIsReggie commented on Digital Foundry Ponders Next-Gen Hardware Opti...:

Nintendo, above all else, is a fearless innovator. I fully expect their next generation of console and handheld systems (or some combination of the two) to be something groundbreaking that I hadn't anticipated, but, once revealed, can't live without.



MyBodyIsReggie commented on New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Editions Already I...:

This was an illconceived promotion. It serves to satisfy only a handful of Nintendo customers, while alienating/upsetting the majority of others.
And STILL no release dates. And to make matters even less tolerable, Nintendo recently tried to explain-away the North American market with some: "they're not our best customers" nonsense.
Well done, Nintendo.



MyBodyIsReggie commented on Lucky New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Gamers Jump ...:

I don't care about the people who are trying to make a quick cash-grab off this promotion. Gougers gonna gouge. But what I can't stomach is Nintendo's short-sighted mishandling of this PR stunt and their less-than-informative release dates given for the New 3DS. Sorry but "Sometime in 2015" doesn't cut it.
First they bungled (and continue to bungle) the Amiibo launches and now they pull this move.
Thanks, big N.



MyBodyIsReggie commented on Little Mac's amiibo Appears to Have Actually B...:

Limiting the production of certain Amiibis is one thing but to never even see them at retail is lunacy.
And now we have an upcoming Wave 3 release with no less than FOUR exclusive Amiibos (which, no doubt, will be painfully limited), each attached to a different retailer with basically no pre-order option.
Thanks, Nintendo...